Piezoelectric Actuator
Piezoelectric Actuator


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„Piezoelectric Actuator“

A Piezoelectric Actuator is a device that uses piezoelectric material to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It works by applying a voltage across the piezoelectric material, causing it to expand or contract, which in turn creates a mechanical force that can be used to move an object. Piezoelectric Actuators are used in a variety of applications, such as precision positioning, precision timing, and vibration control.



1-10 Employees

KREUS - probe stations & scientific equipment : design & engineering

... From aligning a 2 meters transfer arm to bonding a 40 AWG wire to a piezoelectric actuator, our technicians handle the large and the small, the heavy and the delicate with the utmost care. ...

PiezoRobotics's Logo


1-10 Employees

PiezoRobotics - Products

... Piezoelectric Inertial Mass Actuator ...

PiezoRobotics - Products
Piezo.com's Logo


Woburn, United States

Shop Piezo Linear Amplifier Ultrasonic Devices | PIEZO.COM | PIEZO.COM

... To estimate the peak current requirement of a piezoelectric actuator, solve the appropriate equation: ...

Small Piezo Amplifier | PIEZO.COM

... Loads: The EPA-008 is designed for driving piezoelectric actuator loads. ...

PiezoTech Arkema's Logo

PiezoTech Arkema

Pierre-Bénite, France
1-10 Employees

Piezoelectric Actuator | Printed Actuator | Arkema Piezotech

... Piezoelectric Actuator | Printed Actuator | Arkema ...

Piezoelectric Actuator | Printed Actuator | Arkema Piezotech
Piezo Direct's Logo

Piezo Direct

Burlingame, United States
1-10 Employees

Piezoelectric Products - Piezoelectric Bimorph Products

... Piezo Direct offers piezoelectric disc actuator, sensor, and transducer standard piezo elements. ...

Piezoelectric Products - Piezoelectric Bimorph Products

New Class of Piezoelectric Actuators and Assemblies

... Why would you use a Piezoelectric Actuator? ...

Piezotechnics Dr. Jaenker GmbH's Logo

Piezotechnics Dr. Jaenker GmbH

Ottobrunn, Germany
1-10 Employees

Materials and Stacking Technology - STRONG. FAST. TRUE

... A Plate - The Basic Piezoelectric Actuator ...

Agile Optic GmbH's Logo

Agile Optic GmbH

Brunswick, Germany
1-10 Employees

Agile Optic GmbH: optomechanics, SHG, laser and more.

... Length stabilization:The cavity length can be stabilized by electrical feedback on an piezoelectric actuator. Extended diagnostics:One of the windows transmits a fraction of the circulating fundamental light for diagnostic purposes. Cleanliness:The housing comes with connectors for gas ...

Deeplight SA's Logo

Deeplight SA

Lausanne, Switzerland
1-10 Employees


... We use integrated Aluminum Nitride (AlN) piezoelectric actuator, which control is significantly faster, bi-directional, minimizes crosstalk, operates at ultra-low power, and exhibits a flat response up to MHz frequencies. The fabrication is compatible with standard silicon semiconductor and ...

FLEX Structure's Logo

FLEX Structure

Kelowna, Canada
1-10 Employees

FLEX Structure's about our Company

... Rudolf Seethaler in Materials & Processes for Aero Engines and Sensorless Control of Piezoelectric Actuator, respectively. Gaurav also participated in SAE BAJA and Efficycle. With extensive experience in R&D, product design and development, and project management, Gaurav is well-equipped to ...

Boréas Technologies's Logo

Boréas Technologies

Bromont, Canada
1-10 Employees

Piezo Haptics Lexicon – Boréas Technologies

... Haptic actuator based on the piezoelectric effect. ...