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San Geronimo Ventilation Shaft Dumas has been engaged to undertake the engineering and construction of a 593m deep 5.5m diameter ventilation shaft at the La Colorada Mine. This project will pr...
Toronto, CA
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services
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...le load-specific mounting of pipelines, ventilation shafts and support structures. MUPRO is a German pioneer in modular clamping System. There is a rubber lining to provide grip and prevent direct contact of pipe ...
Zirakpur, IN
Building Materials
...and depths ranging from 90 to 315 metres, excavated using a raise borer, and five ventilation shafts for the distribution tunnel of an excavation diameter of 30 centimetres and depths ranging from 58 to 118 metres
London, GB
Nonresidential Building Construction
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...used for the production of lift shafts, ventilation shafts and other three-dimensional precast concrete parts. Decisive factors are the desired design and dimensions. Floor-running half-shell principle allows bett...
Dormettingen, DE
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
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...hange in pressure occurs in the central ventilation shaft just as soon as any further valve is opened, which is registered by a sensor. This increases the output of the roof extract unit until the previous pressur...
Milan, IT
Renewable Energy
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...ne (BBR) bores and reams ore passes and ventilation shafts with diameters of up to 3.5 meters. Based on the proven BBM technology, the BBR is characterized by high efficiency and high safety standards. Upon reques...
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Ventilation shafts Ore passes Slot holes Service holes Paste fill holes and pipes Drain holes Escape ways Shaft steel liners Shaft sealing units Shaft blast canopies Penstocks for hydro plants Tunnel
Orange, AU
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
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The 78m deep ventilation shaft at Chalfont St Peter is the first of five that will provide ventilation and emergency access to the ten-mile-long twin tunnels. TBMs Florence and Cecilia dug a total of over 3.6 mile...
London, GB
Civil Engineering
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...nt air through the BAC and delivers the chilled air to the mine’s ventilation shaft. The BAC provided for Phase 1 of this project is designed to reduce the ambient air temperature from 34˚C down to a chilly 8.4˚C.
Johannesburg, ZA
...els and the construction of pumping and ventilation shafts. This phase of the project will be completed in 23 months. The first phase, currently underway by QDVC, covers feasibility studies, design and earthworks.
Casablanca, MA
Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction