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Perimeter Security

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Use Case

Perimeter Security


Securing the perimeter around your fences or restricted areas is crucial for preventing potential threats. Detecting intruders at this boundary and responding promptly can avert critical situations. QbProtect helps secure your perimeter by identifying intruders before they reach your fence, or by maintaining an open yet secure perimeter. Acting as an early warning system, QbProtect extends response time and allows you to differentiate between accidental and intentional intrusions, ensuring appropriate reactions. A standout feature of QbProtect is its advanced 3D LiDAR technology. This technology offers enhanced detection precision, minimizing false alarms, and provides detailed spatial awareness with a comprehensive 3D map of the area for precise localization and tracking of movement. It performs reliably in diverse conditions, such as low light or inclement weather, and integrates seamlessly with existing security systems, enhancing overall perimeter security.



Security, Energy, Goverment, Military, Aviation, Railway

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