Reactive Extrusion
Reactive Extrusion


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„Reactive Extrusion“

Reactive extrusion is a process in which a reactive compound is combined with a polymeric material and then extruded through a die to form a product with unique properties. This type of extrusion is used to create products with specific chemical, physical, and mechanical properties that are not achievable with traditional extrusion processes. Reactive extrusion can involve the addition of cross-linking agents, catalysts, stabilizers, and other additives to the polymeric material in order to create the desired product.

NFM's Logo


Massillon, United States
101-250 Employees

Reactive Extrusion | NFM

... NFM's reactive extrusion equipment is used for the finishing and primary manufacture of emulsion, bulk, and solution polymers. ...

Chromatic 3D Materials's Logo

Chromatic 3D Materials

United States
1-10 Employees

Chromatic 3D Materials

... Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (RX-AM™) promises to change this dynamic and enable volume production across a range of applications. Foundational elements of the technology including hardware, software, and materials will be presented. ...

Orrex Plastics's Logo

Orrex Plastics

Odessa, United States
101-250 Employees

Home - Orrex Plastics

... Orrex designs and builds 100% of its own reactive extrusion lines, processes and systems. ...

Polymers Technology Center Compounding's Logo

Polymers Technology Center Compounding

Charlotte, United States
11-50 Employees

Niche Polymer's Logo

Niche Polymer

Ravenswood, United States

Niche Polymer LLC | New Polymer Technology

... , Talc, Mica, Clay, Wollastonite and Calcium Carbonate Downstream Addition of Liquid, Slip Agents, Plasticizers Twin Screw Compounding De-Volatization Strand Pelletizing Underwater Pelletizing Wear Resistant Metallurgy Compounding of Engineering Resins Solvent Extracation Reactive Extrusion ...

Nylon plastic | post consumer recycled product | Niche Polymer

... Glass, talc, mica, clay, wollastonite filled compounds Elastomer-polyolefin blends Reactive extrusion Blends and alloys Solvent/monomer extraction Liquid injection of additives Foaming agent concentrates Cross-linkable materials Adhesives Highly filled (70-75%) concentrates-talc, calcium ...

Polyram's Logo


Gilboa Regional Council, Israel
251-500 Employees


... Bondyram® products are produced via reactive extrusion where monomers such as maleic anhydride are grafted into an olefin polymer chain. Bondyram® coupling agents modified polymer resins promote chemical bonding between fillers such as glass, minerals and natural fiber reinforcements and the ...

Polymaterials's Logo


Kaufbeuren, Germany
11-50 Employees

Planetwalzenextruder – Polymaterials

... The planetary roller extruder, PWE, a new unit in polymer synthesis and reactive extrusion. Try out our PWEs in a fully equipped polymerization pilot plant together with our experienced and highly competent operating team. ...

MaTerra Solutions Pte Ltd's Logo

MaTerra Solutions Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore
1-10 Employees

Polymers - Materra Solutions

... For Multipolymer Compatibilizer System, Reactive Extrusion ...

Polymers - Materra Solutions
Ovation Polymers's Logo

Ovation Polymers

United States
11-50 Employees

Research & Development - Specialty & High Performance Polymers | Ovation Polymers

... of processes to develop and produce some of the most advanced compounds, including dispersion, reactive extrusion, grafting, cross-linking polymers, devolatilization, performance/functional fiber reinforcement, and even the processing of nano-engineered molecules. If your polymer R&D ...

Research & Development - Specialty & High Performance Polymers | Ovation Polymers
Aimplas Asociacion De Investigacion De Materiales Plasticos Y Conexas Asociación's Logo

Aimplas Asociacion De Investigacion De Materiales Plasticos Y Conexas Asociación

Paterna, Spain
101-250 Employees

Development of advanced technologies for plastics & polymers - AIMPLAS

... We foster the use of advanced manufacturing systems and technologies such as plastronics, additive manufacturing, reactive extrusion, etc. ...

Development of advanced technologies for plastics & polymers - AIMPLAS