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„Separation Technology“

Separation technology is a process of separating two or more materials, such as liquids, gases, or solids, based on their physical and chemical properties. This technology is used in a variety of fields, such as food production, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and environmental protection. It can also be used to separate and purify a compound from a mixture, to separate two or more compounds from a mixture, and to separate out impurities from a product.

Separation Technology AS's Logo

Separation Technology AS

Porsgrunn, Norway
1-10 Employees

Hjem - Separation Technology AS

... Separation Technology leverer renseteknologi, i hovedsak basert på våt-mekaniske og våt-kjemiske prinsipper. Men også andre relevante teknologier. ...

AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik's Logo

AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik

Senden, Germany
11-50 Employees

AQUACHEM GmbH | Separation technology & filter presses - Home

... AQUACHEM GmbH | Separation technology & filter presses - ...

AQUACHEM GmbH | Separation technology & filter presses - Home
Conny Norman Company's Logo

Conny Norman Company

Örebro, Sweden
1-10 Employees

ParticleTrap™ - Compact multi-cyclonic separation technology

... ParticleTrap™ is a truly clean particle separation technology. ParticleTrap™ separates particles and sorts by fraction without any static filters down to 0.n micron in Air, Gas and Liquids. ...

SuTong Technology's Logo

SuTong Technology

Nantong, China
51-100 Employees

Applications - Nantong SuTong Separation Technology Co., Ltd.

... Copyright © 2017 Nantong SuTong Separation Technology Co., Ltd. Support by Meeall. Blog  Privacy policy  Terms and Conditions 备案号:苏ICP备12029206号 ...

Privacy policy - Nantong SuTong Separation Technology Co., Ltd.

... Companies within the Sutong Separation Technology, where required for our legitimate interests or with your consent; ...

Tomorrow Holding's Logo

Tomorrow Holding

Breckenridge, United States
1-10 Employees


... TOMORROW HOLDING Commercialization arm for patented and proven transformational separation technology  ...

Jiangsu Jiuwu Hitech Co.,Ltd's Logo

Jiangsu Jiuwu Hitech Co.,Ltd

Nanjing City, China
251-500 Employees

AquaHD's Logo


1-10 Employees

Water Filtration & Separation Technology | Israel | AQUA HD

... Water Filtration & Separation Technology | Israel | AQUA ...

Water Filtration & Separation Technology | Israel | AQUA HD
SDS Separation Technology's Logo

SDS Separation Technology

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
1-10 Employees

SDS Separation | Technology

... Based on the proprietary separation technology of the RotaSep®, RotaScrub ® adds a specific surface area up to 10 times higher than the next best solution and uses up to 30% less scrubbing liquid. This results in RotaScrub ® being up to 10 times smaller than the conventional packed scrubber ...

Oxus America's Logo

Oxus America

Auburn Hills, United States
1-10 Employees


... Oxus is an engineering, manufacturing, and service company specializing in medical devices and gas separation technology. We design and manufacture our products in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered OEM supplier, we understand the technical challenges of ...

Audionamix's Logo


Paris, France
11-50 Employees

Epic Night - Audionamix

... Audionamix AI separation technology extracts speech, vocals, drums and bass from a mixed audio file. Armed with this licensable technology, the Audionamix Professional Services team has worked on major motion pictures, GRAMMY-nominated albums, and hit TV shows. Through the groundbreaking ...

Epic Night - Audionamix