Metal Matrix Composites
Metal Matrix Composites


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„Metal Matrix Composites“

Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are a class of materials that are composed of a metal matrix reinforced with a second material, such as ceramic or other metal particles. The combination of the two materials gives MMCs unique mechanical and physical properties that are superior to those of the individual components. These materials are used for a variety of applications, including aerospace, automotive, and medical devices.

DWA Aluminum Composites USA's Logo

DWA Aluminum Composites USA

Los Angeles, United States
11-50 Employees

Aluminum Matrix Composites | DWA Aluminum Composites USA, Inc

... USA, Inc. is a producer of ceramic particulate reinforced, powder-metallurgy based Aluminum Metal-Matrix-Composites (Al MMCs). We operate a fully equipped, serial production manufacturing facility that satisfies a growing number of demanding aerospace, defense and industrial ...

U. S. Metal Powders Inc.'s Logo

U. S. Metal Powders Inc.

Palmerton, United States
11-50 Employees

Applications – U.S. Metal Powders, Inc.

... Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) Producing a billet for extrusion or forging a light weight material with superior mechanical properties. Aerospace ...

CRP Meccanica's Logo

CRP Meccanica

Modena, Italy
11-50 Employees

Machining Metal Matrix Composites MMC for greater productivity

... Machining metal matrix composites (MMC) components is one of the main activity of CRP Meccanica. Standard material in motorsport is 225XE: 2124A aerospace aluminium alloy reinforced with particles of silicon ...

Machining Metal Matrix Composites MMC for greater productivity
CPS Technologies's Logo

CPS Technologies

Norton, United States
11-50 Employees

Metal Matrix Composites - CPS Technology Solutions

... Metal Matrix Composites power emerging technologies and outshine monolithic material alternatives. ...

FLAMINGo Project H2020's Logo

FLAMINGo Project H2020

Carbonera, Italy
51-100 Employees

FLAMINGo: Press release "Voreia Proastia" Newspaper - The FLAMINGo Project

... An estimated 8,000 number of copies will be distributed to the North Area of Athens, Greece and citizen will meet the H2020 project related to the development of aluminium metal matrix nano composites in "Green" vehicles. ...

FLAMINGo: Press release "Voreia Proastia" Newspaper - The FLAMINGo Project

Citizen Science event at a school in Athens, Greece - The FLAMINGo Project

... Teachers and students got informed about the production of lightweight aluminium metal matrix composites for electric vehicles and the recycling of aluminium, as well as about the importance of Exploitation and Dissemination activities. Moreover, the audience familiarised with the general ...

Citizen Science event at a school in Athens, Greece - The FLAMINGo Project
CIKONI composites innovation Stuttgart Germany's Logo

CIKONI composites innovation Stuttgart Germany

Stuttgart, Germany
11-50 Employees

Metal Matrix Composites Archive - CIKONI - Innovate. Develop. Realize. - Composite Engineering.

... Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) offer superior performance at elevated temperatures. Especially Carbon fiber reinforced aluminium offers potential for an excellent performance to weight relationship. CIKONI GmbH develops process simulation methods for squeeze-infiltration of aluminium matrix ...

Bourque Industries's Logo

Bourque Industries

Phoenix, United States
1-10 Employees

About - Bourque Industries, Inc.

... The Kryronization process creates Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites (CNT-MMC) using standard alloys and base metals. ...

Metal Matrix Innovations's Logo

Metal Matrix Innovations

Cleveland, United States
11-50 Employees

About - Metal Matrix

... Understanding the extensive history of metal matrix composites’ role in braking, we began working to develop a preform based metal matrix composite brake drum stemming from the Stryker military vehicles design, but was intended for the commercial truck market. These brake drums were made out ...

About - Metal Matrix
Materion's Logo


Cleveland, United States
1001-5000 Employees

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) Technical Resources

... Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) Technical ...

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) for structural performance

... Alloy Design Amorphous Metals EquaCast® Technology for Microstructures Metal Matrix Composites Powder ...

Innovative Technology Inc's Logo

Innovative Technology Inc

Goleta, United States
1-10 Employees

Metal Matrix Composites | Kinetic Metallization

... Many KM Coatings are Metal Matrix Composites (MMC). These coatings are composed of a metal that forms the matrix and a second material that can be a different metal, a ceramic, or an organic compound. The second material is added to enhance the properties of the metal matrix and to achieve ...