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Who is AlumiPlate Inc.?

AlumiPlate was founded in 1995 by David Dayton, who purchased all worldwide rights and patents to the Sigal process, developed by Siemens and the Max Planck Institute over a period of 30 years. The AlumiPlate metal plating company has conducted countless trials and been tested and evaluated by a wide variety of aerospace, research, governmental and industrial institutions, resulting in numerous reports and white papers. AlumiPlate has a great many approvals and specifications to assure its effective application in many diverse markets. AlumiPlate® aluminum electroplating protects critical flight-safety landing gear, pins, fasteners, housings and couplings used in numerous military and commercial aerospace programs. With a practical and single minded focus, AlumiPlate has developed and refined the process significantly to bring AlumiPlate aluminum to its present capability, able to serve a great many applications with reliable, repeatable and robust coating services. Today our facility in Minnesota regularly produces a wide variety of products, as sophisticated as spacecraft and aircraft; or essential as ground vehicles and naval vessels, tractors and trucks; as complex as scientific instruments and tools for leading edge research; and important as long lived corrosion resistant fasteners, couplings and housings for industrial use. Aluminum Plating is the coating of choice for critical high-strength aerospace components that are sensitive to hydrogen embrittlement or re-embrittlement while in service. As the leader in aluminum anti-corrosion, high-performance coatings and technology, AlumiPlate continues to develop its products and services portfolio.

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Service provider

Minneapolis, United States

11-50 Employees

Founding year: 1995

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Product IVD Aluminum Coating Alternative | AlumiPlate image


IVD Aluminum Coating Alternative | AlumiPlate

AlumiPlate offers a better IVD aluminum coating alternative which is more uniform, dense, and ductile. It also surpasses MIL-DTL-83488D requirements.

Product Cadmium Plating Alternative | Cadmium Replacement | AlumiPlate image


Cadmium Plating Alternative | Cadmium Replacement | AlumiPlate

Get information about a cadmium plating alternative that outperforms this material and resists corrosion in a wide range of conditions. Learn more now!

Product Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Services | AlumiPlate image


Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Services | AlumiPlate

Learn about combatting hydrogen embrittlement. Prevent stress corrosion cracking with our innovative solutions. Find more information here.

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99.99% Pure aluminum plating
Engineering Services
Corrosion Mitigation
NAS 4006
RoHS & REACH Compliance
Galvanic Corrosion Mitigation
Electrical Connectors
High-Strength Fasteners
Cadmium Alternative Coating
Aviation & Aerospace



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Aluminum Metallization in Semiconductors & Quantum Computers | AlumiPlate

Discover why AlumiPlate's aluminum metallization process is ideal in wire bonding, semiconductors and as a superconductor.

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City: Minneapolis

State: Minnesota

Country: United States

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about AlumiPlate Inc.

The company AlumiPlate Inc. is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. It's worth noting that the company may has more corporate locations

As of the latest available information AlumiPlate Inc. has around 11-50 employees worldwide.

AlumiPlate Inc. was founded in 1995

The company AlumiPlate Inc. has it's main focus in the industries of Transportation

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