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„Smart Fertilizers“

Smart fertilizers are fertilizers that are specifically designed to provide optimal nutrition to plants while limiting the amount of nutrients that are wasted. They are formulated with advanced delivery systems that ensure the right amount of fertilizer is applied to the soil for maximum results. Smart fertilizers also contain slow-release components, which reduce the amount of runoff and leaching of nutrients, helping to prevent environmental contamination.

RYNAN Smart Fertilizers's Logo

RYNAN Smart Fertilizers

Singapore, Singapore
51-100 Employees

Technology & Innovation — RYNAN Smart Fertilizers

... The moisture-retaining quality makes RYNAN Smart Fertilizers ideal for crop cultivation in dryer seasons, arid and desert environments, or where irrigation supply is limited. ...

RYNAN Frutimate Green — RYNAN Smart Fertilizers

... fruits and vegetable growth. With healthier fruit or vegetable plants, they would be less likely to be attacked by pests. RYNAN Smart fertilizers also reduces the need to reapply fertilizers making it value for money. Last of all, it is odorless and has no harmful fertilizer dust particles. ...



Prague, Czechia
11-50 Employees

Smart Fertilizers – Nafigate Corporation

... Hydal Biotechnology P3HB Biopolymer Cosmetics Biomedicine Sustainable Packaging Smart Fertilizers ...

Wastech Resources Berhad's Logo

Wastech Resources Berhad

Shah Alam, Malaysia
51-100 Employees

Smart Fertilizers Supplier Malaysia | Wastech Group

... Smart Fertilizers Supplier Malaysia | Wastech ...

Smart Fertilizers Supplier Malaysia | Wastech Group
Viyen Biotech's Logo

Viyen Biotech

Coimbatore, India
1-10 Employees

CONTACT | Viyen Biotech

... The company will provides good quality products of Biofertilizer, Bio-enhancers and Bio Inspired smart fertilizers through our Ideal R&D for a liable crop yield at variable Indian and International agriculture regions. ...

CONTACT | Viyen Biotech
Keebus Ltd's Logo

Keebus Ltd

London, United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

Keebus Ltd

... Renewable Electricity Smart City Oil & Gas Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals Textile Manufacturing Hotels and Resorts Leisure Facilities Restaurants Distillers & ...

GrowGroup Israel's Logo

GrowGroup Israel

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
1-10 Employees

::Grow Group Israel::

... Smart Fertilizers & Agri ...

Fertilizers Europe's Logo

Fertilizers Europe

Brussels, Belgium
11-50 Employees

Franc Bogovic - The future of smart agriculture - Fertilizers Europe

... Franc Bogovic - The future of smart agriculture - Fertilizers ...

Nitricity's Logo


Palo Alto, United States
1-10 Employees

Nitricity Selected For Elemental Excelerator Cohort Of Climate Tech Startups

... The funding will support Nitricity’s ability to produce agriculture-grade climate-smart nitrogen fertilizers such as calcium nitrate to be tested in the field, with one such trial to be conducted in almond orchards in partnership with Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), a global leader in ...

Nitricity Selected For Elemental Excelerator Cohort Of Climate Tech Startups
Artal - Smart Agriculture's Logo

Artal - Smart Agriculture

Paterna, Spain
11-50 Employees

Organic fertilizers - ARTAL Smart Agriculture

... Organic fertilizers - ARTAL Smart ...

Organic fertilizers - ARTAL Smart Agriculture
Soilgenic Technologies LLC's Logo

Soilgenic Technologies LLC

Calgary, Canada
1-10 Employees

Home | Soilgenic Technologies, LLC

... Soilgenic is focused on Climate Smart Technologies for Agriculture. Fertilizers are responsible for feeding the world, but nutrients can be tied up in the soil or lost to the environment contributing to climate change and nutrient loss that contributes to red tides and aquatic dead ...