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Custom 420 Supply's Logo

Custom 420 Supply

Madison, United States

11-50 Employees


At Custom420 Supply, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are passionate about the plant and our team possesses a wealth of grow, design/print, branding and production expertise. Receive your products pre-labeled and ready to fill! We are passionate about the plant and possess a wealth of grow, design/print, branding and production expertise. Custom420 has been a huge help in taking our packaging to the next level! From a case of blank jars to an entire line of coordinating products. If a product looks good but does not function properly then consumers are likely to take notice quickly. That’s why, at our company, we offer cannabis graphic design that breaks the mold, captures attention, and articulates your unique brand story.

Core business

Custom Cannabis Packaging | Design | Labels | Mylar Bags | Jars

... one stop shop for custom cannabis and dispensary packaging: turn key ...

RXDco's Logo


Jackson, United States

11-50 Employees


Collaborate with our product design team to develop new styles of compliance packaging to elevate your brand and redefine industry norms. Founded on four generations of experience in the packaging industry. Committed to sourcing and developing sustainable compliance packaging.


Custom Cannabis Packaging

... RXDco is a leading cannabis packaging company, with in-house R&D and ...

Sparkle Packaging's Logo

Sparkle Packaging

Dongguan, China

51-100 Employees


Sparkle is a professional and experienced manufacturer of packaging boxes, folding cartons, paper bags, and wrapping paper in Dongguan City, the NO.1 manufacturing City in Guangdong. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and delicated to provide high-end and new design branded packagings. Except strong production capability, we also have our own independent design team for launching new products every month. As a mature manufactory, quality has become our first and only standard. Our QC system has become complete, including IQC, IPQC, and QA.


Custom Hemp Flower Packaging Boxes | Printed Cannabis Packaging Boxes

... Packaging Boxes | Printed Cannabis Packaging Boxes » Custom Boxes, ...

The Calico Group's Logo

The Calico Group

Austin, United States

11-50 Employees


The Calico Group is a global packaging and product firm with the unique capability to contract manufacture goods anywhere in the world at any time. Ranging from custom packaging to turnkey product manufacturing, coupled with a comprehensive supply chain buildout to fit our customer’s needs. Committed to our supply partners, clients and employees. We do this by collaborating with our customers to develop innovative products and services that ultimately improve the vitality and execution of each distinct project. San Diego served as the fuel to our mission and drive to serve more cannabis focused businesses. All of our clients started to see the effect of our expanded unique product and service categories, further establishing us as a leader in the industry. In 2020, as the cannabis industry was beginning to boom even more, and we saw another 300% in YOY growth. Mark is a veteran commercial and general management executive with extensive experience in the cannabis and beverage industries.


Custom Cannabis Packaging

... Group is a leading custom cannabis packaging company that specializes in ...

GPA Global Cannabis's Logo

GPA Global Cannabis

Shenzhen, China

501-1000 Employees


We are expert designers, craftsmen, engineers, and logistical specialists, who when working together offer the full package – a bespoke cannabis packaging solution, tailored to you and your brand. Beyond that, we’re boundary pushing packaging experts who champion sustainability at all costs. With a plethora of innovative and stylish child-resistant formats to offer, we have the perfect solution for all your cannabis products, from flower to edibles and pre-rolls to tinctures. Our teams provide concept development, validation, and testing. We currently own several GPA manufacturing super sites in North America, Europe, and Asia, alongside a significant supply base boasting all material substrates, under the guidance of our in-house inspection and production teams.


Linus - Cannabis Packaging Solutions

... Linus - Cannabis Packaging ...

PLC INC's Logo


Berkeley, United States

1-10 Employees


Our goal is to take the burden of research and evaluation of multiple suppliers off your plate; when you work with PLC, we have all your business marketing needs covered under one umbrella. Save Time and Money with a Single Partner for Packaging, Printing and Promotional Products. Our supply chain network is the most powerful tool at our disposal. With production facilities in the USA and China to handle every type of print, promo, and packaging project, whether needed in a month or a week, our product facilities are ready to make things happen that typically are unthinkable. The attention to detail, personal hands-on customer service, and timely delivery service are just some of the reasons why PLC is the only print company we need or will ever use.


Custom Cannabis Packaging

... Custom Cannabis Packaging & Premium Designs | PLC ...

Pollen Gear's Logo

Pollen Gear

Hermosa Beach, United States

11-50 Employees


We are constantly looking to expand and improve our cannabis packaging solutions, while providing customizable products to let your brand shine. Born out of the innovative Greenlane Studio, Pollen Gear brings to market the most cutting-edge packaging solutions available in the industry! Choose from an assortment of patented technologies, child-resistant products, and a bevy of design options that help your brand stand out, while promoting safety and responsibility in the legal supplement, food, and cosmetics and marijuana packaging markets. Innovative, child-resistant packaging is what makes Pollen Gear an elite marijuana packaging company.

Core business

Child-Resistant & ASTM-Compliant Cannabis Packaging

... , custom marijuana packaging. Cannabis jars, bags, boxes, and ...

Cannabis Secure's Logo

Cannabis Secure

Old Toronto, Canada

251-500 Employees


An award-winning turnkey cannabis packaging solution that is fully automatable and compliant with Health Canada regulations. All Licensed Producers are looking for a trusted partner to help at different stages of their cannabis packaging journey. Cannabis Secure offers you a complete line of packaging, featuring customized trays for a variety of products including pre-rolls, dry flowers, vapes, concentrates and edibles. We also take care of customized secondary packaging needs suitable for a range of products along with just-in-time label options for fast turnaround time. We have the infrastructure, know-how and years of experience to deploy a complete solution tailored just for you. Cannabis Secure is the exclusive supplier of Locked4Kids cartons for the cannabis packaging industry in Canada.

Core business

Cannabis Secure Packaging - Tailored to Your Cannabis Packaging Needs

... Cannabis Secure Packaging an award-winning turnkey ...

Calyx Containers's Logo

Calyx Containers

Boston, United States

51-100 Employees


Our products are high quality to promote reusability, and are easily recyclable. Calyx containers are mindfully manufactured, allowing us to generate less waste as an organization. Our Dram containers are made in the USA to ensure top product preservation for your cannabis. Our square containers are intentionally designed for resealability, product preservation, and memorable branding.


Cannabis Packaging Products

... Cannabis & Weed Packaging Products | Calyx ...

Secure Applications WOSB / WBE's Logo

Secure Applications WOSB / WBE

Zephyrhills, United States

1-10 Employees


We are committed to reducing tampering, cargo theft, corporate espionage, and terrorist activity by offering our proven products, our experience and our knowledge to address our customers’ diverse needs and offering specialized applications. Our products are simple, easy to use, and made of the highest quality materials. Protect your products from diversion and reinforce your branding with custom solutions featuring your logo, text, and colors. At Secure Applications, we’re dedicated to helping you ship your products with confidence. Our top priority is to provide products and solutions that deter or eliminate unauthorized access to your inventory as it moves through the supply chain. Our innovative anti-theft labels, tape, bags, and container seals are both cost-effective and affordable, making them the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. We look forward to helping you ship your products securely and confidently. Our team is constantly working to improve our products and find new ways to keep your inventory safe.


Cannabis packaging you can count on

... Cannabis Packaging – Best tamper-evident security tape, labels, bags & ...

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Things to know about Cannabis Packaging

What is Cannabis Packaging?

Cannabis packaging refers to the specialized containers and materials used to store, transport, and sell cannabis products while adhering to regulatory compliance and ensuring product integrity. This includes a wide range of products such as dried flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals, each requiring unique packaging solutions to maintain freshness, potency, and safety. Cannabis packaging plays a critical role in the industry by serving multiple functions: it acts as a barrier against contamination and degradation, preserves the product's quality over time, provides a tamper-evident seal to ensure consumer safety, and offers a platform for branding and legal information. Regulations surrounding cannabis packaging are stringent, requiring child-resistant mechanisms, opaque materials for edibles, and detailed labeling that includes potency, ingredient lists, and health warnings. These requirements are designed to protect consumers, particularly minors, from accidental ingestion and to inform adult consumers about what they are purchasing. The impact of cannabis packaging on the industry is profound, influencing consumer perceptions, brand loyalty, and market differentiation. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so too does the innovation in packaging technologies and materials, aiming to improve sustainability, user experience, and compliance with ever-changing legal standards.

Advantages of Cannabis Packaging

1. Enhanced Product Safety
Cannabis packaging is specifically designed to ensure product safety, utilizing child-resistant mechanisms and tamper-evident seals. This attention to safety not only protects consumers, particularly children, from accidental ingestion but also preserves the integrity of the product against contamination or tampering during transit and storage.

2. Improved Shelf Life
The materials and technologies used in cannabis packaging, such as UV protection and airtight seals, play a crucial role in extending the product's shelf life. By preventing exposure to air, light, and moisture, these packaging solutions help maintain the product's potency, flavor, and freshness over time, offering consumers a high-quality experience.

3. Regulatory Compliance
Cannabis packaging is tailored to meet the stringent regulatory requirements set by various jurisdictions. This compliance is vital for businesses to operate legally and avoid penalties. The packaging's clear labeling of contents, potency levels, and health warnings ensures transparency and builds trust with consumers.

4. Brand Differentiation
In a competitive market, cannabis packaging offers brands a significant opportunity for differentiation. Customizable designs, colors, and innovative packaging solutions not only attract attention but also convey brand values and stories, helping businesses to stand out and connect with their target audience.

How to select right Cannabis Packaging supplier?

1. Compliance with Regulations
Ensure the supplier adheres to all local and international laws concerning cannabis packaging, including child-resistant mechanisms and labeling requirements.

2. Material Quality
The packaging material should be of high quality to protect the product from contamination, preserve freshness, and prevent degradation.

3. Sustainability Options
Consider suppliers offering eco-friendly packaging options to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

4. Customization Capabilities
The ability to customize packaging in terms of size, shape, and branding is crucial for standing out in a competitive market.

5. Lead Time and Reliability
Assess the supplier’s lead time for orders and their track record for reliability to ensure they can meet your business demands.

6. Cost-effectiveness
While quality is paramount, finding a supplier that offers competitive pricing without compromising on the essential features is crucial.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Cannabis Packaging?

In the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and integrity of medical marijuana products. These specialized packages are designed to be child-resistant yet easily accessible by adults, maintaining the product's quality by protecting it from moisture, air, and light. This packaging is critical for dispensaries and medical facilities, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements while providing patients with safe access to their medications. The food and beverage sector utilizes cannabis packaging for edibles and infused products. The packaging is engineered to prevent contamination and preserve freshness, while also providing clear labeling with dosage information and ingredients. This is essential for businesses that aim to maintain transparency and consumer trust, as it helps consumers make informed decisions about their purchases. Cosmetics and personal care industries are increasingly incorporating CBD and hemp-based products into their offerings, necessitating the use of cannabis packaging that protects the product's integrity and extends its shelf life. These containers are often designed with aesthetics in mind, appealing to a market that values both functionality and design. This type of packaging ensures that creams, balms, and oils remain effective and free from contaminants, catering to a consumer base that demands high-quality, natural beauty solutions. Each of these use cases highlights the diverse applications of cannabis packaging across industries, underscoring the importance of specialized packaging solutions that meet both regulatory standards and consumer expectations.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging currently occupies a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), estimated at around TRL 8 or 9. This advanced TRL is indicative of the technology being fully tested and validated either in an actual operational environment (TRL 8) or having already been successfully implemented (TRL 9). The primary reason for this high level of readiness stems from the extensive development and refinement of packaging technologies to meet the unique demands of the cannabis industry, including child-resistant features, tamper-evident designs, and mechanisms to preserve product freshness. Moreover, stringent regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions have necessitated the rapid advancement and adoption of innovative packaging solutions that ensure safety, compliance, and consumer protection. The integration of smart packaging technologies, such as QR codes for traceability and augmented reality for enhanced user engagement, further exemplifies the sector's technological maturity. These technical achievements are complemented by ongoing research and development efforts aimed at improving sustainability through biodegradable and recyclable materials, addressing both consumer preferences and environmental concerns. The culmination of these factors underscores the high TRL of cannabis packaging, highlighting its readiness for widespread adoption and its potential for continued innovation in response to evolving market needs.

What is the Technology Forecast of Cannabis Packaging?

In the short term, the cannabis packaging industry is poised to see significant improvements in sustainability and safety. Innovations such as biodegradable materials and child-resistant closures are becoming increasingly common, reflecting a growing concern for environmental impact and consumer protection. Additionally, smart packaging equipped with QR codes for traceability and product information is expected to rise, offering enhanced transparency and engagement for consumers. Looking into the mid-term, technology will likely evolve to incorporate advanced intelligent packaging solutions. These may include integrated sensors that monitor freshness, detect tampering, and control humidity, ensuring product integrity and extending shelf life. The adoption of augmented reality (AR) for interactive experiences directly from the packaging is anticipated to become more widespread, providing consumers with educational content, usage tips, and brand stories, thereby enriching the customer experience. In the long term, the focus will shift towards fully autonomous packaging systems powered by AI and blockchain technology. These systems will offer unparalleled supply chain visibility, from cultivation to consumer, ensuring product authenticity and regulatory compliance. Packaging will become highly personalized, with AI algorithms suggesting customizations based on consumer preferences and purchasing history. Furthermore, the integration of nanotechnology could revolutionize product safety by embedding materials that actively combat contaminants, ensuring the highest standards of consumer safety and product quality.

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