Purification Immunoprecipitation
Purification Immunoprecipitation



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magtivio B.V.'s Logo

Nuth, Netherlands

11-50 Employees


magtivio BV is an independent producer of magnetic micro- and nano particles and complete kits for R&D life science and (bio-)analytical processes. August 2018, MagnaMedics (founded 2003) was restructured and it started operating as magtivio BV. The new structure provided us with significantly greater resources to perform our production, quality control, R&D, and customer service operations. Therefore, magtivio BV stands for high quality products and services. Moreover, additional products and business initiatives will be forthcoming soon.



Image for Protein Analysis - magtivio

Protein Analysis - magtivio

... Protein Analysis For proteomics, immunoprecipitation & IgG purification MagSi-proteomics | MagSi-WCX | MagSi-WAX Magnetic silica particles with C4, C8 or C18 modified surfaces for protein sample preparation prior to mass spectrometry or SDS-PAGE analysis, biomarker analysis and serum/ ...

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„Purification Immunoprecipitation“

Immunoprecipitation is a method of purifying a protein or other molecule from a complex mixture through the use of a specific antibody. The antibody binds to the target molecule, which can then be isolated from the mixture. This process enables the purification of a specific molecule from a complex sample, allowing further analysis or study of the molecule or its interactions.