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BIM Consulting's Logo

Paris, France

1-10 Employees


Découvrez qui nous sommes, ce que nous faisons et comment nous contribuons à façonner l'avenir du secteur. Léo dirige la stratégie technique de la plateforme BIM Finance et est un expert en Blockchain. Noé dirige la stratégie technique de la plateforme BIM Finance et est un expert du Web. Thomas dirige la stratégie d'expérience client et est un expert en UX/UI. Kylian dirige la stratégie marketing et est un expert en image de marque et SEO. BIM Consulting offre une expertise de pointe dans les technologies émergentes, un accompagnement personnalisé et une approche axée sur les résultats pour aider les entreprises à atteindre leurs objectifs de transformation numérique.

Core business

Propulsez votre entreprise grâce au digital avec BIM Consulting

... Avec BIM Consulting, projetez-vous vers l'industrialisation et l'innovation, faites rayonner votre entreprise B2C sur le web et attirez de nouveaux clients ! ...


Skopje, North Macedonia

1-10 Employees


We offer A+S+MEP design services for various building types (residential, commercial, industrial etc). We offer BIM modelling, Revit template creation, Dynamo scripts, Revit plugins, Clash detection, Generative design scripts, BIM2GIS conversion etc. We offer custom-made software applications, web services and plugins. Our primary focus is AEC industry and the companies that deliver designs and construct buildings.



... BIM CONSULTING - ZWEI Ltd - BIM Design, Engineering and Consulting ...

Virtutect's Logo

Istanbul, Turkey

1-10 Employees


Virtutect provides advanced BIM Consultancy, 3D Design and Visualization services with its experienced team in the AEC industry. Our priority is to provide our services to our customers with high technology and stable standards.

Core business

BIM Consulting | Virtutect

... BIM Consulting | ...

Varitronics Consulting Inc.'s Logo

Bound Brook, United States

1-10 Employees


With in-house specialists covering dozens of current software packages, we offer comprehensive services and support. Varitronics offers a wide range of development services to fit a wide range of businesses. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how Varitronics can work for you. From handheld scanners to drone integration, we can capture point clouds, panoramic photographs, and deliver 3D and/or 2D information with an array of rendering software including Revit and 3ds Max.

Core business



Paracon Consultants Corp.'s Logo

Old Toronto, Canada

1-10 Employees


At Paracon Consultants Corp., we are committed to delivering high-quality services to businesses both locally and globally. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition by providing innovative and reliable solutions. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients by maintaining transparent communication, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering consistent results. We have worked with Paracon on multiple projects, each time with exceptional results. Paracon’s staff is intelligent, articulate, and will always find the best solution to the problem that you are trying to solve. Paracon has done a wonderful job on our project. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to creating customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our company has over 15 years of experience in the industry and takes pride in our expertise in Mobile & Web Development, Software Automation, and Data Analytics.


BIM Consulting

... BIM Consulting ...

bimize | consulting's Logo

Madrid, Spain

1-10 Employees


BIMIZE helps architecture and engineering companies improve their workflows by using BIM. We provide a 24/7 support line, your projects will never be alone. Tell us about your needs, we are ready to help. We always test the apps with the client before final delivery.

Core business

BIMIZE | BIM Consulting

... BIMIZE | BIM Consulting ...

Planworks GmbH's Logo

Stuttgart, Germany

1-10 Employees


Shenqiang Wu, Planworks BIM Technology Solutions has established itself as an application specialist for custom-development, workflow-adapted tools and solutions for working with 3D BIM models, which are designed on the Autodesk Revit Platform. Planworks goal is to create software, tools and extensions to make Autodesk Revit even better and improve our clients BIM workflow. We are based in Downtown Stuttgart, the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in the South West of Germany. Founded in 2009 as a spin-off company of the Institute of Construction Management at Stuttgart University by Dipl.-Ing.


. | BIM Technology Solutions & Consulting

... . | BIM Technology Solutions & Consulting ...

Tekiō | BIM Consulting's Logo

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

1-10 Employees


פירוש Tekiō ביפנית הוא הסתגלות. אנחנו ב-Tekiō מאפשרים ללקוחותינו להסתגל ולהתפתח כדי להתאים עצמם לעתיד לבוא.

Core business

Tekio | BIM Consulting | ישראל

... BIM Consulting services for Private & Public Entrepreneurs and Project Managers ...

Atlas*'s Logo

Long Beach, United States

51-100 Employees


Atlas is a multi-discipline Building Information Modeling and Documentation company in architectural and engineering, who have gathered to meet the demands for innovative digital delivery. Atlas leverage leading technologies in an integrated design process to achieve the highest production value for their clients. As an industry leader, Atlas offers local BIM Management and Implementation services as a value add to digital project delivery. Our team provides enhancing building information through recongnized industry best standards. Our focus is to deliver positive change for communities by getting teams better solutions for more productivity and safer delivery.


BIM Consulting

... BIM Consulting ...

BIM Consulting Solutions's Logo

Madrid, Spain

11-50 Employees


Implantaciones BIM, estudios BEP, BIP, ROI, y desarrollo API. Habilita o deshabilita las siguientes categorías y guarda tu selección.

Core business

BIM Consulting Solutions S.L

... En BIM Consulting Solutions trabajamos tres areas principales que son, edifificación, industria e implantaciones BIM: ...

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Country with most fitting companiesUnited States
Amount of fitting manufacturers55
Amount of suitable service providers141
Average amount of employees1-10
Oldest suiting company2008
Youngest suiting company2020

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Things to know about BIM Consulting

What is BIM Consulting?

BIM Consulting refers to the specialized service provided by experts in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, aiming to optimize the planning, design, construction, and management of buildings through the use of digital 3D models. These consultants play a pivotal role in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry by leveraging their deep knowledge of BIM processes and tools to guide project teams in achieving efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced collaboration. Through BIM consulting, firms can integrate and streamline their workflows, ensuring that all project stakeholders have access to accurate, up-to-date information, facilitating better decision-making throughout a project's lifecycle. This approach not only improves the quality and precision of building projects but also significantly reduces errors and waste, leading to more sustainable construction practices. Moreover, BIM consultants assist in training staff, developing BIM strategies, and implementing standards and protocols, which are crucial for maximizing the benefits of BIM technology. Their impact extends beyond individual projects by driving innovation and pushing forward the digital transformation of the construction industry, ultimately leading to more intelligent building designs and efficient construction processes.

Advantages of BIM Consulting

1. Enhanced Collaboration and Coordination
BIM consulting facilitates a seamless integration of various disciplines within a construction project. By using digital models, stakeholders can collaborate more effectively, reducing the likelihood of errors and omissions. This synchronized approach ensures that architects, engineers, and construction professionals are always on the same page, enhancing project outcomes.

2. Cost and Time Savings
Through precise planning and visualization capabilities, BIM consulting enables project teams to identify potential issues before construction begins. This proactive problem-solving not only reduces costly on-site errors but also streamlines the project timeline. As a result, projects can be completed on or under budget and within the allocated timeframe.

3. Improved Project Quality
The detailed visualization offered by BIM consulting allows for a more thorough analysis and understanding of the project from its inception. This clarity helps in making informed decisions, leading to higher quality constructions. Moreover, the ability to simulate various scenarios and assess their impacts significantly contributes to the optimization of designs, ensuring superior project execution.

4. Sustainability Enhancement
BIM consulting plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability within the construction industry. By enabling detailed energy analysis and the evaluation of materials' lifecycle, consultants can guide projects towards more environmentally friendly practices. This not only helps in reducing the carbon footprint but also in achieving green building certifications, adding value to the final construction.

How to select right BIM Consulting supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Experience and Portfolio
Ensure the supplier has a robust portfolio of BIM projects similar to your requirements. Experience in your specific sector can significantly impact the quality of consulting provided.

2. Technology Proficiency
The supplier should be proficient with the latest BIM software and technologies. Their ability to leverage cutting-edge tools is crucial for efficient project delivery.

3. Standards Compliance
Verify that the supplier adheres to international BIM standards and practices. Compliance ensures the interoperability of models and a smooth workflow.

4. Customization Abilities
The supplier should offer customized solutions tailored to your project's specific needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

5. Support and Training
Check for the availability of ongoing support and training options. A supplier willing to train your staff can enhance your team's BIM capabilities long-term.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for BIM Consulting?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) consulting plays a pivotal role in the construction industry, offering a comprehensive approach to design and project management. One prevalent B2B use case is in architectural design, where consultants use BIM to create detailed digital representations of buildings. This process enhances collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring all aspects of the design are aligned and optimized for efficiency and sustainability. In the engineering sector, BIM consulting is instrumental in the planning and execution of complex projects. Consultants leverage BIM technologies to simulate different scenarios, enabling engineers to predict potential issues and optimize systems before construction begins. This preemptive approach reduces the risk of costly errors and delays, significantly improving project outcomes. Another significant application of BIM consulting is in facility management. Here, BIM provides a dynamic, detailed model that helps facility managers monitor and maintain buildings more effectively. By having access to a comprehensive digital twin of the physical structure, managers can plan maintenance activities, predict operational costs, and enhance the building's lifecycle. Lastly, BIM consulting is increasingly valuable in urban planning and infrastructure projects. Consultants use BIM to integrate various data layers, including geographic information systems (GIS), to plan and visualize urban development projects. This integration allows for better decision-making and stakeholder engagement, facilitating the development of more sustainable and efficient urban spaces.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of BIM Consulting

Building Information Modeling (BIM) consulting is generally considered to be at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), predominantly operating between levels 7 to 9. This assessment is based on the widespread adoption and integration of BIM methodologies and technologies in the planning, designing, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure. The technical rationale behind its elevated TRL is multifaceted. Firstly, BIM consulting utilizes advanced digital tools and software that have been extensively tested, validated, and integrated into the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. These tools enable the creation of detailed, multidimensional models that simulate the physical and functional characteristics of spaces, allowing for a high degree of precision and predictability in project outcomes. Secondly, BIM consulting has benefited from significant advancements in interoperability standards, which facilitate seamless collaboration and data exchange among various stakeholders in a project, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. Lastly, the consistent evolution and refinement of BIM technologies have been bolstered by robust training frameworks and certification programs, ensuring that practitioners possess the requisite skills and knowledge to leverage these tools effectively. Collectively, these technical underpinnings have propelled BIM consulting to its current high TRL, reflecting its maturity and reliability as a critical component of contemporary construction and design processes.

What is the Technology Forecast of BIM Consulting?

In the Short-Term, BIM consulting is poised to embrace more sophisticated data analytics tools. The immediate future will see these consultants leveraging AI and machine learning to analyze project data more efficiently, leading to predictive modeling of construction outcomes. This advancement will significantly enhance decision-making processes, allowing for more accurate cost estimations and risk assessments. The integration of cloud-based BIM solutions will also facilitate unprecedented collaboration among stakeholders, streamlining project workflows and increasing productivity. Moving into the Mid-Term, the emphasis will shift towards augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications within BIM consulting. These technologies are expected to revolutionize client presentations and project reviews, offering immersive experiences that allow for detailed project visualization and interaction long before construction commences. Additionally, the mid-term phase will witness the widespread adoption of digital twins, creating virtual replicas of physical assets for real-time monitoring, maintenance, and planning. This innovation will not only improve asset management but also extend the lifecycle of infrastructure projects. In the Long-Term, BIM consulting will likely focus on the integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology. This development promises to enhance the transparency and security of construction projects, automating contract management and payments, thereby reducing disputes and inefficiencies. Moreover, the long-term future will see BIM consulting playing a crucial role in advancing sustainable construction practices. By incorporating green technologies and materials databases directly into BIM software, consultants will be able to design buildings that are not only efficient but also have minimal environmental footprints, paving the way for a more sustainable construction industry.

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