Rotatable Magnetrons
Rotatable Magnetrons


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„Rotatable Magnetrons“

Rotatable magnetrons are cylindrical magnets that can be rotated about their central axis. They are used in microwave ovens, as the magnetic field created by the rotating magnetron can be used to generate microwaves which heat food. The rotating motion of the magnetron also ensures that microwaves are evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity.

Gencoa's Logo


Liverpool, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

Rotatable Magnetrons | Rotatable System | Manufacturer // Gencoa

... The Gencoa Rotatable System (GRS) family of rotatable magnetrons covers four styles of end-block, with two options of internal flange mount style, and options for horizontal cantilever and vertical mounted rotatables. ...

Rotatable Magnetrons | Rotatable System | Manufacturer // Gencoa


Dresden, Germany
1-10 Employees

Rotatable Magnetrons: VON ARDENNE

... The deposition with rotatable  magnetrons has become the preferred standard process over the last 25 years. Sputtering with these components offers the advantage of longer target lifetime and thus extended production time. ...

Thin Film Service, Inc.'s Logo

Thin Film Service, Inc.

Livermore, United States
1-10 Employees

Thin Film Service | Coating System | Livermore

... arrangement for DC or RF Up to 12 magnetrons Up to 8” circular cathodes and 30” planar rectangular magnetrons Optional rotatable magnetrons with nodule reduction (for TCO) DC power supply (with pulsing capabilities, 5-800KHz with programmable duty cycle) Hipims (AC or dual) RF power ...

Thin Film Service | Coating System | Livermore
IES's Logo


Bristol, United Kingdom
51-100 Employees

Rectangular, Circular & Rotatable Magnetrons | IES Equipment Partners

... Rectangular (Linear) Magnetrons Circular Magnetrons Rotatable Magnetrons ...

AARD Technology's Logo

AARD Technology

Sammamish, United States
1-10 Employees

scia Inline 400 - AARD Technology

... 450 mm x 400 mmIon beam sourceTwo 380 mm linear microwave ECR sources (LIN380-e)Sputter sourceTwo rotatable magnetrons with 680 mm lengtTypical deposition rateSiO2: 85 nm x mm/s (dynamic rate)Uniformity variation≤ 4 % (σ/mean)Throughput12 Carrier/h ≈ 500,000 blades/hBase pressure< 1 x 10-6  ...

scia Inline 400 - AARD Technology
Singulus Technologies's Logo

Singulus Technologies

Kahl am Main, Germany
251-500 Employees

PVD Sputtering System HISTARIS PVD -

... Modular machine concept Horizontal substrate transport – with and without carrier Usage of rotatable cylindrical magnetrons for highest utilization of target material Highest deposition rates Temperature processing before and during deposition available Gas separation by dynamic slit ...

PVD Sputtering System HISTARIS PVD -
IES Technical Sales Corp.'s Logo

IES Technical Sales Corp.

Danvers, United States
1-10 Employees

Thin Film Deposition - Products

... Circular Magnetrons Rectangular Planar Magnetrons Rotatable Magnetrons ...

scia Systems GmbH's Logo

scia Systems GmbH

Chemnitz, Germany
51-100 Employees

scia Inline 400

... Two rotatable magnetrons with 680 mm ...

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Wartau, Switzerland
251-500 Employees

PVD Technologies

... Rotatable cylindrical magnetrons are used for static sputtering of large substrates (e.g CLUSTERLINE® 600), where an extremely long target life can be achieved. ...