Quantum Mechanical Simulation
Quantum Mechanical Simulation


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„Quantum Mechanical Simulation“

Quantum mechanical simulation is a computer modeling technique used to study the behavior and interactions of particles on the atomic and subatomic level. It involves solving the quantum equation of motion for a system of electrons and nuclei in order to accurately simulate the quantum mechanical behavior of a system. The simulations are used to predict the properties and behavior of materials, molecules and other particles, as well as their interactions with other particles, and to explore the behavior of quantum systems.

Zastra Innovations's Logo

Zastra Innovations

Bengaluru, India
1-10 Employees

VASP | Zastra - Zastra Innovations

... MedeA® modeling suite is the leading software for atomistic-scale simulation of materialsVASP for quantum mechanical simulation of the solid state​MOPAC for semi-empirical, ​GIBBS for Grand Canonical Monte CarloLAMMPS for classical Molecular ...

VASP | Zastra - Zastra Innovations

Optibrium | Zastra - Zastra Innovations

... Modeller™ – Build and validate robust models tailored to your chemistryNova™ – Generate and prioritise new, relevant compound ideasBIOSTER™ – Explore >25k chemical transformations with the Nova moduleP450 – Quantum mechanical simulation identify sites of metabolism and lability for ...

Optibrium | Zastra - Zastra Innovations
Electrified Veronika's Logo

Electrified Veronika

Franklin, United States
1-10 Employees

About Me - Electrified Veronika

... Hofmann, dealt with quantum-mechanical simulation to predict structures and phenomena that cannot be directly measured from experiments.  The simulation of molecular structures on surfaces based on methods such as machine learning, density functional theory, and molecular dynamics lead to ...

About Me - Electrified Veronika
HQS Quantum Simulations's Logo

HQS Quantum Simulations

Karlsruhe, Germany
1-10 Employees

AQUAS — Quantum Simulations

... Quantum mechanical simulation based on a combination of classical computers and quantum computers promises more accurate insights into relevant materials and catalysts for hydrogen production. This will be made possible by implementing two distinct approaches. The first will be to use ...

Genvida's Logo


Hong Kong Island, China
1-10 Employees

Team - Genvida

... characteristics and phenomena using various modeling and simulation methods, such as multi-scale modeling, quantum mechanical simulation and molecular dynamics. He works with Genvida to investigate the subtle and complex translocation phenomenon through different nanopore configurations. ...

GTS - Global TCAD Solutions's Logo

GTS - Global TCAD Solutions

Vienna, Austria
1-10 Employees

Partners & Cooperations • Global TCAD Solutions

... GTS cooperates closely with the institute’s Device Simulation Group, working on development and continuous enhancement of Minimos-NT for classical device simulation and circuit simulation, and VSP (Vienna Schrödinger-Poisson Solver) for quantum-mechanical device simulation. ...

Partners & Cooperations • Global TCAD Solutions
nextnano GmbH's Logo

nextnano GmbH

Poing, Germany
1-10 Employees


... The conduction band edge in the Si channel is lower in the case of the quantum mechanical simulation b). ...

The Scimeets's Logo

The Scimeets

Vijayawada, India
11-50 Employees


... In Oct. 2020 he was elected Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), ”For the quantum mechanical modeling theory and simulation tools to design today's nanotransistors and for leadership of the global nanotechnology community as Director of nanoHUB.” ...

CSCS's Logo


51-100 Employees

Supercomputers drive the discovery of novel materials | CSCS

... The NCCR will greatly benefit from the PASC initiative thanks to accurate and predictive quantum-mechanical simulation codes that take full advantage of state-of-the-art architectures in supercomputing, says Nicola Marzari, the Director of MARVEL. ...

University of Cambridge's Logo

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom
251-500 Employees

Grid Computing Project funded by DTI | University of Cambridge

... unique database of critical electronic and physical materials properties based on highly accurate quantum mechanical simulation methods and using the power of grid computing. Scientists will use a web portal to rapidly search the database, receiving pre-computed properties where available, ...

Joint Center for Energy Storage Research's Logo

Joint Center for Energy Storage Research

Lemont, United States
51-100 Employees

Accelerating the Discovery of Energy Storage Materials via AI-guided Computational Framework - Joint Center for Energy Storage Research

... An AI-guided quantum mechanical simulation framework was developed to identify homobenzylic ethers (HBEs) of desired oxidation potentials with 5-fold efficiency improvement over a brute force approach. ...