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...nnowacje w obszarze wykorzystania materiałów perowskitowych w energii solarnej oraz efektywnym oświetleniu, poprzez stworzenie możliwości wykorzystania perowskitów w praktyce w ramach jednolitego podejścia.
Warsaw, PL
Clean Energy
Photovoltaics (PV)
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...included developing a technique to control real time carrier transport in perovskite diodes using surface dipoles. His PhD work focused on materials and device engineering for stable perovskite solar cells.
Halifax, CA
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...onduct deeper research & development on perovskite. 2018 Nanolumi officially incorporated as a company in Singapore by advanced materials veteran and entrepreneur, Jax Lee, to commercialize Chameleon® ...
San Jose, PH
Information Technology
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...l Solar is at the forefront of the global development of 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell energy production.Greatcell Solar is the global leader in 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) technology.
Queanbeyan, AU
Environmental Consulting
Renewable Energy
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...Flex-Res of Paios. Perovskite: Device Preconditioning The response of perovskite solar cells depends on the «internal state» of the device prior to the measurement. This leads to hysteresis in the IV curve.
Winterthur, CH
Computer Systems Design and Related Services
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...%) High absorption coefficient of UV light Tunable emission 410-685 nm DEVICE EXAMPLE: QDot™ Perovskite QDs can convert UV light into lower energy green light where Si-based photodetectors have a high sensitivity.
Dhahran Compound, SA
Predictive Analytics
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...e Materials PeroLED is a portmanteau of Perovskite and LED. PeroLED is focused on developing perovskite materials for display applications. PeroLED is also exploring the feasibility of using perovskite</...
Thuwal, SA
Computer Vision
Product Research
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... has $6M in new funds to build pilot product Silicon Valley startup pioneering a way to make more efficient solar cells has $6M in new funds to build pilot product Read PDF Perovskite solar maker raises $6M Series
Palo Alto, US
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Nanox, Inc. develops and manufactures nanostructured perovskite-based catalyst formulations for emission control.
Quebec, CA
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...s. According to the company, its latest perovskite mini-module has an electricity conversion rate of 17%, beating its previous record of 16%. So far, MQS has raised $10 million in total funding to further commerci...
Hangzhou City, CN