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178 companies for ESG Consulting

AMB Business Consultants Ltd's Logo

London, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


But its important to deliver that message in a way that stakeholders, investors and clients understand.

Core business

AMB Business Consultants ESG Consulting Services

... AMB Business Consultants ESG Consulting ...

TerraVerda ESG - HSE Consulting's Logo

TerraVerda ESG HSE Consulting is an independent consultancy based in Mexico providing health, safety, environmental (HSE) and social responsibility support to companies and institutions with a focus on sustainable finance, energy, mining, and infrastructure projects in emerging markets, particularly within Latin America and the Caribbean. TerraVerda´s Principal Consultant is William Murdoch, a seasoned ESG professional originally hailing from the United Kingdom but based in Mexico City since 2016. TerraVerda´s goal is to provide clients with high quality work products that meet the standards of international best practice, blended with local knowledge and expertise. At TerraVerda, our consultants help clients navigate these challenges through the expert application of international best practices coupled with local knowledge.

Core business

ESG HSE Consulting

... TerraVerda ESG HSE Consulting is an independent consultancy based in Mexico providing health, safety, environmental (HSE) and social responsibility support to companies and institutions with a focus on sustainable finance, energy, mining, and infrastructure projects in emerging markets, particularly within Latin America and the Caribbean. ...

i3PT's Logo


51-100 Employees


Delivering on your corporate commitments and enhancing your employee value proposition. Boland's Quay is a landmark waterfront development that seamlessly blends the historical charm of restored 1830s grain storage and stone mills with contemporary architectural design. Capital Dock is a significant mixed-use development situated on Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin, Ireland. In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, the UK Government commissioned an Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety led by Dame Judith Hackitt, DBE.


ESG Consulting | Environmental, social, governance | Catalyst

... We provide ESG Consulting for funds, developers & corporations, helping them achieve demonstrable excellence in environmental, social & governance initiatives. ...

Anderson & Booz's Logo

Jumeirah Lakes Towers, United Arab Emirates

11-50 Employees


Anderson & Booz offers a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you. With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. It provides a snapshot of the business’s impact in these three areas for investors. Changing end-user preferences and growing demand for product experience have brought about a significant change in every business. Our 20 experts in the Middle East deliver on five core areas: Organization Strategy, Assessment & Succession, Talent Acquisition, Leadership & Professional Development, and Total Rewards.

Core business

ESG Consulting | Anderson & Booz

... ESG Consulting | Anderson & ...

Sport Impact Group's Logo

Zurich, Switzerland

1-10 Employees


Our mission is be a meaningful professional association that supports its members and all stakeholders in a joint effort to evolve and grow the sport for impact sector. Our mission is to support all stakeholders in a joint effort to evolve and grow the sport for impact sector. Our multidisciplinary team provides a holistic approach to sustainability and ESG compliance for sports organizations (such as federations and clubs), sport events, NGOs, and others. Through state-of-the-art to data management we enable easy tracking and reporting, ultimately helping organisations achieve compliance, profit, and impact. As with our sustainability and ESG practice, great emphasis is placed on utilizing state-of-the-art data-management to guide governance and implementation, to facilitate reporting to stakeholders and funders, and ultimately to demonstrate impact. Our multidisciplinary members provide a holistic approach to sustainability and ESG compliance for sports organizations (such as federations and clubs), sport events, NGOs, and others. Through state-of-the-art data management we enable easy tracking and reporting, ultimately helping organisations achieve compliance, profit, and impact. We place great emphasis on utilising state-of-the-art data-management to guide governance and implementation, to demonstrate impact, facilitate reporting to stakeholders and funders, and ultimately make the impact organisation ‘investable’ and financially sustainable.

Core business

Sustainability & ESG Consulting

... Sustainability & ESG Consulting ...

rosa elefant OG's Logo

Vienna, Austria

1-10 Employees


Core business

Compliance Beratung & ESG Consulting aus Leidenschaft.

... Compliance Beratung & ESG Consulting aus Leidenschaft. ...

MV ESG Consulting's Logo

Brussels, Belgium

1-10 Employees


Giovana Martinez Valeriano* has over 20 years of experience in strategic and leadership roles - in the legal, compliance and governance areas - helping major corporations reduce risks and build more sustainable businesses.

Core business

Simple and agile solutions for ESG and GRC | MV ESG Consulting

... Simple and agile solutions for ESG and GRC | MV ESG Consulting ...

Immutable Logic's Logo

Old Toronto, Canada

1-10 Employees


We develop solutions that enable businesses to showcase their strengths & reduce risk exposure through smart contracts on Ethereum and blockchain technology as well as traditional cloud-based software. Technology is constantly changing and distributed systems are an innovative way to approach a host of age-old issues. We consult, design, and assist organizations through changes which deliver quantifiable returns & benefit the business.

Core business

ESG & Sustainability Business & technology Consulting

... ESG & Sustainability Business & technology Consulting ...

Viridis Sustainability Solutions's Logo

Vilnius, Lithuania

1-10 Employees


We are in process of developing ESG sustainability data platform. We are specialized and sustainability focused boutique with experience in sustainable finance, regulatory reporting, internal processes and internal controls, client service.

Core business

ESG consulting and data solutions 

... ESG consulting and data solutions firm / Viridis ...

Clenergize Consultants's Logo

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

11-50 Employees


Clenergize has a unique mix of talent, which helps us deliver on all aspects of energy and sustainability project. Clenergize has a top class track record with award winning projects in the region and the lessons learnt are well circulated within the entire team. At Clenergize, we are conscious of our own Carbon Footprint and do our best to track and report our emissions. At Clenergize, we are committed to a sustainable future for the Middle East and beyond, therefore, our services, including Solar Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability & ESG consultancy, will help our clients achieve their sustainability goals to ensure a greener future for everyone. Clenergize seeks to collaborate with private and corporate clients in bringing this vision to reality by providing our industry-leading expertise to successfully tap into the country’s vast renewable energy UAE potential. We have in house engineers, lawyers, financial analysts, project managers, drafters, energy efficiency experts and ESG specialists. We have a lean team with specialized skills and we are very rigorous in our selection process. We regularly assess our Scope 1,2,3 Emissions and have set clear standards to be Carbon Positive by 2025.


Sustainability & LEED Certification Consultants in Dubai | Expert ESG Consulting

... Clenergize is the Dubai-based ESG consulting team for expert sustainability services. We offer LEED certification and sustainability consulting to help your business thrive. ...

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Amount of fitting manufacturers63
Amount of suitable service providers146
Average amount of employees1-10
Oldest suiting company2012
Youngest suiting company2023

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Things to know about ESG Consulting

What is ESG Consulting?

ESG Consulting refers to the specialized advisory services provided to businesses to help them understand, strategize, and implement practices that align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. This form of consulting plays a pivotal role in guiding companies through the complex landscape of sustainable and ethical business practices, ensuring they not only comply with regulatory standards but also meet the growing expectations of investors, customers, and other stakeholders who prioritize sustainability. ESG consultants offer a breadth of expertise, from conducting detailed ESG assessments and risk analysis to developing comprehensive sustainability strategies and reporting frameworks. Their work is essential in helping businesses identify areas for improvement, set achievable ESG goals, and integrate sustainable practices into their operations. This, in turn, enhances a company’s reputation, fosters long-term resilience, and can lead to improved financial performance by tapping into the growing market of socially responsible investment. Moreover, by facilitating a deeper understanding of ESG factors and their impact on the business and wider society, ESG consulting services empower companies to make informed decisions that contribute positively to global sustainability efforts. In an era where environmental and social governance issues are increasingly at the forefront of business strategy, the role of ESG consultants has become ever more critical in bridging the gap between traditional business operations and the imperative of sustainable development.

Advantages of ESG Consulting

1. Expert Guidance
ESG consulting provides organizations with access to specialized knowledge and insights that might not be available internally. Consultants bring a wealth of experience in sustainable practices and regulatory compliance, ensuring companies can navigate the complexities of ESG criteria effectively.

2. Enhanced Reputation
Working with ESG consultants can significantly boost a company's public image. By demonstrating a commitment to environmental, social, and governance standards, businesses can attract positive attention from consumers, investors, and other stakeholders who prioritize corporate responsibility.

3. Improved Financial Performance
Companies engaging in ESG consulting often experience better financial outcomes. Consultants help identify and implement sustainable practices that can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and increased attractiveness to investors looking for responsible investment opportunities.

4. Strategic Advantage
ESG consulting can provide a strategic advantage by helping businesses anticipate and adapt to changing regulations and societal expectations. This proactive approach ensures companies remain competitive and can capitalize on opportunities related to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

How to select right ESG Consulting supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Experience and Expertise
Ensure the supplier has a strong track record in ESG consulting, with specific experience relevant to your industry.

2. Customized Solutions
Look for suppliers who offer tailored ESG strategies that align with your organization's specific needs and objectives.

3. Compliance and Certifications
Verify that the supplier has the necessary certifications and stays up-to-date with global and local ESG compliance requirements.

4. Data-Driven Approach
Choose a supplier that utilizes robust data analytics to inform their ESG recommendations and strategies.

5. Stakeholder Engagement
The supplier should demonstrate a commitment to engaging with all stakeholders, ensuring inclusivity in ESG initiatives.

6. Sustainability Reporting
Opt for suppliers proficient in comprehensive and transparent ESG reporting, aiding in tracking progress and performance.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for ESG Consulting?

ESG consulting has become a fundamental aspect for businesses aiming to align their operations with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. In the finance sector, ESG consulting is pivotal for investment firms and banks, guiding them in developing sustainable investment portfolios. Consultants assist in evaluating potential investments based on ESG criteria, ensuring compliance with sustainability goals and regulatory requirements. This approach helps in minimizing risks associated with ESG factors and optimizing long-term financial returns. Manufacturing industries also greatly benefit from ESG consulting. Consultants offer insights on sustainable production methods, waste management, and energy efficiency. By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can reduce their environmental footprint, comply with global sustainability standards, and enhance their market competitiveness. ESG consulting in manufacturing often involves conducting life cycle assessments to identify areas for improvement in product design and production processes. In the technology sector, ESG consulting aids companies in addressing their carbon footprint and promoting digital responsibility. Consultants work with tech firms to develop strategies for energy-efficient data centers, sustainable supply chains, and ethical AI use. This not only supports the sector's sustainability goals but also aligns with consumer expectations for responsible business practices. For the real estate industry, ESG consulting is critical in designing and managing green buildings. Consultants provide expertise in sustainable construction materials, energy-efficient designs, and certifications like LEED. This enables real estate companies to attract eco-conscious tenants, reduce operational costs, and meet regulatory standards for sustainability. Lastly, in the energy sector, ESG consulting supports companies in transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Consultants assist in strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder engagement, facilitating a smoother transition to sustainable energy practices. This shift not only reduces environmental impacts but also positions energy companies as leaders in sustainability.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of ESG Consulting

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting, by its nature, doesn't fit neatly into the conventional framework of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) as it primarily revolves around advisory services rather than tangible technologies. TRLs are typically used to assess the maturity of specific technologies from conceptualization to full-scale deployment. However, if one were to contextualize ESG consulting within the TRL framework, it could be argued that it exists at a high level of readiness, akin to TRL 9. This assertion is based on the fact that ESG consulting methodologies and practices are well-established, widely implemented, and continuously refined across industries worldwide. The sector has evolved substantially, leveraging sophisticated data analytics, regulatory compliance software, and sustainability reporting tools that are both advanced and widely adopted. These tools and methodologies enable consultants to provide actionable insights, strategic planning, and compliance advice that are deeply integrated into the operational frameworks of businesses. Furthermore, the technical backbone of ESG consulting, including data collection and analysis techniques, benchmarking tools, and sustainability assessment models, are in a state of ongoing innovation yet are mature and robust enough to support complex decision-making processes. This high degree of readiness reflects not just the maturity of the tools and methodologies employed but also the critical role ESG considerations now play in strategic business operations and long-term planning.

What is the Technology Forecast of ESG Consulting?

In the Short-Term, advancements in data analytics and AI are poised to significantly enhance the capabilities of ESG consulting. Companies will increasingly leverage sophisticated algorithms to process vast datasets, enabling more nuanced insights into environmental, social, and governance metrics. This phase will see the integration of real-time data monitoring, allowing businesses to make informed decisions swiftly and improve their ESG performance proactively. Moving into the Mid-Term, blockchain technology will begin to play a pivotal role in ESG consulting. Its application in ensuring data integrity and transparency will be crucial for verifiable sustainability reporting and supply chain management. This period will also witness the emergence of advanced simulation models, powered by machine learning, to predict future ESG outcomes and trends. These models will aid companies in scenario planning and risk management, facilitating more strategic sustainability initiatives. In the Long-Term, the convergence of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with ESG consulting will unlock new frontiers in sustainability and governance. IoT devices will provide unprecedented visibility into operational practices, energy consumption, and resource utilization. This visibility, coupled with sophisticated ESG analytics platforms, will enable companies to optimize their operations for sustainability, drive innovation in green technologies, and achieve more ambitious ESG goals, setting new standards for corporate responsibility.

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Start-Ups who are working in ESG Consulting are Sport Impact Group, rosa elefant OG, Immutable Logic

The most represented industries which are working in ESG Consulting are Consulting, Environment, Disposal and Recycling, Finance and Insurance, IT, Software and Services, Other

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