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...diabetes. The Prelude® SkinPrep System, a component of their Symphony CGM System, allows for enhanced skin permeation that will enable extraction of analytes, such as glucose, and transdermal drug delivery.
Philadelphia, US
Health Care
Medical Device
Biocom Systems Logo
...-CAD predicts the time courses of skin permeation, skin distribution and blood concentration under various modes of transdermal and topical delivery based on a combined model of skin diffusion layers ...
Fukuoka, JP
Health Care
Health Diagnostics
ICURE Pharm Logo
They have world-class skin permeation enhancement technology, various patch structure design technology, They supply products to domestic and overseas partners based on drug release control technology and manufact...
Seoul, KR
Chemical Manufacturing
LaserLeap Technologies Logo
Established on 2011 in Coimbra, Portugal, the company focuses in the skin permeation of cosmetics, anesthetics, drugs for skin cancer, vaccines and biotechnology drugs.
Peniche, PT
Health Care
Daniel Bucks Logo
...bility to design and interpret in vitro skin permeation testing.  In addition to the development of cutting edge methods for evaluation of drug delivery following topical application to skin, he also implem...
Millbrae, US
Xphyto Therapeutic Logo
...ing results of its recent human cadaver skin permeation study, first announced April 4, 2022. The Company’s Rotigotine patch is based on the TDS platform technology developed by its wholly owned German subsidiary,...
Vancouver, CA
Health Care
Innotech Rehabilitation Products Inc Logo
Specially formulated with skin permeants (eucalyptus oil and polysorbate 20) and hydrating ingredients (glycerol), MM is a very safe and highly efficacious topical therapy cream. Learn More Backrest Demonstrations...
Tay, CA
Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
Rochester Colon & Rectal Surgeons Logo
...ou in the trial period, a flexible wire (also known as a “lead” and pronounced “leed”) and a neurostimulator are implanted under the skin permanently. This is done during a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.
City of Rochester, US
Health Care
Nawah Scientific Logo
...analysis using ICP-AES Related products Skin Permeation Test (Franz Cell Technique) Particle size and zeta potential measurement Determination of Isoelectric point Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Nanomaterials ...
Cairo, EG
Life Science
Dow Development Laboratories Logo
... analytical methods and stability, QbD, skin permeation, patents and unique aspects of the FDA Dermatology Division. 2023 Brochure Coming Soon Melinda Sutton, David W. Osborne, Kevin Dahl, Kevin Dahl, Victoria Bax...
Petaluma, US