Spectroscopic Reflectometer
Spectroscopic Reflectometer


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„Spectroscopic Reflectometer“

A Spectroscopic Reflectometer is a type of optical instrument used to measure the reflectance of a material. It works by shining a light beam onto a sample surface and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back into a detector. The instrument is then able to measure the reflectance of the material for different wavelengths of light, giving a spectrum of reflectance values. This data can be used to determine the optical characteristics of the material and can be used to identify different substances, detect surface defects and monitor the quality of surfaces.

ATSL - Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd.'s Logo

ATSL - Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd.

Kiryat Ata, Israel
1-10 Employees



Noida, India

Official Website of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Jais, Amethi, India. / Tender / Purchase Tender

... Spectroscopic Reflectometer[E-Tender] Tender No.: RGIPT/JAIS/R&D/SR/2022-23/ ...

Film Sense's Logo

Film Sense

Lincoln, United States
1-10 Employees

Film Sense - Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometers - Film Sense

... Film Sense offers the power of Multi-Wavelength Technology, but at the price point of single wavelength ellipsometer and spectroscopic reflectometer systems. Film Sense is ideal for measurements in the research lab, classroom, in situ process control, industrial quality control, and more. ...

Film Sense - Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometers - Film Sense
ST Instruments B.V.'s Logo

ST Instruments B.V.

Groot-Ammers, Netherlands
1-10 Employees

S neox - ST Instruments

... A full range solution is provided for thin and thick films with the optional spectroscopic reflectometer. ...

S neox - ST Instruments
Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi's Logo

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi

Varanasi, India
1-10 Employees

IIT(BHU) - Tenders | Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)

... Reflectometer (Film Thickness measurement) 30.07.2022 18.08.2022 (3:00 P.M.) ...

RP Photonics's Logo

RP Photonics

Bad Dürrheim, Germany
1-10 Employees

Reflectometers, explained by RP; optical, angle of incidence, spectral resolution, scattering, fiber optics

... Such a device may be called a spectroscopic reflectometer, which can be considered as a type of spectrophotometer. However, for some purposes it is sufficient to work with a fixed wavelength or with a fixed wavelength interval. ...

Reflectometers, explained by RP; optical, angle of incidence, spectral resolution, scattering, fiber optics
LayTec's Logo


Berlin, Germany
51-100 Employees

LayTec - News

... Lars Samuelson used LayTec’s spectroscopic in-situ reflectometer EpiR to monitor the nanowire epitaxial process in an AIXTRON 200/4 reactor. You can find more on our Nanowire page! ...

Spectroscopy Media's Logo

Spectroscopy Media

Woodbridge Township, United States
251-500 Employees

Products Showcase

... Spectroscopic ellipsometer–reflectometer ...

Products Showcase
Nanowerk's Logo


Honolulu, United States
1-10 Employees

Nanotechnology Companies, Research and Degree Programs in Germany

... develops, manufactures and sells advanced quality instrumentation for Thin Film Metrology (reflectometer, ellipsometer, spectroscopic ellipsometer) and Plasma Process Technology (plasma etcher, plasma deposition systems). Sios Messtechnik Develops and manufactures nano ...