Recurrent Neural Network
Recurrent Neural Network


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17 Results
Neuraxio's Logo


Quebec, Canada
1-10 Employees

Deep Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks Training – Neuraxio

... This is the most richly dense, accelerated course on the topic of Deep Learning & Recurrent Neural Networks (DL & RNNs). Get your knowledge considerably boosted on this very specific topic of processing signal with Deep Learning, and learn how this technology can help you solve your ...

Nxfee Innovation's Logo

Nxfee Innovation

Puducherry, India
11-50 Employees

Recurrent Neural Networks With Column-Wise Matrix–Vector Multiplication

... Recurrent Neural Networks With Column-Wise Matrix–Vector Multiplication on ...

Recurrent Neural Networks With Column-Wise Matrix–Vector Multiplication
Myrtle Software's Logo

Myrtle Software

Cambridge, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

Home - Myrtle

... Our expertise in compressing recurrent neural networks allows us to do more at the edge today. Re-configurable to future-proof your designs for whatever AI may come tomorrow. ...

Home - Myrtle

Solutions - Myrtle

... Recurrent neural networks form a significant proportion of data center machine learning inference. This includes workloads like machine translation, speech synthesis, speech transcription and time series analysis. The common feature of these models is unstructured sparsity. ...

Solutions - Myrtle
Intigia's Logo


Petrer, Spain
1-10 Employees

Recurrent Neural Network Accelerators - Intigia

... Recurrent Neural Network Accelerators - ...

Recurrent Neural Network Accelerators - Intigia
D-cube Immersive Solutions's Logo

D-cube Immersive Solutions

Pylaia Municipal Unit, Greece
1-10 Employees

Smart Laboratory Information System – SMART LAB 4.0 - D-Cube

... In order to accomplish this goal, innovative deep learning methods based on the development of recurrent neural networks (RNN) will be built to analyze data from interconnected machines and detect abnormal behavior. ...

Smart Laboratory Information System – SMART LAB 4.0 - D-Cube
Airus's Logo


Brisbane City, Australia
1-10 Employees

About :: Connecting Defence with AI & Machine Learning — Australian AI, Machine Learning and Technology for Defence & National Security

... edge AI & ML frameworks and languages -Generative Adversarial Networks and other unsupervised learning techniques -Recurrent Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network frameworks -Infrastructure establishment and maintenance -Web application and database development Advisory ...

Awaait Artificial Intelligence S.L.'s Logo

Awaait Artificial Intelligence S.L.

Barcelona, Spain
1-10 Employees

Technology - Awaait Artificial Intelligence

... AI-ML Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning algorithms and procedures using Deep Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks analyse video streams from surveillance cameras. Real-time The AI engine generates accurate real-time alerts, allowing for fast and effective interventions. Mobile ...

Technology - Awaait Artificial Intelligence
EPIC - Energy Production Innovation Center's Logo

EPIC - Energy Production Innovation Center

Campinas, Brazil
251-500 Employees

EPIC - Centro de Inovação em Produção de Energia

... Data-driven forecasting of oil & gas production: a recurrent neural networks ...

Singapore Data Science Consortium's Logo

Singapore Data Science Consortium

Singapore, Singapore
11-50 Employees

Activities – Singapore Data Science Consortium

... Modelling and Predicting Sequential Data Using Recurrent Neural Network in ...

enclaive's Logo


Berlin, Germany
1-10 Employees

TENSORFLOW Confidential Container – Enclaive

... run deep neural networks for handwritten digit classification, image recognition, word embeddings, recurrent neural networks, sequence-to-sequence models for machine translation, natural language processing, and PDE (partial differential equation)-based simulations. Best of all, TensorFlow ...

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„Recurrent Neural Network“

A Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) is a type of artificial neural network that is capable of processing sequences of data. It is especially useful for processing text, audio, or other sequences of data, since it can store and use information from previous steps in the sequence. RNNs contain "memory cells" that allow them to remember data from earlier steps and use it to inform decisions in later steps. This makes them well-suited for tasks such as language translation and speech recognition.