Phase Changing Materials
Phase Changing Materials


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„Phase Changing Materials“

Phase Changing Materials (PCMs) are substances that can store and release thermal energy by changing from one state to another. They have a unique capability to absorb and release large amounts of energy as they transition from a solid to a liquid or from a liquid to a gas. Common PCMs include paraffin waxes, fatty acids, and certain salts, which can be used to store energy for a variety of applications such as heating and cooling buildings and controlling temperature fluctuations in food storage.

Cenaero's Logo


Charleroi, Belgium
51-100 Employees

Cenaero | Cenaero

... more High Performance Composites Read more High Performance Computing Read more Hypersonic Flows & Phase-changing Materials High fidelity simulations Read more Machine Learning Modelling, Optimization, Data Mining, Monitoring & Control Read more Manufacturability & Multidisciplinary Design ...

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Heerlen, Netherlands


... uitgevoerd, zal er hier gebruik worden gemaakt van een Evergreen Pine warmtebuffering op basis van Phase Changing Materials (PCM), die het toelaten om een hogere energiedichtheid te halen en een constante temperatuur kunnen leveren. Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door financiële steun ...

Energy Innovation Systems's Logo

Energy Innovation Systems

Hong Kong Island, China
1-10 Employees

HOME | GETCooling

... In a non-cycle system, our process continuously applies and releases pressure to phase changing materials that are widely available, low-cost, and non-toxic. ...

Architecture Extrapolated I R-Ex's Logo

Architecture Extrapolated I R-Ex

London, United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

Alicia Nahmad · R-Ex

... at Autodesk Pier 9, Alicia developed novel collaborative architectural design processes at the intersection between designers, phase-changing materials and digital design and fabrication methods.Through machine learning she enabled robot, material and designer to be creative partners. ...

TAT Limco's Logo

TAT Limco

Tulsa, United States
251-500 Employees

Thermal Management - TAT Limco

... Our unique cold plates are used for cooling power electronics by means of gas, fluid and phase-changing materials, and are literally tailor-made to meet any requirement, however daunting. ...

Hoffman Architecture's Logo

Hoffman Architecture

Subiaco, Australia
1-10 Employees

Sustainable Architecture — Hoffman Architecture

... •High thermal mass floors, walls and phase changing materials (PCM’s) ...

HyCARE Project's Logo

HyCARE Project

Turin, Italy
11-50 Employees

Jussara Barale defended her PhD thesis on hydrogen storage based on HyCARE’s R&D – HyCARE-Project

... Barale was fundamental to understand the properties of metal hydrides in combination to phase changing materials for hydrogen storage. ...

HyCARE presents results at the FCH JU Programme Review Days 2021 – HyCARE-Project

... The project coordinator Marcello Baricco presented the latest achievements of the project and explained the novelty of combining Phase Changing Materials (PCM) and metal hydrides for low-pressure hydrogen storage. ...

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Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
11-50 Employees

R&D – Incize

... Phase changing materials, piezoelectric materials and III-V materials will be incorporated in the new generation of front-end-modules which will be part of the mainstream RF electronic industry in the next years. Our projects are tailored to investigate the performance of these materials as ...

Tintoria Piana U S Inc's Logo

Tintoria Piana U S Inc

Cartersville, United States
251-500 Employees


... Examples of Piana’s digital printing technologies include:• Cooling: Phase Changing Materials (PCM)  • Customizable aromatherapy for specific needs • Sleep and mood enhancers • Molecules for advanced athletic recoveryThe Piana Technology R&D team is constantly at work developing new benefits ...

Industrial Foams's Logo

Industrial Foams

Noida, India
1-10 Employees

Industrial Foams - Products

... Advanced Passive Phase Changing Materials have been used for minimum use of Air Conditioners and Generator, low running cost and fault free long life of the equipments. ...