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SNAIA 2021's Logo

Paris, France

1-10 Employees


Notification of acceptance — 1 week from the submission day. “This vibrant, intellectually stimulating conference, organized by the top-notch young scientists from around the globe, delivers concentrated frontiers in science and technology of nanomaterials for real-world applications. The attendee gets the full depth and breadth of ideas exchange and networking, avoiding the confusion of a typical, overwhelmingly large, material-science conference. And all that – in a magical atmosphere of the pre-Christmas Paris.”. “What is the best scientific, social and scientifically social option for a mid-December? The obvious answer is SNAIA – leading topical conference, which welcomes new ideas, promotes new collaborations, gives opportunities to young scientists, and… just lovely to attend.



Core business
Image for Smart NanoMaterials 2021

Smart NanoMaterials 2021

... Smart NanoMaterials ...

NANO-EH's Logo

Cork, Ireland

11-50 Employees


Nanomaterials Enabling Smart Energy Harvesting for Next-Generation Internet-of-Things. NANO-EH wants to exploit smart nanomaterials that are non-toxic, lead- and rare earth-free materials, and will demonstrate their recyclability potential at module level. This can be especially useful in the context of communication technologies and further development of Internet of Things (IoT) for newer application such as personalised medicine of the future, smart farming and environmental monitoring. NANO-EH has the ambitious vision of creating a pathway for translating forefront knowledge of unique high frequency properties of emerging classes of nanomaterials into advanced device engineering for scalable miniaturized energy harvesting and energy storage modules tailored for the specific needs of stand-alone, mobile or portable for next generation IoT. NANO-EH More-then-More technological platform primarily exploits the abundant clean source of always-on RF energy over an extended spectrum range (2G/3G/Wi-Fi/5G) while integrating on-chip energy storage functionalities.



Core business
Image for Nano-eh


... smart nanomaterials, non-toxic, ...

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„Smart Nanomaterials“

Smart nanomaterials are materials made up of particles that are within the nanoscale range (1-100nm). They are designed to have properties that can be manipulated to respond to external stimuli such as temperature, light, and chemicals. Smart nanomaterials have applications in fields such as energy, health, and environment. In energy, they can be used to develop efficient solar cells. In health, they can be used to diagnose and treat diseases. In the environment, they can be used to create sensors for water and air pollution.