RNA Interference
RNA Interference


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„RNA Interference“

RNA interference (RNAi) is a process that occurs in living cells where the expression of certain genes is suppressed or inhibited by the introduction of small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules. RNAi acts as a natural defense mechanism against foreign genetic material, such as viruses, and can also be used to regulate gene expression. The siRNA molecules bind to and degrade mRNA, preventing it from being translated into a protein. This process of gene silencing is widely used in the study of gene function and has the potential to be used in the development of new therapeutic treatments.

Enzerna's Logo


Raleigh, United States
1-10 Employees

RNA Interference - Antisense Oligonucleotide - Enzerna's Technology

... Antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) and RNA interference (RNAi)- based therapies have been shown to be effective in isolated cells. However, these therapies are limited by the need for lifelong administration, poor delivery across the blood brain barrier, and passive delivery to target cells in ...

RNA Interference - Antisense Oligonucleotide - Enzerna's Technology
Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF)'s Logo

Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF)

Baltimore, United States
10001+ Employees

RNA Interference (RNAi, si/shRNA) » Genetic Resources Core Facility, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

... Assays (qPCR, dPCR, SNP, CNV) CRISPR Genes and Gene Fragments Oligonucleotides Oligo Library Synthesis (OLS) RNA Interference (RNAi, si/shRNA) ...

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals's Logo

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Lexington, United States
101-250 Employees

Information About Dicerna Pharmaceuticals | Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

... We use RNA interference, or RNAi, to create medicines that silence the genes that cause or contribute to disease. Our goal is to provide life-changing therapies to people living with rare and common diseases. ...

NorCal-Gene Therapy and Research's Logo

NorCal-Gene Therapy and Research

Palo Alto, United States
11-50 Employees

... Syndromes Transposons Cloning human genome project Diabetes Gene Therapy Gene knockout DNA Repair RNA interference DNA Sequencing CRISPR/Cas9 technology Down Syndrome Gene therapy in Auto immune diseases Gene Chip Technology Modified Nucleotides Gene Expression Lipofection Gene Sequencing ...

Argonaute RNA's Logo

Argonaute RNA

Bristol, United Kingdom

Our Team

... 0 years in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) before joining AstraZeneca (AZ), working on therapeutic antisense, RNA interference, microRNA, and modified RNA.He now consults for numerous UK-based universities, US- and UK-based investment companies, UK- and non-UK biotech companies, and was involved in ...

Altogen Labs's Logo

Altogen Labs

Austin, United States
11-50 Employees

RNA Interference (RNAi) Services - Altogen Labs

... RNA Interference (RNAi) technology has made it possible to effectively regulate gene expression. The application of this technology in the laboratory has given scientists a glimpse into the complex biological systems of humans and mammals alike. The ability of RNAi to knockdown target genes ...

RNA Interference (RNAi) Services - Altogen Labs
Capuano IP's Logo

Capuano IP

Salem, United States
1-10 Employees

Alnylam Pharms, Inc. v. Dicerna Pharms, Inc. (15-04126-EPL) (Mass. Sup. Ct.) - Capuano Law

... Represented Dicerna in trade secret litigation regarding RNA interference technology.  Settled before trial favorably for Dicerna. ...

Alnylam Pharms, Inc. v. Dicerna Pharms, Inc. (15-04126-EPL) (Mass. Sup. Ct.) - Capuano Law

Dicerna Pharms, Inc. v. Alnylam Pharms, Inc. (17-11466) (D. Mass) - Capuano Law

... Represented Dicerna in antitrust litigation with its competitor Alnylam in the RNA interference field.  Settled favorably for Dicerna.  ...

Dicerna Pharms, Inc. v. Alnylam Pharms, Inc. (17-11466) (D. Mass) - Capuano Law
Labnet Oy's Logo

Labnet Oy

Vantaa, Finland
1-10 Employees

RNA Interference | RNA Analysis | Promega | Labnet Shop

... Etusivu / Promega / RNA Analysis / RNA Interference ...

Speratum's Logo


San José, Costa Rica
11-50 Employees

Speratum Biopharma, Inc

... NoPass oligonucleotides are a reprogrammable, combinatorial, and flexible platform engineered for robust RNA interference. ...

Silenseed's Logo


Jerusalem, Israel
1-10 Employees

Mutant KRAS is a druggable target for pancreatic cancer – Silenseed

... We propose an approach to target KRAS effectively in patients using RNA interference. To meet this challenge, we have developed a local prolonged siRNA delivery system (Local Drug EluteR, LODER) shedding siRNA against the mutated KRAS (KRAS-LODER). The KRAS-LODER was assessed for its ...