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...e systems and safe and reliable hydrogen storage for hydrogen refuelling stations and fuel cell mobility was imminent – and Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) proved to be the solution.
Erlangen, DE
Hydrogen Storage
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...developing high-density and lightweight hydrogen storage systems for use onboard trucks at low cost. ​ Our solution builds upon decades of research to provide a reliable, scalable and cost-effective storage soluti...
Orinda, US
Environmental Engineering
Renewable Energy
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...nd in 2006, specializing in solid-state hydrogen storage equipment. The company has over 24 patents over the countries of Malaysia, australia, canada, united states of america, china, republic of korea, germany, s...
Brisbane City, AU
Pipeline Transportation
Natural Gas Distribution
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...s the manufacturer and sale of ferroalloys, sale of hydrogen storage alloys and non-ferrous metals, sale of ferrite and ceramic products and geothermal development, private electricity business, electricity sales.
Chiyoda, JP
Chemical Engineering
...e Certification of a high-pressure hydrogen tank for gas transportation and hydrogen refuelling station Delivery of several hydrogen storage systems to a German energy company Entry of investors in the capital.
Dole, FR
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services
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We can incorporate other types of renewable technologies such as hydrogen storage, wind, geothermal, biomass, into any solar project.
Solar integration
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...-fuelled compressed air and hydrogen storage in salt caverns is pivotal in supporting the transition to the wider hydrogen economy on a continental scale. The EU green deal calls for the acceler...
Groningen, NL
Energy Storage
Renewable Energy
...dict hydrogen usage and pinpoint hydrogen storage locations within sophisticated selection criteria. This ensures an optimal match between hydrogen demand and supply, based on real-world data such as...
City of Edinburgh, GB
Environmental Engineering
Renewable Energy
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...ssed natural gas (CNG) vessels, gaseous hydrogen storage vessels for fuel cell cars and industrial gas transportation cylinders. To better serve the aerospace market, we achieved our AS 9100-Rev D aerospace qualit...
Golden, US
Clean Energy
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...ering Hydrogen Storage Solutions Hydrogen Storage - Solid State Clean. Abundant. Flexible. Green  Fortress has patented technology for storing hydrogen in catalytically-modified porous silicon.  Launches pa...
Greensburg, US
Biomass Energy
Renewable Energy