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Lemon Labels's Logo

Lemon Labels

Borough of Swale, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Free Delivery To UK Mainland On All Orders - For Assistance Call Us On 01892 300737.


4th Edition PAT Test Labels - Tough Water Resistant Polypropylene

... resistant, tear-proof polypropylene. These are a durable labels on a ...

Eisco Scientific's Logo

Eisco Scientific

Village of Victor, United States

251-500 Employees


We offer chat support M-F 8am-4pm Eastern Time. Premium, physician made practice suture pad for practicing suturing skills Suture pad measures 6.5" wide, 5.75" long and 0.5" thick. Premium, physician designed, practice suture kit includes everything you need to practice suturing skills Suture pad measures 6.5" wide, 5.75" lon... EXPLORE CHEMICAL REACTIONS || Vinegar and Alka-Seltzer react to create gas inside the closed canister. Pressure builds as the amount of gas increa...



... White Polypropylene Caps 13-415 G.P.I.Linerless suitable for ...

Quality Biological, Inc.'s Logo

Quality Biological, Inc.

Gaithersburg, United States

51-100 Employees


It’s in our products, in our people, and in the one name you can always count on. Seeking a dependable contract manufacturing partner for your outsourcing projects? You retain ownership of any product developed, delivering maximum value to you. QBI has expertise in optimizing cell culture conditions, culture media formulations, and serum-free culture conditions for both anchorage-dependent and suspension systems. The development and validation of scale-up manufacturing processes as well as validated analytical methods are fundamental to the development and commercialization of any biopharmaceutical product. QBI’s expertise includes formulation development for scale-up, stability assessment, and custom assay development for performance and quality control. QBI is a manufacturing enterprise operating under ISO 9001:2015. We offer aseptic filling for a broad range of volumes (microliters to liters), in a broad range of containers (glass and plastic tubes, square and round bottles, bioprocessing bags, ampules, jars, plates).


Corning® 32 mm Polypropylene Pouring Ring

... Corning® Reusable Plastic Low Form 25 mL Beaker, Polypropylene, ...

Polypropylene Products's Logo

Polypropylene Products

Bradford, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


We are a UK manufacturer and reworker of Woven Polypropylene bags or sacks ( builders bags , bulk bags , FIBC’s ) and PVC solutions. We manufacture and supply a diverse range of standard and bespoke products to a wide variety of industry sectors. Polypropylene Products is a family run business formed 7 years ago. The Proprietor, Andrew Fulcher has 43 years of design and manufacturing experience in the FIBC bulk bag industry. Polypropylene Products operate out of a 9,000 square foot factory in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. Using our extensive technical design and heavy duty industrial sewing expertise, we manufacture and supply a diverse range of standard and bespoke products such as Polypropylene Bags and sacks , bulk bags , FIBC’s and builders bags to industries including Construction, Agricultural and Transport. We also provide solutions to the cellular foam industry and many more. A visit can be arranged at a location of your choice or at Polypropylene Products in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

Core business

Polypropylene Products News

... manufacturer of woven Polypropylene bags designed to your ...

Tan Hung JSC - Vietnam PP Woven Bag Manufacturer's Logo

Tan Hung JSC - Vietnam PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

Hà Nội, Vietnam

251-500 Employees


We are a Vietnamese company committed to the “total satisfaction” of its customers. As a company, we are interested in providing comprehensive support through counseling to meet your specific packaging needs. We provide innovative packaging solutions for different industries by manufacturing tailor-made PP woven sacks:. TAN HUNG JSC has been the leading manufacturer of PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and PP woven fabrics in VIETNAM since 2007. Production Capacity: monthly, 20 million PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and 1000 tons of PP woven fabric. We began operations in 2007, pioneers in manufacturing polypropylene woven bags in Vietnam. With state-of-the-art technology and ongoing training for our staff, we offer world-class products and services at competitive prices. TAN HUNG is the leading manufacturer of PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and PP woven fabrics in VIETNAM.


Polypropylene Woven Bag

... pp woven sack, polypropylene woven bag, polypropylene woven sack. ...

Henry Winning's Logo

Henry Winning

Glasgow, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


We produce over 2 million metres of string and twine every day from our UK factory. Family owned and manufacturing in Glasgow for over 140 Years. Our factory is a Grade AA BRC Accredited Facility. The only certified manufacturer of butchers hand tying twines in the UK. Henry Winning & Company are one of Europe's leading twine and string manufacturers and have been supplying innovative and quality solutions to the packaging industry in the UK for over 140 years. Our unrivalled dedication and experience enables us to provide a complete range of natural and synthetic twines in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and specifications for a multitude of packaging and food requirements. Our factory is a Grade AA BRC Accredited Facility. Henry Winning has been a proud British Manufacturer since 1880.


Polypropylene 2.5Kg Yellow Abattoir Twine

... 5Kg Yellow Abattoir Twine Polypropylene twines are the twines used ...

North West Teas's Logo

North West Teas

Liverpool, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


We operate as a trade supplier for all the items you will need to run your business. We supply 1000’s of national accounts with products for resale to their customer base. We operate NWT on a strictly wholesale basis, so unless you have a wholesale account with us, you cannot order from us! With our wealth of experience, we are able to operate a specific sourcing operation for our major clients, meaning if you want a product in our sector that we don’t do, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you. In our custom built warehouses at the newly developed Huyton Business Park, we pride ourselves on having over 1600 pallets of Tea, Coffee & related products at any one time, this way our customers know when they order a product, we have it waiting in stock! If not, we get 3 deliveries per week from all the major manufacturers, so it’s not too far away!


Polly Stacking Visitor Chair Black Polypropylene BR000202

... Visitor Chair Black Polypropylene BR000202Polly is a best in the ...

MUJI Canada's Logo

MUJI Canada

Old Toronto, Canada

- Employees


We launched products that might almost be regarded as substandard if based on traditional criteria.


Polypropylene Binder

... a sturdy and translucent polypropylene material that allows you to ...



London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


At Interlab, we are passionate about your success. Interlab carefully selects laboratory products with proven performance and good international reputation to ensure you get the best possible price, save time and effort and have no compromise in quality. Our products have all been thoroughly researched and have undergone quality testing before we bring them to New Zealand! Interlab offers a staggered price structure to help you make your procurement more cost-effective. The team at Interlab is committed to your success, aiming to offer you a positive and productive experience every time you deal with us. When you phone INTERLAB on 0508 331 331 you will be directly connected to one of our friendly team members who will be able to help you promptly. Interlab supplies a wide range of Premium Quality Laboratory Equipment. Many NZ laboratories value Interlab’s ability to offer equipment, supplies, services & solutions which meet your requirements at a high level of quality.


Round Containers – Polypropylene

... NZ - Round Containers - Polypropylene - Part of our wide range of ...

Diaphragm Pumps US's Logo

Diaphragm Pumps US

Irvine, United States

1-10 Employees



AODD Pump 1/4″ – Polypropylene with EPDM Diaphragm 3.96gpm 101psi

... AODD Pump 1/4″ – Polypropylene with EPDM Diaphragm 3.96gpm 101psi – ...

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Amount of fitting manufacturers6604
Amount of suitable service providers3779
Average amount of employees1-10
Oldest suiting company1989
Youngest suiting company1997

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Things to know about Polypropylene

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene, often abbreviated as PP, is a thermoplastic polymer made by polymerizing propylene monomers, a byproduct of petroleum refining. It stands out in the plastics industry due to its unique combination of properties, including resistance to many chemical solvents, bases, and acids, as well as its toughness and flexibility at room temperature. This material is notably versatile, serving as a key component in various applications ranging from packaging, textiles, automotive components, to consumer products and medical equipment. Its ability to be easily customized through copolymerization—mixing with other polymers—enhances its utility across diverse sectors. The impact of polypropylene within its field is substantial, primarily because it offers a sustainable alternative to more traditional materials. Its durability, coupled with a relatively low production cost and ease of recycling, positions polypropylene as a front-runner in efforts to mitigate environmental impact. The material's adaptability to various fabrication methods, including injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming, further elevates its status as a cornerstone in manufacturing and product development. Through its widespread use and innovative adaptations, polypropylene continues to shape and drive advancements across multiple industries, underscoring its vital role in today's material science and engineering landscapes.

Advantages of Polypropylene

1. Cost-Effectiveness
Polypropylene is notably more budget-friendly compared to many of its plastic counterparts. Its manufacturing process is less complex, which translates into lower production costs. This affordability does not compromise its quality, making it a preferred choice for a broad range of applications, from packaging to automotive parts.

2. Chemical Resistance
One of the standout features of polypropylene is its exceptional resistance to chemicals. This material can withstand exposure to acids, bases, and solvents, which makes it ideal for containers and pipings used in the chemical industry. Its resilience extends the lifespan of products, ensuring they maintain integrity even in harsh environments.

3. Durability and Toughness
Polypropylene boasts superior durability and toughness, enabling its use in demanding applications. It is resistant to fatigue, meaning it can endure repeated bending and flexing without degrading. This characteristic is particularly valuable in the manufacture of living hinges and other flexible components.

4. Recyclability
Environmental sustainability is increasingly important, and polypropylene addresses this concern with its recyclability. It can be melted down and reformed without losing its chemical properties, allowing for multiple life cycles. This aspect significantly reduces waste and conserves resources, aligning with global efforts towards greener manufacturing practices.

How to select right Polypropylene supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Quality Certifications
Ensure the supplier holds current quality management system certifications, such as ISO 9001, which indicates they adhere to international standards in the production of polypropylene.

2. Material Properties
Review the specific material properties of their polypropylene, including tensile strength, melting point, and chemical resistance, to ensure they meet your application requirements.

3. Supply Chain Reliability
Assess the supplier's ability to consistently deliver on time by evaluating their supply chain and logistics capabilities. This is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations.

4. Customization Options
Determine if the supplier offers customization options for polypropylene, such as additives for UV resistance, to cater to specialized needs.

5. Environmental Compliance
Verify the supplier's commitment to environmental standards by checking for compliance with regulations on the use and recycling of polypropylene, ensuring sustainable sourcing practices.

6. Cost Competitiveness
Compare prices among suppliers but also consider the value they offer in terms of quality, reliability, and service to ensure cost-effectiveness.

7. Technical Support and Service
Evaluate the level of technical support and customer service provided, including responsiveness, expertise, and after-sales support, to ensure a beneficial long-term partnership.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Polypropylene?

Polypropylene, a versatile thermoplastic polymer, is widely utilized across various industries due to its unique properties such as chemical resistance, elasticity, and toughness. In the packaging industry, it serves as a primary material for creating containers and wrappers that provide durability and protection for food and consumer products. This application benefits businesses by offering a cost-effective and reliable packaging solution that ensures product safety during transportation and storage. Another significant application of polypropylene is in the automotive sector. Here, it's used for manufacturing parts such as bumpers, interior trims, and battery cases. Its lightweight nature contributes to fuel efficiency, while its resistance to various chemicals ensures longevity and durability of vehicle components. This application is crucial for automotive manufacturers striving to enhance performance and reduce production costs. In the textile industry, polypropylene is used to produce non-woven fabrics for disposable products like diapers, wipes, and medical garments. Its ability to inhibit bacteria growth and its water-resistant properties make it an ideal material for hygiene and healthcare products. This use-case is critical for businesses looking to offer high-quality, disposable consumer goods. Each of these applications demonstrates polypropylene's role in promoting operational efficiency, product durability, and cost-effectiveness across different business models, underscoring its importance in the B2B sector.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Polypropylene

Polypropylene, a versatile thermoplastic polymer widely used in various applications ranging from packaging, textiles, automotive components, and medical devices, comfortably occupies a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), generally considered to be at level 9. This classification stems from its extensive demonstration and successful operational use over decades. The technical reasons underpinning its high TRL include its exceptional chemical resistance, durability, elasticity, and fatigue resistance, which make it an invaluable material across diverse industries. Its ability to be easily customized through copolymerization also enhances its utility and application scope. Furthermore, polypropylene's manufacturing process is well-established and optimized, ensuring high efficiency and scalability. The environmental aspect of polypropylene, characterized by its recyclability, contributes to its high TRL, aligning with contemporary demands for sustainable materials. The extensive research, development, and commercial application of polypropylene have led to a deep understanding of its properties, processing techniques, and potential environmental impacts, consolidating its status at the pinnacle of technology readiness. This comprehensive foundation supports not only its current widespread use but also ongoing innovation, as researchers continue to explore new modifications and applications of polypropylene to meet emerging challenges and demands.

What is the Technology Forecast of Polypropylene?

In the short-term, polypropylene is set to benefit from advancements in catalyst technologies, allowing for more efficient polymerization processes. This development promises to enhance the material's mechanical properties and reduce production costs, making it more competitive against alternative materials. Manufacturers are focusing on producing high-flow polypropylene variants that offer better processing characteristics for intricate designs, particularly in automotive and consumer goods applications. Looking into the mid-term, the focus shifts towards sustainability. Efforts are being concentrated on developing bio-based polypropylene and recycling methods that maintain the polymer's quality. These innovations aim to reduce the environmental impact of polypropylene production and use, responding to increasing demand for eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, research into blending polypropylene with natural fibers will likely yield composites that are lighter, stronger, and more recyclable, broadening its application scope. In the long-term, the integration of nanotechnology is expected to revolutionize polypropylene's functionality. By embedding nanoparticulates, scientists anticipate creating polypropylene materials with enhanced barrier properties, electrical conductivity, and thermal stability. These materials could find novel applications in sectors like electronics, packaging, and even healthcare, where antimicrobial and durable materials are crucial. This technological trajectory positions polypropylene as a versatile and indispensable material in the future's high-tech landscape.

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