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Milwaukee, United States

1-10 Employees


We can use your logo or art or draw up something custom. We create professional Red Rubber Wooden Block Stamps (With or without a handle). This card was created with JessicaLynnOriginal Studios Stamps. Standard 4.25 x 5.5 cards with standard envelopes. This hand-drawn digital rubber stamp is perfect for personal use and is available in different sizes to fit any image. You can choose the stamp size and style you are interested in.


Clearance: Mini Dragonfly Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set

... 1"H x 1"W inches Photopolymer Stamp / No block included All of ...

Downland Crafts's Logo

Downland Crafts


1-10 Employees


We are focused on providing high quality products and service for all our customers. We are committed to meeting those needs and as a result a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. All the stamps we produce have a full ‘Angel Policy‘ so you can use them for your own projects and sell what you make with our blessing. Downland Crafts is a registered craft business based in Killeshandra, Co. We have a wide variety of products and brands to choose from including our own range of clear photopolymer stamps, beads, jewellery findings, craft embellishments, peel offs, Pixelhobby kits and accessories to name a few. In February 2018 we also became the first official stockist of Pixelhobby UK products in Ireland. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the craft industry, so take a look around our shop and give us a try.


Chalice A7 Clear Photopolymer Stamp

... Chalice A7 Clear Photopolymer Stamp – Downland ...

Centurion Graphics's Logo

Centurion Graphics

South Ribble, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


We are a company that is dedicated to offering an efficient service distributing high-quality bespoke printing plates. Now, we are constantly growing from Peter’s shed. We are always open to discussing your business, new projects, creative opportunities, and how we can help you. We manufacture high-quality, bespoke printing plates from photopolymer & magnesium. We are a printing plate supplier based in Leyland, Lancashire. Our mission is to supply the highest-quality letterpress printing plates, hot foil press dies, hot foil stamps, image-setter film, screen printing film, and graphic design services. Above all, we are dedicated to accommodating your unique printing plate specifications, whatever they may be! As a result, we are proud to have built up a regular and loyal customer base as a result of trying to help as much as we can.


0.95mm Photopolymer Plate

... The 0.95mm Photopolymer Plate is one of the thinnest, yet highest ...



Antwerp, Belgium

1-10 Employees


Polydiam is a pioneer manufacturer of Multi-Functional Photopolymer Stamp & Platemaking systems. For the last 38 years, Polydiam has helped thousands of businesses and startups in over 80 countries to achieve their business goals.


PPM-145 Photopolymer Plate (A4)

... PPM-145 Photopolymer Plate (A4) – Polydiam Industries ...

MacDermid Graphics Solutions's Logo

MacDermid Graphics Solutions

Atlanta, United States

501-1000 Employees


MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of photopolymer plates and platemaking systems for the package printing industry. We are the leaders in flat-top dot technology with our award-winning LUX ITP™ Platform and LUX® Lamination. Today, MacDermid Graphics Solutions is recognized as a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of a full range of packaging plate solutions including analog sheet, digital sheet, liquid photopolymer, as well as the award-winning LUX ITPTM technology for flat-top dots in-the-plate and LAVA® thermal process. Our products and chemistries are utilized in flexographic printing applications to produce high quality graphics in the flexible packaging; folding carton; corrugated; tags & labels; and newspaper markets. We are seeking talented and motivated individuals that are as dynamic as our chemicals. We are the missing piece in your platemaking workflow. MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of photopolymer printing plates used in the packaging industry. We are the only plate manufacturer that offers a full lineup of photopolymer sheet and liquid products.


Photopolymer Printing Plates

... solutions consists of photopolymer analog sheet, digital sheet, and ...

Zincografia Empolese's Logo

Zincografia Empolese

San Miniato, Italy

1-10 Employees


La nostra linea di sviluppo lastre ad acqua offre un prodotto più sostenibile e al contempo non fa perdere alcun dettaglio.

Core business

Graphics and Photopolymer Printing Systems

... Graphics and Photopolymer Printing ...



Rueil-Malmaison, France

1-10 Employees


Core business

Love cynthia

... in high quality photopolymer stamps and known for its original ...

ELEGOO Inc.'s Logo


Shenzhen, China

251-500 Employees


The written form is 1 followed by 100 zeros, referring to the huge amount of structural models brought by 3D printers. Elegoo implies the combination of open-source electronics and structures that creates everything. About brand vision/mission: Create the future, interpreted as "With the help of programming and 3D printing technology, we can create almost anything—Elegoo provides geeks with the key to a new world.". In 2015, Chris Hong founded Elegoo in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, dedicated to providing the world's makers with truly practical kits of electronic and structural tools that students, enthusiasts, and veteran geeks could find needed at their stages. For example, most sorting work in China's express industry is done by intelligent robots, including restaurants’ food delivery robots, UAV technology, etc., all of which are supported by STEM technology.


ELEGOO 8K Standard Photopolymer Resin-1000G-Space Grey

... with ELEGOO 8K standard photopolymer resin have a very pure and ...

Bumbleberry Papercrafts's Logo

Bumbleberry Papercrafts

Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Here at Bumbleberrys we specialise in quality craft supplies from the leading American stamp brands. We are always on the lookout for other US craft companies to stock and constantly adding new American brands to our expanding range of cardmaking and stamping products. We Are Family Stamp Set (3 x 3). Wishing you could have the same amazing products they use but finding shipping to the UK from the USA an expensive minefield with all the extra VAT, Duty, Customs clearance etc. We aim to provide all the latest release stamps and dies from Lawn Fawn, Altenew, Concord & 9th, Catherine Pooler, Waffle Flower, Birch Press Designs, Pink Fresh Studio, Gina K Designs, Hero Arts and many more American craft companies as soon as they are released in the USA. And we offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £60 and just a small £3.99 charge for orders under £60. We also offer Royal Mail 24 Hour tracked for £6.99 or FREE for orders over £200.


Little Agenda House – Bumbleberry Papercrafts Ltd

... 4x6 Photopolymer Stamp Set Includes: 16 Image ...

Zhuhai Sunlu Industrial Co. Ltd's Logo

Zhuhai Sunlu Industrial Co. Ltd

Zhuhai, China

251-500 Employees


Free shipping to Most Of USA and EU areas. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange-3D Printer. Working environment:A) Environment temperature: 20℃~35℃B) Relative humidity: ≤90%Temperature setting range: 35℃~70℃. Power adapter specification:A) Input specification: AC 100V~240V,50/60HzB) Output specification: DC:24V±1.2, 2A.


SUNLU 3D Resin LCD UV-härtendes 405nm Standard-Photopolymer-Harz für LCD-3D-Druck, ausgezeichnete Fließfähigkeit

... -härtendes 405nm Standard-Photopolymer-Harz für LCD-3D-Druck, ...

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Things to know about Photopolymer

What is Photopolymer?

A photopolymer is a type of polymer that alters its physical properties when exposed to light, initiating a chemical reaction that causes the material to harden or change composition. This unique characteristic renders photopolymers particularly advantageous in various technological and industrial applications. In the realm of 3D printing, for instance, photopolymers serve as a primary material in stereolithography (SLA), where a laser selectively cures the liquid photopolymer layer by layer, fabricating highly detailed and smooth-surfaced objects. This technology is pivotal for rapid prototyping, enabling designers and engineers to iterate design concepts swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, photopolymers play a critical role in the manufacture of flexible printed circuits and as photoresists in the microfabrication of electronic components, where their sensitivity to light is exploited to create intricate patterns on semiconductor substrates. The versatility and precision of photopolymers have profoundly impacted the fields of electronics, biomedical engineering, and additive manufacturing, fostering innovation and advancing the capabilities of these technologies. As research continues to enhance the properties of photopolymers, including their durability and light sensitivity, their applications are expected to expand, further embedding their significance in the development of cutting-edge technology and materials science.

Advantages of Photopolymer

1. Superior Resolution
Photopolymers are renowned for their exceptional resolution and detail accuracy. This quality is particularly beneficial in industries requiring intricate designs, such as jewelry manufacturing or dental applications. Unlike traditional materials that might struggle with capturing fine details, photopolymers can replicate complex patterns and textures with remarkable precision.

2. Fast Curing Times
One of the standout advantages of photopolymers is their rapid curing times. When exposed to light, these materials harden almost instantly, significantly speeding up the production process. This efficiency is a stark contrast to alternative materials that may require longer curing periods, leading to increased production times and costs.

3. Versatility in Applications
Photopolymers exhibit a high degree of versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. From 3D printing and prototyping to packaging and signage, these materials can be adapted to meet various industry needs. This flexibility is not always matched by other materials, which might be limited by their physical properties or processing requirements.

4. Eco-Friendly Options
Increasingly, photopolymers are being developed with environmental considerations in mind. Many photopolymer formulations are non-toxic and can be safely disposed of or recycled, offering a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials that may contain harmful substances or contribute to waste.

How to select right Photopolymer supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Product Quality
Ensure the photopolymer meets industry standards for durability, clarity, and print fidelity. High-quality materials lead to better printing results and longer-lasting products.

2. Customization Options
Check if the supplier offers a range of photopolymers that can be customized in terms of flexibility, hardness, and other physical properties to suit specific applications.

3. Supply Chain Reliability
Evaluate the supplier's ability to consistently deliver products on time. A reliable supply chain minimizes the risk of project delays.

4. Technical Support
Consider the level of technical support the supplier provides. Assistance with product selection, troubleshooting, and optimization can be invaluable.

5. Cost Effectiveness
Compare pricing among suppliers for the most cost-effective solution, but ensure this does not compromise the quality or performance of the photopolymer.

6. Sustainability Practices
Investigate the supplier's commitment to sustainability. Suppliers who prioritize eco-friendly practices contribute to a lower environmental impact.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Photopolymer?

Photopolymers are highly versatile materials used across various industries for their ability to harden under exposure to light, making them ideal for precision manufacturing and design. In the printing industry, photopolymers serve as a cornerstone for creating high-quality, detailed flexographic plates. These plates are essential for packaging, labels, and wallpaper printing, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for high-volume production needs. In the electronics sector, photopolymers play a critical role in the fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The material's sensitivity to light allows for precise patterning, which is crucial for developing complex circuits on a micro-scale. This capability enables the production of smaller, more efficient electronic devices, catering to the ever-increasing demand for miniaturization and performance in the electronics industry. Another significant application of photopolymers is found in the dental and medical industries, particularly in the realm of 3D printing. Here, photopolymers are used to create customized dental implants, hearing aids, and various prosthetic devices. The ability to produce components that precisely match the unique anatomical features of individual patients not only enhances the effectiveness of these medical devices but also significantly improves patient comfort and recovery times. Lastly, in the automotive industry, photopolymers are utilized in the rapid prototyping of new components. This use case allows for the quick and cost-effective testing of new designs, materials, and technologies, accelerating the development process and enabling more innovative solutions in automotive manufacturing. Through these diverse applications, photopolymers exemplify their critical role in driving efficiency, innovation, and customization across multiple B2B sectors.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Photopolymer

Photopolymers, a class of polymers that change properties when exposed to light, have advanced significantly and are currently considered to be at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), typically ranging between TRL 7 to TRL 9, depending on the specific application and formulation. This high TRL is attributed to the extensive research, development, and commercialization efforts that have led to a deep understanding of photopolymer chemistry, as well as significant advancements in UV light sources and digital light processing (DLP) technologies. Photopolymers are now widely used in additive manufacturing (3D printing), where they allow for high-resolution, rapid prototyping and production by solidifying under specific wavelengths of light. The maturity of this technology is also evident in the field of electronics, where photopolymers are used in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and as photoresists in microlithography processes. The evolution of photopolymer formulations to offer a wide range of physical properties, including flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance, further underscores their high TRL status. Moreover, the ongoing development of eco-friendly, water-soluble photopolymers highlights the industry's commitment to sustainability, addressing one of the few remaining challenges and potentially pushing the TRL even higher in the near future. This combination of widespread adoption, technical refinement, and continuous innovation solidifies the position of photopolymers at the forefront of material science technology.

What is the Technology Forecast of Photopolymer?

In the Short-Term, photopolymer technology is expected to see significant advancements in the realm of 3D printing applications. The development of more durable and flexible photopolymers will enable the creation of complex structures that were previously unachievable. These materials will likely find immediate applications in prototyping, dental and medical industries, where precision and material properties are critical. Moving into the Mid-Term, we anticipate the integration of photopolymers with conductive materials, opening avenues for the production of electronics and wearable devices directly through 3D printing. This phase will be marked by the enhancement of photopolymers that are not only structurally sound but also capable of conducting electricity, thus paving the way for innovations in smart textiles and embedded electronics. In the Long-Term, the focus will shift towards sustainability and environmental friendliness. The development of biodegradable photopolymers will become a priority, aiming to reduce the ecological footprint of 3D printing technologies. These advanced materials will be designed to maintain their structural integrity and functionality during their lifecycle but will break down into non-toxic components after disposal, significantly mitigating the environmental impact of photopolymer waste.

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