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... characterization of thousands of human pathogens identified by metagenomics poses tremendous challenges for laboratories; requiring expertise and hours of evaluation per sample. The Explify® software platform* in...
San Carlos, US
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Health Diagnostics
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...ions for bloodborne pathogen hazards Declination and delivery of vaccinations Post exposure follow-up Understand the types of common blood borne pathogens Identify infectious bodily fluids Describe routes of entry
Florham Park, US
Environmental Consulting
community air monitoring
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...ce genes associated with sepsis-causing pathogens. The panel detects many of the resistance mechanisms described in the 2013 CDC Urgent Threat list. In 2019, the FDA granted “breakthrough device” designation for t...
Lexington, US
Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
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...aradigmenwechsel, der auf proprietären Algorithmen und einer Software basiert, die sich die Sequenzierung der nächsten Generation zunutze macht, identifiziert Noscendo Krankheitserreger aus Patientenproben.
Munich, DE
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Products identify pathogens causing disease and enable screening of fish immunity. Animations are available on the website for each product to enable customers to choose the most suitable method for successful res...
Stirling, GB
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...ication system significantly reduces pathogen identification time for both the food safety and clinical industries. MIT's MIT 1000 System is providing the industry with testing solutions that assist producers a...
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Its product serves as a real-time handheld pathogen detection and identification device that enable health care providers to optimize clinical decision making in a globally integrated society.
Detroit, US
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Attodx provides molecular viability testing solutions for pathogen detection and identification services.
Seattle, US
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PathoGenetiX is developing an automated system for the rapid identification of pathogenic bacterial strains using proprietary Genome Sequence Scanning Technology. The company's approach, which employ...
Woburn, US
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...epresents a new tier of molecular rapid pathogen testing, offering automation and technology that bring true walk-away convenience and workflow advantages to the laboratory. Roka is focused on creating novel test...
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