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Strise's Logo


Palo Alto, United States

11-50 Employees


Learn how Sparebank 1 SMN uses Strise to get a full overview of the customer. Learn how Sparebanken Vest saves an hour per customer by using Strise. Learn how BN Bank is using Strise to uncover hidden ESG risks in their customer portfolio. Learn how Fundingpartner is using Strise across the organization to achieve regulatory compliance.


ESG risk monitoring that enriches your KYC strategy — Strise®

... into your customer’s ethical standards with Strise ESG monitoring. ...

FAIR Labs Co. Ltd.'s Logo

FAIR Labs Co. Ltd.

Seongnam-si, South Korea

1-10 Employees


Real-time data analysis, topic modeling, and OpenAI integration. Uncover trends and signals in your unstructured text data by using embedding The ability to analyze large amounts of text. ESG LENS is an innovative and game-changing non-financial data analytics platform that can transform the way you monitor ESG (Environmental,. Climate change poses a growing risk to supply chain management as extreme weather events and other effects of climate change. ESG data is playing an increasingly important role in investment decision-making.

Core business

"ESG LENS: Transforming ESG Performance Monitoring with GPT-3 Analytics"

... "ESG LENS: Transforming ESG Performance Monitoring with GPT-3 Analytics" ...



Dublin, Ireland

11-50 Employees


In an uncertain world, decisions need to be based on trusted data – and give you the confidence to move ahead with your chosen strategy. Our Decision Intelligence Platform offers a single, trusted view of data – creating a renewable and reusable resource for everyone. Data vizualizations, including time series and trend analyses, provide instant real-time insights and rich historical content.


News Intelligence for ESG Risk Monitoring | AYLIEN

... News Intelligence for ESG Risk Monitoring | ...

Waystone's Logo


Dublin, Ireland

251-500 Employees


Waystone leads the way in specialist services for the asset management industry. Waystone provides its clients with the guidance and tools to allow them to focus on managing their investment goals with confidence. We are at the cutting edge of asset management services, working with our clients to build, support and protect investment structures and strategies. Waystone provides a robust and comprehensive service to clients, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Waystone’s clients benefit from an expanded suite of services and a dedicated and highly-qualified staff based in well-established operations in Luxembourg, Ireland, the UK, North America, the Cayman Islands and Asia. At Waystone, we are committed to making a difference in the communities in which we operate. We are proud to support and work alongside a variety of charitable foundations that make a lasting difference. Partnering institutional investors, investment funds and asset managers, Waystone builds, supports and protects investment structures and strategies worldwide.


ESG Portfolio Monitoring

... ESG Portfolio Monitoring - ...

Green2View Pty Limited's Logo

Green2View Pty Limited

Sydney, Australia

1-10 Employees


Green2View is an Australian software and data benchmarking company specializing in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability, sustainable supply chain management, monitoring and performance intelligence. Green2View is committed to dealing ethically, consistently, transparently and respectfully with our customers, partners and greater community. We are proud to demonstrate this commitment through our ongoing certification as a BCorp company, as a signatory to The Banking and Finance Oath (100% commitment status) and The Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), ensuring a sustainable future and just transition to a low carbon economy. Green2View's founders and senior management team have led strategy and innovation at ASX, NASDAQ and USA enterprises operating in the IT and enterprise software sector, as well as in media and communications in government and private enterprises, in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to joining the Green2View Board, Sarma held senior positions at various global Information Technology MNC’s including Elbit Systems Ltd and NICE Systems Ltd. Green2View is delighted to be a Certified B Corporation (B Impact Score of 111.5), meeting higher standards of social, environmental, transparency and accountability across every area of our business. At Green2View, we aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We are delighted to add Green2View's name to the list of organisations publicly supporting the TCFD.

Core business

Green2View | ESG Sustainability Solutions | Australia

... , Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability monitoring, performance ...

BSC Monitoring's Logo

BSC Monitoring

Chennai, India

1-10 Employees


Our vision is to take the best parts of both freelance and corporate organizations and offer world-class advisory to manufacturing sector businesses at an affordable cost with special emphasis on technology-based problem-solving, continuous improvement, long term compliance, codified advisory approach, adaptability and ease-of-use. BSC Monitoring is a Business Advisory Firm that specializes in providing Labour, Social & Sustainability Advisory for factories. We offer the following world-class advisory services to factories with special emphasis on technology-based problem-solving, continuous improvement, long term compliance, codified advisory approach, adaptability and ease-of-use. Talk to us about your organization's specific problems or goals and we'll provide tailored guidance and mentoring.

Core business

ESG Monitoring & Evaluation

... ESG Monitoring & ...

Beceptum International GmbH's Logo

Beceptum International GmbH

Munich, Germany

11-50 Employees





InForecast's Logo


Guildford, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Proactive Excellence We proactively seek to improve our product and services to achieve the best results possible. Sustainable Impact We focus on bringing positive and measurable impact in a sustainable and responsible way. Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Sony leading engineers to develop high-quality AI software. Built state-of-the-art distributed low-latency systems in High Frequency Trading. Project Director at K2 leading diverse teams and integrating stakeholder groups in complex, large scale projects. Project Director at WT Partnership with in-depth knowledge and expertise in construction with over two decades of experience. Award-winning sales trainer and business coach helping B2B SMES to dramatically improve their results. This highlights our commitment to delivering secure, valuable, and innovative solutions to the industry.

Core business

Home | InForecast

... End-to-end solution for ...

Syndicated Corporate Consultants's Logo

Syndicated Corporate Consultants

Nairobi, Kenya

1-10 Employees


Our mission is to understand our clients needs and values, and help them grow and evolve in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment and market. Our goal is to provide bespoke, innovative, strategic and practically oriented advice and solutions to enable them face these challenges. We offer a professional advice, guidance and actionable solutions to businesses experiencing issues they can’t deal with in-house. Ours is a holistic consultancy and advisory integrating all aspects of business operations to afford the business managers, executives and leaders time to focus on core strategy delivery. We have partnered with other allied service providers in large, medium and small size – based organisations to deliver holistic business consultancy and advisory services across a wide range of specialisms.

Core business

Environmental, Social and Governance - Syndicated Corporate Consultants

... What we do ESG compliance, monitoring and reporting Climate change and ...

M2i's Logo


Faridabad, India

11-50 Employees


We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the stakeholders in the microfinance and financial inclusion sector. Following is an overview of the services offered by us in this domain. M2i offers a number of technology solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of enterprises and projects. We take pride in our innovative, technology enabled and practical solutions.

Core business

CSR & ESG project monitoring and evaluation

... CSR & ESG project monitoring and ...

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Country with most fitting companiesUnited Kingdom
Amount of fitting manufacturers1204
Amount of suitable service providers1350
Average amount of employees1-10
Oldest suiting company2001
Youngest suiting company2021

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Things to know about ESG Monitoring

What is ESG Monitoring?

ESG Monitoring refers to the systematic process of tracking and evaluating a company's performance and practices in relation to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. This practice is instrumental in providing insights into how organizations manage their ecological impact, social responsibilities, and governance standards. Through the collection and analysis of data across these three pillars, stakeholders, including investors, customers, and regulatory bodies, can assess the sustainability and ethical implications of a company's operations. ESG Monitoring plays a crucial role in the investment decision-making process, enabling investors to identify companies that not only promise financial returns but also contribute positively to societal goals. Moreover, it aids corporations in recognizing areas for improvement, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, and enhancing their reputation by demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. As sustainability becomes increasingly integral to corporate success and public perception, ESG Monitoring emerges as a vital tool, fostering transparency and accountability while promoting a shift towards more sustainable economic activities.

Advantages of ESG Monitoring

1. Enhanced Risk Management
ESG monitoring provides companies with a comprehensive understanding of environmental, social, and governance risks. This awareness allows for proactive measures, reducing potential financial losses and safeguarding reputation.

2. Improved Investor Relations
Investors are increasingly prioritizing ESG factors in their decision-making processes. Companies that actively monitor and report on their ESG performance often enjoy greater investor confidence and attract more sustainable investments.

3. Regulatory Compliance
With regulations around sustainability and corporate responsibility intensifying globally, ESG monitoring ensures companies stay ahead of legal requirements. This preemptive approach not only avoids penalties but also positions a company as a leader in corporate responsibility.

4. Competitive Advantage
Companies that excel in ESG monitoring often outperform their peers in terms of sustainability and ethical practices, leading to a stronger brand and customer loyalty. This competitive edge is crucial in today's market where consumers increasingly favor environmentally and socially responsible brands.

How to select right ESG Monitoring supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Comprehensive Data Coverage
Ensure the supplier offers extensive data collection capabilities that encompass all three ESG dimensions (Environmental, Social, Governance) to provide a holistic view of performance and risk.

2. Real-time Monitoring and Updates
Select a supplier that provides real-time ESG data monitoring and updates, enabling timely risk management and decision-making.

3. Customization and Scalability
The supplier's tool should be customizable to fit your specific needs and scalable to grow with your organization.

4. Regulatory Compliance Tracking
Choose a supplier that tracks and updates regulatory changes, ensuring your ESG reporting remains compliant with global standards.

5. User-friendly Interface
Opt for a supplier with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform that allows for efficient data analysis and reporting.

6. Third-party Integrations
The ability to integrate with other systems and data sources is crucial for a comprehensive ESG strategy, making this a key criterion.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for ESG Monitoring?

In the financial sector, ESG monitoring is pivotal for assessing the sustainability and ethical impact of investments. Financial institutions use ESG data to inform their investment decisions, ensuring that their portfolios align with environmental, social, and governance criteria. This approach mitigates risk and identifies opportunities for sustainable growth, catering to the increasing demand among investors for responsible investment options. Manufacturing industries benefit significantly from ESG monitoring by optimizing resource usage and reducing environmental footprints. By tracking and analyzing ESG metrics, manufacturers can identify inefficiencies in their production processes, leading to cost reductions and improved sustainability. This practice not only enhances their compliance with environmental regulations but also boosts their appeal to eco-conscious consumers and partners. In the realm of supply chain management, ESG monitoring is essential for ensuring ethical sourcing and labor practices. Companies utilize ESG data to scrutinize their suppliers’ adherence to ethical standards, minimizing the risk of associating with entities involved in environmental degradation or human rights violations. This vigilance fosters a transparent, responsible supply chain, strengthening brand reputation and consumer trust. Lastly, the technology sector employs ESG monitoring to navigate the complex landscape of digital ethics and data privacy. Tech companies monitor their ESG performance to address societal concerns about data security, privacy breaches, and the environmental impact of digital infrastructures. By proactively managing these issues, they not only comply with evolving regulations but also build stronger, more ethical relationships with users and stakeholders.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of ESG Monitoring

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Monitoring currently sits at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of approximately 7 to 8, indicating that the technology has been proven to work in its final form under expected conditions. This high level of readiness is attributed to the integration of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) into ESG monitoring platforms. These technologies have enabled the automated gathering, processing, and analysis of vast amounts of ESG-related data from diverse sources, including corporate reports, social media, and environmental sensors. The technical sophistication of AI algorithms allows for real-time analysis and insights, making ESG monitoring more efficient and accurate. Furthermore, the IoT's capability to provide continuous data flow enhances the timeliness and relevance of ESG assessments. However, the challenge of ensuring data quality and managing the complexity of integrating disparate data sources prevents ESG monitoring technology from reaching TRL 9. Technical hurdles related to data privacy, security, and the need for standardized ESG reporting frameworks also contribute to its current TRL, as these issues require ongoing refinement and consensus among stakeholders.

What is the Technology Forecast of ESG Monitoring?

In the Short-Term, advancements in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) monitoring technology will likely focus on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for more accurate data analysis and reporting. This phase will see the development of sophisticated algorithms capable of sifting through vast amounts of unstructured data to identify relevant ESG metrics. Improved data collection methods, such as IoT sensors for real-time environmental monitoring, will enhance the precision and reliability of ESG reporting. The Mid-Term phase will witness the expansion of blockchain technology in ESG monitoring, enabling greater transparency and traceability in supply chains. This period will also see the emergence of standardized ESG reporting frameworks facilitated by AI, making it easier for organizations to benchmark and communicate their ESG performance. Additionally, predictive analytics will start to play a crucial role, allowing companies to forecast potential ESG risks and opportunities with greater accuracy, thus aiding in strategic planning and risk management. Looking at the Long-Term, we can expect the integration of ESG factors into the core operational and strategic decision-making processes of companies. Advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) may be employed to simulate the potential impacts of ESG-related decisions, offering a more immersive understanding of their consequences. In this stage, global collaboration platforms powered by AI and blockchain could emerge, fostering a more unified approach to ESG standards and reporting, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and equitable global economy.

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Based on our calculations related technologies to ESG Monitoring are Water/Ocean Cleaning Technologies, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Fashion, Smart Grid

Start-Ups who are working in ESG Monitoring are Viridian Analytics, ESGi, ESG Bay, workcloud24, ESGeo España

The most represented industries which are working in ESG Monitoring are IT, Software and Services, Environment, Disposal and Recycling, Other, Finance and Insurance, Consulting

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