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CRD Devices Ltd's Logo

CRD Devices Ltd

Shildon, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


We are 100% committed to our clients, delivering outstanding customer servicealong with quality linear and rotary products since 1995. We are extremely proud of our long term relationships with our partners which has helped us to build up a solid reputation over the years for delivering quality products at competitive prices. We provide products to the Automation & Material Handling sector that deliver fluid movement, precision and accuracy. We provide a full range of cost effective, high quality and sophisticated linear and rotary products to the Engineering sector. Our products guarantee automation, precision and heavy-duty durability as well as unrivalled intelligence and flexibility. Established in 1995, CRD Devices have built up a reputation as a reliable source for linear and rotary products, supplying to a wide range of industries and markets. CRD supplies & specifies a full range of motion control products including; electric linear actuators, linear guideways, ball screws, screw jacks, linear motors, geared motors, gearboxes, height adjustable systems, linear motors and servo motors across a broad customer base throughout the European Community. As well as being a stockist, with warehousing, we also have a manufacturing facility where we can give full engineering support, including: prototyping, life testing, innovative design and assistance with application solutions.


Linear Actuators

... stock a great range of linear actuators for all purposes and sectors. ...

Thomson Industries's Logo

Thomson Industries

Radford City, United States

1001-5000 Employees


Thomson is a global company with locations all over the world. Our inventions and products have been supplying optimized motion solutions to a broad range of companies and application areas. Over the years, the Thomson product range has grown significantly to address the needs of motion designers. Learn more about Thomson, our history and breadth of linear motion products in our company overview brochure. As part of Regal Rexnord, Thomson is even more equipped to provide complete system solutions through its control, drive, motor, power transmission and precision linear motion technologies. In addition to this groundbreaking innovation, we also developed a thread rolling process for manufacturing ball screws. We understand that our standard products may not always match your needs, so our experienced engineers work closely with you to ensure your part selection is right the first time. Our engineers have been dedicated to innovating this product line over the years, introducing the game-changing Electrak® family in 1982.


Linear Actuators

... Linear Actuators | Thomson Linear ...

RobotShop's Logo


Boisbriand, Canada

11-50 Employees


Founded in 2003, we specialize in robotics technology and offer a wide range of products and services in this sector. We operate globally and our head office is located in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.


Actuonix Linear Actuator Control Board

... limits The Actuonix Linear Actuator Control Board is a stand-alone ...

Progressive Automations's Logo

Progressive Automations

Richmond, Canada

11-50 Employees


We are also excited to welcome another company to the Progressive family very soon! Work as a team to deliver high quality products, excellent service and strong business performance. We reach to the future, always looking for opportunities to learn and improve our product range, service, partnerships etc. To put it simply, Progressive Automations specializes in automation and motion control products. Founded in 2008 by best friends Vlad Kovalyov and Ajay Arora, they saw that the electric linear actuator industry was thriving yet had a significant gap in it. Only large manufacturers of actuators existed to serve manufacturers or corporations, with high minimum order quantities. They saw an opportunity to offer motion control and linear actuator products to anyone, regardless of their specifications or quantity requirements. Progressive Bed will focus on implementing our linear actuator technology into beds, providing comfortable and convenient frame motion.


Track Linear Actuator

... Track Linear Actuator utilizes a track linear motion design. The unique ...



Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Our reliable products are designed for long service and demanding situations, as well as harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Industrial Devices is a family run business, we are always keen to talk to new customers and explore ways in which their products can be used. Our sales team knows our products well and offers the right advice for your needs. Richard is the driving force behind the Company, bringing new products to the market and ensuring the best level of service to all our customers. Led by Nigel Cooke, our engineers create innovative solutions for tough industry challenges, meeting clients’ exact needs. Our operations team ensures our business runs smoothly, from product selection to delivery, meeting high client standards. Annabel is a valued member of our accounting team. Over 20 years dedicated to the pharmaceutical sectors unique challenges.


IDM7 Electric Linear Actuator

... IDM7 Electric Linear Actuator is a compact electric actuator perfectly ...

Nook Industries's Logo

Nook Industries

Cleveland, United States

251-500 Employees


Our products enhance efficiency, safety, equipment performance and process while maximizing asset utilization. Innovative, rugged, and reliable motion solutions that perform in the most extreme environments. Leverage Nook early in the design phase to optimize performance and shorten your product launch cycle. Our clients rely on our proven knowledge and flexibility to design, test, and manufacture innovative linear motion solutions for their most challenging applications - serving virtually every industry. We can provide any level of technical support for any stage of your project including custom designs, modifications, and simulation testing. We can help you design better products by simulating many real world scenarios to speed design, improve reliability, determine life cycle, and predict performance. Nook Medical & Diagnostic products are produced using premium quality materials, rigorously controlled manufacturing processes, and stringent quality standards required by medical applications. Nook's linear motion products are widely used in automation and robotics applications.


Programmable Linear Actuator

... Industries’ programmable linear actuators are ruggedly designed for ...

PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Company's Logo

PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Company

Roscoe, United States

101-250 Employees


This year, PBC Linear marks 40 years of engineering linear motion solutions. This has been achieved through a range of precision engineered components and mechatronics delivered from a centralized United States manufacturing facility. As we celebrate this milestone, PBC Linear is in the process of rolling out new products and making substantial investments for continued growth. The story of PBC Linear begins with an innovative solution and patent to the common problem of failing linear ball bearings. Forty years later, that successful bearing design is now part of a larger family of inventive products and services related to linear motion technologies.


MTB Linear Actuator Series

... MTB Series of belt driven linear actuators offers a number of profile ...

PolyTech CoilWinding's Logo

PolyTech CoilWinding

Tacoma, United States

1-10 Employees


Shipping /receiving 4301 N 9th Tacoma WA 98406.


Linear Actuators

... Linear Actuators ...

Shanghai Antuator Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd.'s Logo

Shanghai Antuator Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd.


251-500 Employees


• Diameter:16mm • Max Load: 100N • Max Speed: 15mm/s • IP Rating: IP65 • with internal limit switches. • Diameter:26mm • Max Load: 500N • Max Speed: 15mm/s • IP Rating: IP66 • with internal limit switches. • Special formotorized louvre window,bioclimatic pergola,power wheelchair,inspection robots. • Waterproof IP67M • Max Load: 500N • Built-in limit switches. • Diameter:35mm • Max Load: 2300N • Max Speed: 35mm/s • IP Rating: IP67M. • Material:316 Stainless steel • Max Load: 2300N • Max Speed: 35mm/s • IP Rating: IP67M.

Core business

Linear actuator | Micro linear actuator | Waterproof linear actuator- ANTUATOR linear actuators

... ANTUATOR linear actuators - Founded on a wish to provide the optimal ...

Marvel's Logo


Bardejov, Slovakia

11-50 Employees



Electric linear actuator MTP

... Electric linear actuator MTP actuators are used for remote two-position ...

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Things to know about Linear Actuator

What is Linear Actuator?

A linear actuator is a device engineered to create motion in a straight line, contrasting with the rotational movement provided by conventional motors. This mechanism operates by converting energy, which can be electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic, into mechanical motion. The core of its functionality lies in its ability to offer precise control over position, velocity, and force, which is paramount in applications requiring meticulous movement control. In the realm of automation and robotics, linear actuators play a pivotal role, enabling the development of sophisticated machinery and systems that can perform a wide array of tasks with high precision and reliability. Their impact extends across various industries, including manufacturing where they drive the automation of production lines, in medical devices where they facilitate movement and adjustments in surgical and diagnostic equipment, and in construction machinery where they control lifting and moving mechanisms. The versatility and efficiency of linear actuators have significantly contributed to advances in technology, leading to enhanced productivity, improved safety, and the creation of innovative solutions to complex challenges. The evolution of linear actuator technology continues to open new horizons in design and functionality, proving to be a cornerstone in the advancement of modern mechanical systems.

Advantages of Linear Actuator

1. Precision and Control
Linear actuators offer exceptional precision and control in movement, allowing for accurate positioning that is crucial in applications like robotics and automation. Their design enables them to provide smooth and consistent motion, which is essential for tasks requiring meticulous adjustments.

2. Energy Efficiency
Compared to other motion systems, linear actuators are highly energy-efficient. They convert energy into motion more directly, reducing energy loss in the process. This efficiency not only saves on operational costs but also contributes to a more sustainable application by minimizing power consumption.

3. Versatility
The versatility of linear actuators is evident in their wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to home automation systems. They can be customized to fit specific requirements, such as load capacity, speed, and stroke length, making them adaptable to various operational needs.

4. Easy Integration
Integrating linear actuators into existing systems is relatively straightforward, thanks to their compact and modular design. This ease of integration allows for quick upgrades and modifications without the need for extensive overhauls, facilitating continuous improvement in operational efficiency.

How to select right Linear Actuator supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Quality Certification
Ensure the supplier has relevant quality certifications, such as ISO 9001, which indicate compliance with industry standards and a commitment to quality.

2. Customization Capabilities
Determine if the supplier can customize linear actuators to meet specific requirements, including size, force, speed, and stroke length.

3. Technical Support
Assess the level of technical support provided, including pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, to ensure you have assistance when needed.

4. Product Range
Check the range of products offered to ensure the supplier can accommodate various applications, from heavy-duty industrial uses to precision tasks.

5. Lead Time & Delivery
Consider the supplier’s lead time and reliability in delivery schedules, as delays can impact project timelines.

6. Price Competitiveness
While not the only factor, compare pricing among suppliers to ensure you are receiving good value for the investment without compromising on quality.

7. Reputation & Reviews
Research the supplier’s reputation in the industry, including customer reviews and case studies, to gauge reliability and customer satisfaction.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Linear Actuator?

Linear actuators find extensive application in the manufacturing sector, where precision and reliability are paramount. In assembly lines, these devices adjust machinery parts with great accuracy, facilitating automated processes that enhance efficiency and reduce human error. This capability is crucial in industries where small margins of error can lead to significant losses, making linear actuators a vital component in modern manufacturing setups. In the realm of agriculture, linear actuators play a pivotal role in automating farm equipment. They are used to control the movement of machinery parts, such as the arms of planting and harvesting machines. This automation not only increases the speed and precision of operations but also significantly reduces the physical strain on farmers, leading to more sustainable farming practices. Healthcare is another sector where linear actuators are making a significant impact. They are integral to the functionality of medical devices and adjustable beds, providing the necessary movements with precision and care. This ensures patient comfort and supports the complex requirements of medical procedures, illustrating the versatility and importance of linear actuators across various applications. Finally, in the automotive industry, linear actuators are employed to enhance both production processes and vehicle functionality. They are used in the assembly of vehicles for tasks requiring precise movement and are also a key component in adjustable seating, mirrors, and windows, improving the overall user experience.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Linear Actuator

Linear actuators have achieved a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), predominantly situated at TRL 9, which signifies that the technology is fully mature and has been proven to work in operational environments. This elevated TRL is attributed to several technical advancements and widespread applications across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. The core principle behind a linear actuator - converting rotational motion into linear motion - has been refined over years through rigorous R&D, resulting in devices that offer high precision, efficiency, and reliability. Innovations such as the integration of smart sensors and the development of miniaturized, high-power models have further expanded their utility and performance. Additionally, the successful deployment of linear actuators in critical applications, like satellite deployment mechanisms in space or automated machinery in high-volume manufacturing lines, underscores their reliability and the robustness of their design under demanding conditions. The continual improvement in materials science, such as the use of lightweight, high-strength alloys, and advances in electric motor technology, have also contributed to their high TRL by enhancing the performance and durability of linear actuators. These technical reasons cumulatively justify the current high TRL of linear actuators, reflecting their proven applicability and dependability across a broad spectrum of operational scenarios.

What is the Technology Forecast of Linear Actuator?

In the short-term, the linear actuator market is expected to see significant improvements in efficiency and miniaturization. Manufacturers are focusing on developing smaller, more energy-efficient models that are capable of delivering the same or greater force than their larger predecessors. This is particularly important for applications in robotics and consumer electronics, where space is at a premium and efficiency can greatly impact product performance and battery life. Looking towards the mid-term, the integration of smart technologies and IoT compatibility into linear actuators is anticipated. This evolution will enable precise control and monitoring of actuators via smartphones and computers, opening new possibilities for automation in homes and industries. Additionally, these smart actuators are expected to feature advanced diagnostics capabilities, allowing for predictive maintenance and significantly reducing downtime in critical applications. In the long-term, advancements in materials science and nanotechnology are set to revolutionize the linear actuator industry. The development of actuators using ultra-strong, lightweight materials, combined with nanoscale motors, could lead to the creation of actuators with unprecedented power-to-weight ratios. These advancements might enable entirely new applications, such as highly efficient, compact actuators for use in medical devices, exoskeletons, and even space exploration, where every gram of weight and every watt of power consumption matters.

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