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Airborne Wind Energy



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Image for Kitepower Falcon 100kW Airborne Wind Energy System


Kitepower Falcon 100kW Airborne Wind Energy System

Plug & Play, Mobile Wind Energy. Discover the great advantages of the Kitepower Falcon 100kW Airborne Wind Energy system.

by Kitepower

6 companies for "Airborne Wind Energy"

eWind Solutions Inc.'s Logo

Beaverton, United States

1-10 Employees


In response to this problem, many countries, including the US, are forming energy policies that will focus on the increased development of renewable energy technologies. AWE, known as Airborne Wind Energy, is one such technology that is gaining recognition as an alternative renewable source for power generation because winds at altitude are consistent and accessible across the globe. Airborne wind has an advantage over those traditional wind turbines because the AWE system can reach higher altitudes thus accessing more reliable winds and producing up to 4X more power. AWE technology can be portable which alleviates the need for a concrete base, a tower, and a significant capital investment in the overall traditional system. AWE isn’t a new concept but is now feasible due to advancements in composite materials and GPS guided instrumentation. eWind has developed a cost-effective airborne wind energy system (AWES) called TED (Tethered Energy Device). Our wind energy generation system uses a TED to access more consistent, reliable winds at higher altitudes than those reached by traditional wind turbines. TED flies crosswind in a reel in/out path, which causes the tether to turn a generator on the ground to produce electricity.



Core business


... develops cost-effective airborne wind energy systems (AWES) that access more consistent, reliable winds than traditional wind turbines. Learn more. ...

Kitemill AS's Logo

Voss, Norway

11-50 Employees


Control System & Aeronautical Engineer and Test leader.



Core business
Image for Kitemill - Taking windpower to new heights

Kitemill - Taking windpower to new heights

... Based in Voss, Norway since 2008 – Kitemill is a world leading company in developing groundbreaking airborne wind energy technology. Our technology has the potential of completely changing the way we utilize wind power today. ...

Kitepower's Logo

Delft, Netherlands

11-50 Employees


Kitepower is a leading start-up in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), developing innovative and cost-effective alternatives to existing wind turbines. Kitepower’s patented technology is a game-changer in the wind energy sector: Kitepower uses up to 90% less material with the potential of being twice as efficient than conventional wind turbines with the same power output. Unlike conventional wind turbines, Kitepower systems do not require resource-intensive towers nor heavy foundations and are thus highly mobile and easy to deploy. The system is able to harness stronger and more persistent winds at higher altitudes, allowing for capacity factors greater than 0.5 and cost-effective electricity generation in return. Kitepower’s leading product, the Kitepower Falcon, is specially designed to allow remote communities worldwide to mitigate dependency on polluting and expensive diesel supply.



Core business
Image for Kitepower Airborne Wind Energy - Plug & Play Mobile Wind Energy

Kitepower Airborne Wind Energy - Plug & Play Mobile Wind Energy

... Kitepower is a leading start-up in Airborne Wind Energy. We develop innovative cost-effective alternatives to existing wind-power turbines. ...

AWESCO network's Logo

Delft, Netherlands

11-50 Employees


AWESCO is an interdisciplinary doctoral training network addressing key technical challenges of wind energy generation using tethered wings, of both rigid and flexible membrane type. AWESCO employs 16 PhD fellows at 8 academic and 4 industrial partners across Europe. Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Structural Mechanics, Fluid Structure Interaction. Control Systems, Robust Control, Stochastic Control System Verification. Modelling, Simulation, and Control, Aerodynamic Vortex Methods, Centrifugally Stiffened Rotors, Multi-kite Systems.



Core business
Image for Airborne Wind Energy

Airborne Wind Energy

... AWESCO - Airborne Wind Energy System Modelling, Control and ...

SkySails's Logo

Hamburg, Germany

101-250 Employees

We are engineers, sailmakers, mechanics, software developers, service technicians and project engineers, and many of us are kiters or sailors in their free time. We share a motivation to provide clean energy solutions that accelerate the global shift to more renewables. As one, we develop, design, manufacture, market and service the Airborne Wind Energy Systems that make use of this free, clean, and potent energy source. The ground station’s assembly takes place at our production site in Seevetal near Hamburg.



Core business
Image for Wind Power: Unleashing its True Potential | SkySails Power

Wind Power: Unleashing its True Potential | SkySails Power

... Revolutionary Airborne Wind Energy System in Operation in the Republic of ...

Omexom's Logo

Puteaux, France

501-1000 Employees


With today’s global energy sector undergoing constant change, Omexom works with its clients to achieve on the energy transition. Omexom’s solution targets those who produce, transform and transport electricity, including local authorities. Omexom thus helps energy producers, grid operators and territories fulfill their missions whilst simultaneously navigating the evolving landscape. Omexom’s expertise in the field of electrical grids allows us to anticipate the impact of renewable energies. We then work to develop storage solutions, make more sustainable infrastructures and meet new consumption trends.



Image for Archives des Expertise - Omexom

Archives des Expertise - Omexom

... Omexom in Germany uses airborne wind turbines to generate energy ...

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„Airborne Wind Energy“

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is a renewable energy technology that harnesses the power of the wind from high altitudes, using airborne platforms such as kites or drones. It has the potential to generate energy on a much larger scale than traditional wind turbines, and at a fraction of the cost. AWE systems can be installed in areas where traditional wind turbines cannot, such as remote or mountainous locations, providing a cost-effective, renewable energy solution for these areas.