Pre Combustion Carbon Capture
Pre Combustion Carbon Capture



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Lloyd's Register's Logo

London, United Kingdom

5001-10000 Employees


For 260 years, we have shown relentless curiosity to discover our clients’ challenges and to work together to identify the best solutions. We enable better safety, technical, operational and business performance in the Maritime sector, serving clients across the globe. Our people are trusted and respected worldwide for their deep technical expertise and professionalism. We value and build strong relationships and personal connections. Our innovation is grounded in listening to our clients and colleagues.



Core business
Image for LR Approval in Principle for Rotoboost’s pre-combustion carbon capture system

LR Approval in Principle for Rotoboost’s pre-combustion carbon capture system

... LR Approval in Principle for Rotoboost’s pre-combustion carbon capture ...

Oliver Valves's Logo

Knutsford, United Kingdom

101-250 Employees


Oliver Valves Ltd, Oliver Valvetek Ltd and Oliver Twinsafe Ltd are world leaders in Instrumentation, Subsea and Pipeline valves, along with our newly established company for the hydrogen and carbon capture market, Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd. Michael Oliver established Oliver Valves over 40 years ago and Mark Oliver established Oliver Twinsafe Valves over twenty years ago. Today the four companies design and produce a range of precision-quality valve solutions to meet the needs of ever-demanding applications. Oliver Valves Ltd is the leading premier instrumentation valve manufacturer, with a worldwide reputation and trusted by thousands of companies. Oliver Valves has an extensive product range that offers both needle and ball valves to 24,500 psi and needle valve manifolds and Double Block and Bleed valves.



Image for Carbon Capture Transport & Storage - Oliver Hydcovalves

Carbon Capture Transport & Storage - Oliver Hydcovalves

... Oliver Hydcovalves offers fluid control solutions for both post and pre-combustion carbon capture applications. ...

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„Pre Combustion Carbon Capture“

Pre combustion carbon capture is a process in which carbon dioxide is removed from fossil fuels before they are burned. This process captures CO2 at the source, before it can be released into the atmosphere, and is a key technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.