Zero-Defect Manufacturing
Zero-Defect Manufacturing


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„Zero-Defect Manufacturing“

Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) is a quality assurance strategy that focuses on eliminating defects from the production process. It involves establishing process controls, identifying and addressing potential problem areas, and ensuring that every product is produced to the highest possible standard. The goal of ZDM is to reduce production costs by preventing defects in the first place, rather than detecting and correcting them after the fact. The result is a higher quality product and a more efficient production process.

Relimetrics's Logo


Sunnyvale, United States
11-50 Employees

Relimetrics - No-Code Quality Automation Revolution

... AI-based quality audit and automation made easy across use cases, enabling zero defect manufacturing with guranteed anomaly detection accuracy. ...

Applications | Relimetrics

... AI-based quality audit and automation made easy across use cases, enabling zero defect manufacturing with guranteed anomaly detection accuracy. ...

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Zelzate, Belgium
11-50 Employees

Our approach towards first-time-right, zero-defect manufacturing | Guaranteed

... It was a real pleasure to present our Guaranteed approach towards first-time-right, zero-defect manufacturing in WAAM during the session on automation and new welding processes at the Welding Symposium organized by the Belgian Welding Institute. ...

Our approach towards first-time-right, zero-defect manufacturing | Guaranteed
GovCloud Network's Logo

GovCloud Network

Manassas, United States
1-10 Employees

Home - GC Global Net

... Computer Vision Advances Zero-Defect Manufacturing ...

Home - GC Global Net
Dielcon AB's Logo

Dielcon AB

Luleå, Sweden
1-10 Employees

Dielcon AB

... Further, advanced research capacities can be provided for research activites within cybersecurity, digitalisation of production and distribution environments (Industry4.0), and production development (e.g., Zero Defect Manufacturing). ...

Dielcon AB
Organic Electronic Technologies's Logo

Organic Electronic Technologies

Thessaloniki, Greece
1-10 Employees

#EnergyBag – OET

...   The Zero defect manufacturing workshop was held on 24 October in Brussels and brought together key stakeholders to shape the future landscape of European manufacturing. OET attended and exhibited its OPV powered energy bag. During this workshop, Prof. S.Logothetidis Director of ...

Reachem Chemicals's Logo

Reachem Chemicals

Chennai, India
51-100 Employees

Quality Control

... "Zero Defect Manufacturing Policy" ...

Saccade Vision Ltd.'s Logo

Saccade Vision Ltd.

Rishon LeZion, Israel
1-10 Employees

Solution | Saccade Vision

... Value of zero-defect manufacturing with integrated ...

Video Systems Srl's Logo

Video Systems Srl

Codroipo, Italy
11-50 Employees

Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform – la roadmap verso l’ottimizzazione dei cicli produttivi | Video Systems

... dal 2019 Video Systems è partner attivo nel consorzio del progetto europeo H2020 denominato ZDMP – Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform. Il progetto, finanziato dalla Commissione europea, ha l’obiettivo di supportare il settore manifatturiero nel raggiungere l’obiettivo “produzione a difetti ...

ADDVALUE Consulting Inc's Logo

ADDVALUE Consulting Inc

Ahmedabad, India
11-50 Employees

Business Consultant India Lean Manufacturing Training Consultant

... TQM helps achieving Zero Defect Manufacturing, using 7 Basic Quality Tools & Poka Yoke TSM creates Lean Inventory, by application of Kanban Lean Business Processes create efficient information flow Lean in Services makes the service sector quite efficient THM improves High Employee ...

VIAR d.o.o.'s Logo

VIAR d.o.o.

Celje, Slovenia
1-10 Employees

VIAR | ATP 4.0

... Zasledovali bomo strategijo zero defect manufacturing ter z uvajanjem kolaborativnih robotov ustvarili pogoje za fleksibilno prilagajanje kapacitet opreme ob uvajanju izdelka na trg (ramp-up) in v fazi zatona izdelka (ramp-down). Ključna prednost našega projekta je, da bomo z demonstracijo ...

VIAR | ATP 4.0