Purification Immunoprecipitation
Purification Immunoprecipitation


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„Purification Immunoprecipitation“

Immunoprecipitation is a method of purifying a protein or other molecule from a complex mixture through the use of a specific antibody. The antibody binds to the target molecule, which can then be isolated from the mixture. This process enables the purification of a specific molecule from a complex sample, allowing further analysis or study of the molecule or its interactions.

Nvigen's Logo


Sunnyvale, United States
11-50 Employees

Product Sheet List - NVIGEN

... Product sheets: MagVigen DNA capture, isolation, purification; immunoprecipitation. MyQuVigen cellular detection & separation. MaxVigen in vivo imaging. ...

magtivio B.V.'s Logo

magtivio B.V.

Nuth, Netherlands
11-50 Employees

MagSi-Protein A and G - magtivio

... MagSi-Protein A MagSi-Protein G For immunoprecipitation & IgG purification Protein A and Protein G bind to Fc regions of immunoglobulins. After binding onto magnetic beads with a coating of Protein A or Protein G, immobilized immunoglobulins can be used for immunoprecipitation of ...

MagSi-Protein A and G - magtivio
Integrated Gulf Biosystems's Logo

Integrated Gulf Biosystems

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
51-100 Employees

Biochemistry | Enzymes | Proteases | Protein Structure | ELISA | Westerns | Protein Biology

... Choice of various isolation chemistries Decision Matrix on how to choose various isolation strategies Protein purification using Immunoprecipitation Affinity Purification ...

Biochemistry | Enzymes | Proteases | Protein Structure | ELISA | Westerns | Protein Biology
Witec AG's Logo

Witec AG

Sursee, Switzerland
1-10 Employees

Anti-DYKDDDDK IP Resin – Witec AG

... Anti-DYKDDDDK G1 Affinity Resin (L00432) Anti-DYKDDDDK IP Resin (L00425) Immunoprecipitation (IP) √ √ Purification √ n/a Elution Alkaline elution √ n/a Alkalescent elution √ n/a Acid elution √ n/a Neutral elution √ n/a Competitive elution √ n/a SDS-PAGE loading synthesize buffer √ √ ...

Anti-DYKDDDDK IP Resin – Witec AG
Creative Diagnostics's Logo

Creative Diagnostics

New York, United States
51-100 Employees

Immunoprecipitation, IP - Creative Diagnostics

... Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP)/MS Cross-Linking and Immunoprecipitation (CLIP) Immunoprecipitation, IP RNA Immunoprecipitation (RIP) Tandem Affinity Purification (TAP) / ...

BioTimes Inc.'s Logo

BioTimes Inc.

Irvine, United States
1-10 Employees

Protein A Resin | BioTimes

... Application: Protein Purification, Immunoprecipitation ...

Protein A Resin | BioTimes
Novatein Biosciences Inc's Logo

Novatein Biosciences Inc

Woburn, United States
11-50 Employees

Sitemap - Novatein Biosciences

... Magnetic beads for protein/antibody and DNA purification, immunoprecipitation, CHIP assay The Excel table for antibody affinity ...

C Technologies's Logo

C Technologies

Bridgewater Township, United States
101-250 Employees


... Since 1985, Repligen Protein A ligands have been used in small- to large-scale purification and immunoprecipitation, or by OEM partners who use them as critical raw materials in the manufacure of their own proprietary products.   ...

LUBio Science's Logo

LUBio Science

11-50 Employees

QVQ - single domain antibodies for imaging applications

... UntaggedTagged with a C-direct tag for custom conjugationLabeled with HiLyte dyesLabeled with IRDye800CW (LI-COR)Labeled with chelators (NOTA, DOTA) for EM applicationsLabeled with biotin for affinity purification or immunoprecipitation ...

Angus Chemical's Logo

Angus Chemical

Buffalo Grove, United States
251-500 Employees

ANGUS Launches Commercial Production of HEPES Buffer – ANGUS Chemical Company

... and diagnostic markets for applications such as cell culture, tissue culture, protein purification, cell lysis, immunoprecipitation, and live cell imaging. HEPES buffer (INCI: Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid) can also be used in combination with other ...