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2732 companies for E-Commerce Development

Zibtek's Logo

Draper, United States

101-250 Employees


We deliver software, security and advisory solutions for companies across dozens of industries spanning real-estate to healthcare and verticals extending beyond AI and IOT. Zibtek is structured to allow you to materially accelerate your efforts beyond the capacity and experience of internal teams. Zibtek offers custom solutions to business of all size with a personal touch. We are one of the world's leading software development companies. Before you hire Zibtek our associates can give you on your project, budget, plan. At Zibtek, we redefine possibilities through expertly outsourced software developers. The specific objectives that your business is seeking to accomplish are our core mission and how we put your firm first. Consulting teams have to operate at levels above their peer groups in order to thrive.


E-commerce Development for Petcare

... E-commerce Development For The Petcare Industry | ...

AnyMind Group's Logo

San Jose, Philippines

501-1000 Employees


That's why we provide technology to make every business borderless. Today, we are an end-to-end commerce enablement company that is transforming commerce to become more exciting, effective, and efficient through our technology. Empowering everyone with greater possibilities and freedom to create new products and services. Over the years, the company has gone full speed into new markets, new products, and new industries. Rohit Sharma is the Chief Operating Officer of AnyMind Group. Sharma is responsible for AnyMind Group’s strategic plans and product opportunities. Sharma has over 20 years of experience in the digital advertising industry, and prior to POKKT, Sharma held roles at Reliance Entertainment, Times Internet, and Cyber Media India Limited. Founded in 2013, Acqua Media provides programmatic selling strategy and ad monetization services for premium web publishers and app developers.


E-commerce Development

... E-commerce Development ...

DevWerkz Web Design and Web Development's Logo

Makati, Philippines

11-50 Employees


We are a group of young, talented and dedicated developers, designers and marketers with a passion for building new web technologies and pushing the limits to new boundaries. At DevWerkz, we specialize in creating user-friendly online products and platforms. DevWerkz has worked with multiple agencies and emerging brands over the years and around the world to help their own and their customers' businesses address any design and development needs. The DevWerkz design team follows UX best practices to make sure that the output is both engaging and user-friendly, whether on print or on the web. The DevWerkz engineering team brings the designs to life with their experience in various coding languages, combined with meticulous attention to detail. We believe in providing unparalleled quality, and our goal is to enable each client to attain exactly what they need to bring their business to the next level. MC Rogado is the founder and president of DevWerkz. But what makes him the proudest is seeing DevWerkz grow.


E-commerce Development

... We offer end-to-end e-commerce development solutions for brick-and-mortar businesses and online stores looking to reach new heights. Technology is undoubtedly an enabler for businesses of all kinds, especially amid these uncertain times. It provides continuity for businesses to operate and […] ...

C. Monkey Tribe's Logo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1-10 Employees


Loving those updates aren't you? Let's see what's in store for this week 😉 Instagram Adds Elements to Its Branded Content Tools Instagram is making it... Let's dive in to discover more! Improved AR Product Displays... Four fresh & hot social media updates coming through! Buckle up for an awesome monkey ride🐒 1.Google Announces New Major eCommerce Tools Google has... "Thank you for bringing our project to life, it is such a pleasure to work with you guys, keep up the creativity.. From creativity to execution, they had it all covered! A dedicated team that is always ready to assist you in finding out the strategies that work best for your brand".


E-Commerce Platform Development | Shopify

... E-Commerce Platform Development | Shopify – C. Monkey ...

Cryptoggy Enterprise's Logo


1-10 Employees


Who has been thriving hard to deliver customer-centric and proven global competence to our clients all across the globe. Our quality standards, operational parameters and proficient delivery processes make us a leading global partner in IT consulting and IT services.


E Commerce Development

... E Commerce Development - cryptoggy. ...

ME Digital's Logo


1-10 Employees


Our services aren’t just aimed at increasing visitors; we believe in converting them into potential customers and increasing your sales. We are disruptors, a digital marketing agency that cuts through the clutter and adapts and tailors themselves for you. Showcase and sell your products in an online store in the most flamboyant way. We design our products that are completely tailored to your requirement and to your customer's comfort. Digital Marketing is the now, and that’s what we do, but with a small twist. At the core of ME is the drive to amplify the growth of your business. ME Digital provides cutting-edge mobile applications suitable and customizable for any and all kinds of business.


E-Commerce Development

... E-Commerce Website Development Dubai - ME ...

Digital Present's Logo

Jette, Belgium

11-50 Employees


We are masters of our craft, offering a range of cutting-edge services. Our vision is to be recognized for our outstanding technical skills and the unique touch we bring to every project. We are very satisfied with Digital Present service. It is who we are, it is what we do. Our passion for innovation drives us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Established in 2015, our digital agency is a powerhouse of web development, UI/UX design, e-commerce expertise, strategy, and support. Our team, built on mutual respect and genuine friendship, combines passion and skill to deliver exceptional results. It also reduced delays in time to market deliverables.


E-Commerce Development

... E-Commerce Development - Digital ...


Lagos, Nigeria

1-10 Employees



Nerve - Web Design Nigeria | E-Commerce Website Development | Applications

... Nerve - Web Design Nigeria | E-Commerce Website Development | ...

Direction North Agency's Logo

Cairo, Egypt

1-10 Employees


We serve clients in Egypt, KSA & UAE. As a business owner, manager or person in charge of a business idea or project you will always search for the best branding agency in Egypt to work with; it is not an easy task when everyone in the field claims they are the best agency in their country or region, that why we don’t think it is wise to claim such thing in words but rather in actions. Lead GenerationBrand BuildingOnline Sales Marketing AutomationSEM Google AdsFacebook/instagram AdsLinkedIn Ads. Digital StrategyContent StrategyBrand ExperienceCustomer Journey MapUser ResearchData AnalysisSocial Media Campaigns. We let our clients advocate and promote our web, design and production services as the best branding agency in Cairo or even in Egypt, at direction north agency we focus on the quality of work, client experience and most importantly we focus on creating a positive impact on the client’s ROI.

Core business

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Branding and E-commerce Development Agency

... Digital Marketing, Social Media, Branding and E-commerce Development ...

Satisfly's Logo

Wrocław, Poland

11-50 Employees


Our mission has evolved into a challenge we throw down to you – and ourselves. Our goal is to help our clients generate at least 3 billion dollars of annual income. We are happy to collaborate in communication activities, including within the ProstoDoKasy community. We are a European Magento e-commerce agency, so we don’t know any boundaries. Since January 2022, we are no longer X-Coding 🙂 Actually, that name still exists in our registration data, but for the rest of the world, we exist as Satisfly. We are a tech company and we strongly believe that potential and hard work must go side by side. From this moment we are your fiercest champion on the e-Commerce battlefield and we keep fighting for your victory every single day. Satisfly’s impressive communication skills, industry-specific awareness, and seamless integration continue to promote efficiency.”.


B2C e-Commerce development

... E-Commerce B2C development | ...

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Country with most fitting companiesIndia
Amount of fitting manufacturers1597
Amount of suitable service providers2378
Average amount of employees11-50
Oldest suiting company2010
Youngest suiting company2021

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Things to know about E-Commerce Development

What is E-Commerce Development?

E-commerce development is the process of creating, implementing, and maintaining websites or applications designed for buying and selling goods and services online. It involves a comprehensive approach that includes website design, web content creation, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration. This field employs a range of technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and advanced backend languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python, alongside database management systems. The goal of e-commerce development is to create a seamless, secure, and efficient online shopping experience that caters to the needs of both businesses and consumers. It plays a pivotal role in the digital economy by enabling businesses to reach a broader audience beyond geographical limitations, offering 24/7 accessibility, and providing a platform for personalized marketing strategies. Additionally, e-commerce development is instrumental in facilitating the integration of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning for personalized shopping experiences, blockchain for secure transactions, and big data analytics for consumer behavior analysis. The impact of e-commerce development within its field is profound, significantly transforming how businesses operate, influencing consumer behavior, and driving economic growth by opening new markets and creating opportunities for innovation and competition.

Advantages of E-Commerce Development

1. Global Market Reach
E-commerce development eliminates geographical barriers, allowing businesses to reach a global audience. This expanded market reach enables companies to sell their products or services to customers around the world, significantly increasing potential sales and growth opportunities.

2. Cost-Effective Setup and Management
Setting up and managing an online store is generally less expensive than maintaining a physical storefront. E-commerce platforms reduce the need for physical space, decrease staffing requirements, and minimize overhead costs, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience
E-commerce websites offer customers the convenience of shopping 24/7, from anywhere, without the need to visit a physical store. Advanced features like personalized recommendations, easy search functionality, and seamless checkout processes improve the shopping experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Data-Driven Insights
E-commerce platforms provide valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. This information enables businesses to make informed decisions, tailor their marketing strategies, and optimize their product offerings to meet the specific needs and desires of their target audience.

How to select right E-Commerce Development supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Experience and Portfolio
Ensure the supplier has a strong portfolio of e-commerce platforms they've developed. This showcases their capability and experience in delivering quality solutions.

2. Technical Expertise
Verify their proficiency in using the latest technologies and platforms suitable for e-commerce development, such as Magento, Shopify, or custom solutions.

3. Scalability and Flexibility
The supplier should offer scalable and flexible e-commerce solutions that can grow and adapt with your business needs.

4. Security Measures
Check for their capability to implement robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data and transactions.

5. SEO and Mobile Optimization
Ensure they can create SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized e-commerce platforms to enhance user experience and visibility.

6. Support and Maintenance
Look for suppliers offering reliable after-launch support and maintenance services to address any issues promptly.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for E-Commerce Development?

E-commerce development serves as a pivotal foundation for the wholesale and manufacturing sectors, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and expand market reach. In the wholesale industry, e-commerce platforms facilitate bulk orders, offering features like tiered pricing, volume discounts, and customer-specific catalogs. This digital transformation allows wholesalers to operate more efficiently, reducing manual order processing and enhancing customer satisfaction through self-service portals. For manufacturers, e-commerce development opens up direct-to-business sales channels, bypassing traditional distribution layers. This approach not only increases profit margins by eliminating intermediaries but also strengthens control over brand representation and customer experience. Manufacturers can leverage these platforms to offer customizable products, manage complex pricing structures, and provide detailed product information, thereby improving buyer decision-making processes. In the realm of software and tech industries, e-commerce platforms are instrumental in selling digital products and services directly to businesses. These platforms support various licensing models, subscription services, and instant product delivery, addressing the unique needs of tech-savvy B2B buyers. By offering a seamless purchase experience and immediate access to software tools, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and foster long-term customer relationships. Lastly, the service sector benefits from e-commerce development by enabling the online booking of services, ranging from consultancy to professional training. This capability allows service providers to efficiently manage appointments, process payments, and offer tailored service packages, significantly improving client engagement and operational scalability.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of E-Commerce Development

E-commerce development is at Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL 9), indicating it is not only well-established but also fully integrated into operational environments. This maturity level is attributed to several technical advancements and widespread adoption over the past few decades. The infrastructure supporting e-commerce, including secure online payment gateways, reliable delivery logistics, and sophisticated data encryption for user privacy, are all indicators of its high TRL. Additionally, the advent of responsive web design technologies has made e-commerce platforms accessible across a variety of devices, further enhancing user experience and expanding market reach. The integration of artificial intelligence for personalized shopping experiences and chatbot services for customer support showcases the innovative edge e-commerce maintains. Furthermore, the backend technologies that drive these platforms, such as cloud computing and big data analytics, have matured, enabling scalable, efficient, and secure e-commerce operations. The culmination of these technical evolutions and their successful implementation in real-world scenarios affirm the positioning of e-commerce development at the pinnacle of the Technology Readiness Levels.

What is the Technology Forecast of E-Commerce Development?

In the short-term, e-commerce development will focus on enhancing user experience through the integration of AI-driven chatbots and personalized shopping experiences. With advancements in AI, chatbots will become more sophisticated, capable of handling complex customer service inquiries efficiently. Personalization engines will utilize machine learning to offer individualized product recommendations, significantly improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Looking into the mid-term, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies will revolutionize the way consumers shop online. AR will allow customers to visualize products in their own space before making a purchase, reducing the uncertainty associated with online shopping. VR will enable immersive shopping experiences, allowing customers to explore virtual storefronts and try products virtually. This period will also witness the rise of blockchain technology in securing transactions and enhancing transparency in the supply chain. In the long-term, the focus will shift towards the seamless integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and e-commerce platforms, enabling a more connected shopping environment. Smart devices will automatically reorder products when they run low, and wearable technology will offer new ways to shop and interact with brands. Additionally, the use of quantum computing in e-commerce will optimize logistics and inventory management, making next-day delivery obsolete with the promise of near-instantaneous shipping.

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