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General Systems's Logo

San Jose, Philippines

1-10 Employees


We are a sustainability focused, robotics company helping construction companies improve workforce productivity, reduce worker injuries & deliver assured quality in building masonry. General Systems, seeks to introduce new AI led smart machines to automate labour dependent, highly manual activities. We believe that sustainable and affordable infrastructure development is key to building inclusive societies, and are committed to addressing construction sector’s challenges around low workforce productivity, high worker injuries, high material wastage and enabling the Industry's business sustainability. 20+ Yrs of experience in launching innovative products for global technology firms. An ecosystem of technology partners to deliver innovation & sustainable growth.



Core business
Image for Automation Equipment | Robotics | Sustainable Constructions | Labor Productivity

Automation Equipment | Robotics | Sustainable Constructions | Labor Productivity

... Our robotic equipments automate moving, lifting and precision placing of heavy blocks during building construction, thus dramatically reducing human impact, and speeding up construction process. ...

Medital's Logo

Petah Tikva, Israel

11-50 Employees


מדיטל עומדת בחזית הטכנולוגיה העולמית בתחום ההינע (Motion) והבקרה ומייצגת בישראל יצרנים המובילים בתחומם, בתחומי פעילות עיקריים:.



Image for 
    IXTUR – Medital

IXTUR – Medital

... Ixtur's magnets can be used e.g. in automation, lifting, robotic, welding and workholding applications. All products are designed and manufactured in Finland.             For More Information: ...

RobotShop's Logo

Boisbriand, Canada

11-50 Employees


Founded in 2003, we specialize in robotics technology and offer a wide range of products and services in this sector. We operate globally and our head office is located in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.



Image for RobotShop M100RAK V4 Modular Robotic Arm Kit (No Electronics) - RobotShop

RobotShop M100RAK V4 Modular Robotic Arm Kit (No Electronics) - RobotShop

... Four Degree of freedom (4 DoF) modular robotic arm ~1Kg lifting capacity at full reach (640mm / ~29.53in) All metal gears General mounting plate for mounting an end-effector (no gripper) Servo controller and power supply sold separately The RobotShop M100RAK V4 Modular Robotic Arm Kit ...

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„Robotic Lifting“

Robotic lifting is the use of robots to move, lift and manipulate objects. This technology utilizes robotic arms, grippers and other devices to assist in the transfer and manipulation of objects. Robotic lifting can be used to assist in tasks such as loading and unloading, sorting, assembling, or even palletizing, and can help reduce the risk of injury and fatigue caused by repetitive manual labor.