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Ice River Springs Water Co. Inc Logo
...s, Ice River Green Bottle Co. developed eco-friendly packaging to divert green soda bottles from going to landfill. We're the first beverage company in North America to purchase blue box materials to produce our 1...
Calgary, CA
Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers
Ecology Packaging, LLC Logo
...ead the effort to reduce waste by using eco-friendly packaging materials. FEATURED CUSTOMER DOG THREADS “Finding recycled packaging was a huge priority for us when we launched ADAY and we could not have fou...
Green Bay, US
ORAC Beverages Logo
...ready-to-drink beverage that comes with eco-friendly packaging. The cold-brewed teas are made with Cascara, the antioxidant-rich coffee cherry of the coffee plant. This coffee fruit gives the beverage an edge wit...
Fargo, US
Food and Beverage
Food Processing
Personal Health
MakerBars Logo
Eco-Friendly Packaging - Our packaging is plant-based too! Our innovative material uses a compostable sleeve to keep the product fresh. Customer Reviews Amazing energy balls that can be eaten anytime of the day! I...
London, CA
Food and Beverage
Snack Food
EcoPack Green Box Logo
...an easy-to-use, fully customizable, and eco-friendly packaging system that replaces traditional cardboard and plastic crate packaging. The EcoPack system consists of a plastic frame and two lightweight plastic sle...
Gezer Regional Council, IL
Food Delivery
Green Consumer Goods
Viaderm Logo
...sible, and offering a range of premium, eco-friendly packaging solutions. Today’s consumer is looking for brands that align with their own environmental ethos. There are many ways that personal care and beauty pro...
Dongguan MingFeng Packaging Corp., Ltd. Logo
...ith a trifecta of utilizing residues, reducing plastic wastes, and lessening the carbon footprint. We are passionate about sustainability and committed to remaining eco-friendly packaging as our greatest priority.
Dongguan, CN
Paper box
Cosmetic box
Electronic box
Wine box
...e promote the use of recycled paper and eco-friendly packaging where possible - to ensure our packaging is produced and distributed in harmony with the environment. Our huge array of products speaks for its...
London, GB
Bank holding companies
Nondurable goods
detach™ Brands Logo
packaging and formats.
San Francisco, US
Consumer Goods
Food and Beverage
...ry orders to restaurants that are using eco-friendly packaging. Our Philosophy Information leads to better choices, and choice is power for consumers who want their purchases to reflect their social values. JYBE r...
Los Angeles, US
Food Delivery