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Mumbai, India

11-50 Employees


We manufacture Round Bar, wires, Flanges, Forged Fittings, and Branch Outlets and supply them across different regions in India and overseas. We are renowned for our durable and quality products. We manufacture Custom Stainless Forging components that possess a continuous grain flow through the fixture. We are constantly working with machine tool builders to improve their designs along with our manufacturing capabilities. We are amongst a few ss forging suppliers who supply different configurations of forged material in different shapes and sizes. Our workshop is designed with the state of the art manufacturing systems that are designed to manufacture different steel components within a short period. The strategic plans of our company focus on constantly improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. To ensure that there is no fault or bias during the production process we hire third-party teams to evaluate our products every few months.

Core business

Stainless Steel Forging company in India | SS 304 Cold/ Hot forging

... Stainless Steel Forging company in India | SS 304 Cold/ Hot forging ...



Tangerang, Indonesia

501-1000 Employees


Our products are made with precision and innovation, ensuring quality and reliability. We are a manufacturing company with processes based on Hot Forging, Warm Forging, and Cold Forging. We produce automotive components and high-tension bolts for OEM and aftermarket purposes, supplying both the local and export markets. PT Indoseiki Metalutama is at the forefront of automotive manufacturing, embodying uncompromising quality and excellence. PT Indoseiki Metalutama is a joint venture company between Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan, specializing in the production of Hot and Cold Forged parts, Special Fasteners, and Hot Dip Galvanizing. Explore the world of manufacturing excellence with us. Cold forming is a manufacturing process that shapes metal at room temperature using pressure in a die, resulting in precise and cost-effective components. Fastener is essential components in manufacturing, providing secure and reliable mechanical connections for a wide range of applications, from machinery to structures.

Core business

Hot Forging Part

... Hot Forging ...

BE Aluschmiede's Logo

BE Aluschmiede

Geisingen, Germany

101-250 Employees


The Bons & Evers Group are the Hot Forging specialists that stand for specialization, efficiency, quality and continuous improvement. Our clients can rely on the highest quality Hot Forged parts and a solid long-term development partner. Bons & Evers is a leading supplier of Hot Forged parts for of Automotive industry, climate control (HVAC) and water flow management (Sanitary) within Home Technology, the management and optimization of electrical energy in appliances and systems, as well as a wide range of Valves & Fittings within Valve Technology. Our expertise from the design stage, designing, hot forging, and processing brass, copper, and aluminum alloys has enabled us to meet the high expectations of our customers. Together with the customer and our engineers, we have made valuable contributions as a development partner towards efficient solutions for the increasingly complex market needs within these segments.

Core business

The Hot | forging specialists

... Bons & Evers | Hot Forging specialist | Supplier of Hot Forged ...

Level 1 Fasteners's Logo

Level 1 Fasteners

Huntington, United States

- Employees


Currently, we are located in Huntington, WV, with 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space. We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. Level 1 Fasteners in Huntington, WV, offers a variety of fastener products and services for our customers. For more than 60 years, we have delivered top quality products with a focus on customer service. We can manufacture fasteners with sizes ranging from #2-56 to 2-inch diameter. We also maintain a large inventory to provide the products you need when you need them in a timely manner. DBA Level 1 Fasteners manufactures and stocks fasteners for military, aerospace, aircraft, medical, valve, and oil drilling applications. Level 1 Fasteners is housed in a 250,000 square foot manufacturing space.


Hot Forging

... Hot Forging – Level 1 ...

MCT Fonderie-Matriçage's Logo

MCT Fonderie-Matriçage

Delle, France

11-50 Employees


This product has been internaly developped and installed in order to better control its utillisation and performance. This resulted in a significant increase of our productivity.1985: Introduction of a Quality Assurance procedure to meet the demand of our customers.1987: Automation of production stations by installing robot manipulators to reduce the arduous tasks and improve the productivity of these stations.1988: Project to integrate CNC machines in the field of production as well as to realize our manufacturing tools.

Core business

Company presentation - MCT Casting Hot forging

... Company presentation - MCT Casting Hot forging ...



Petah Tikva, Israel

11-50 Employees


We are providing our professional and friendly services to engine parts wholesalers, distributors, governmental establishments, defense forces, racing teams, engine development companies and many more. We provide best-in-class engineering, manufacturing and treatment solutions for those who seek to extract more out of an engine valve. SINUS is one of the world’s leading manufacture of internal combustion engines valves. SINUS is a Lachman-Group company and a leading manufacturer of internal combustion engine valves. SINUS engine valves are manufactured utilizing the most advanced technology available and the entire production, from the reception of raw materials and up to the shipment, is done in-house. SINUS valves raw materials are imported from leading factories in Europe and the United States, from which we purchase only the finest steels for the production of our valves. In order to maintain superior product quality and the ability to provide our customers with innovating solutions in the field of engine valves, SINUS quality control department has lead strict production protocols that are backed-up by a strong management system. Presently, SINUS manufactures thousands of part numbers at small, medium and large batches, for the following engines categories:.


Hot Forging

... Hot Forging ...

Shandong Dajin Metal Material Co.Ltd.'s Logo

Shandong Dajin Metal Material Co.Ltd.

Laicheng District, China

11-50 Employees


SHANDONG DAJIN METAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD. is a company of special steel stocklist&exporter. We have been supplying high quality metals all over the world, experience,Dajin Metal focus on cold drawn bars in carbon&alloy in round,hex,and square that meet ASTM,SAE and. Experience,Dajin Metal focus on cold drawn bars in carbon&alloy in round, Hex,and square that meet ASTM,SAE and JIS specifications and standards. Dajin always keep 1000-1500tons ready stock of cold darwn steel bar/hot rolled steel rod with grade 1215,12L14,SUS303 Cu,SS400,1020/1018,1045 and 4140,size range 5mm-300mm. Guangli Road, Fengcheng Industrial Park, Laiwu District, Jinan City, Shandong Province.


SAE1045 1035 CK45 S45C A105 Hot forging/forged steel bar

... E1045 1035 CK45 S45C A105 Hot forging/forged steel bar – SHANDONG DAJIN ...

Micronova Industries's Logo

Micronova Industries

Jamnagar, India

251-500 Employees


Since then we are carrying forward this legacy as a professional manufacturer in the development & manufacturing of Precision Metal Components. We are always looking for new challenges to solve. Since then we are carrying forward this legacy as a professional manufacturer in the development & manufacturing of Precision Metal Components. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free products on-time at the most competitive price possible. MICRONOVA INDUSTRIES is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company based in Jamnagar (India). Our roots are planted back in 1990 by MARAKANA FAMILY MEMBERS with a small manufacturing unit. Our dedicated team is a very close-knit community that facilitates creative problem solving and leads to a very high standard of final delivery. Today Micronova Industries is a household name in the manufacturing industry and is a distinguished supplier to various industries.

Core business



Stomana Industry's Logo

Stomana Industry

Pernik, Bulgaria

1001-5000 Employees


Stomana products cover the needs of various markets and meet European and international standards. Additionally, our products meet the requirements of BS, EN, DIN, ASTM, AWS, LRS, ABS, BV and DNV. With a history of over 70 years in the steel industry, Stomana Industry creates a wide range of premium steel products. The integrated production relies on secondary steel recycling for over 98% of its raw materials. Our technologically advanced production lines lead to high value-added finished products responding to the requirements demanding applications. Our key products have received the EDP declaration.


Hot forging - Stomana Industry

... Hot forging - Stomana ...

Amtech International, Inc.'s Logo

Amtech International, Inc.

Freehold Borough, United States

1-10 Employees


From prototyping and sampling, to mass production development stages. AmTech helps replace costly, resource-intensive products with price sensitive production methods for OEM customers. Since 1995 we have supplied leading manufacturers in: Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Lawn & Garden, Electrical, Off-Highway, Marine, Medical, Oil / Gas, Power Sports & Robotics markets. Supporting lean delivery systems to streamline frequent inventory turnovers in the United States, Mexico, Canada & Europe. Avoid building excessive inventory production levels, through JIT releases.


Hot Forging – Lock Nut

... This hot forging differential component was manufactured to ISO9001 ...

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Things to know about Hot Forging

What is Hot Forging?

Hot forging is a manufacturing process where metal is preheated to temperatures ranging between 950°F (510°C) and 1250°F (670°C), well above the recrystallization point, enabling the material to deform easily under external forces. This technique involves pressing, hammering, or squeezing the heated metal into desired shapes and sizes within forging dies. The elevated temperature during hot forging not only enhances metal ductility but also reduces the yield strength, making it easier to shape the material with less force and energy compared to cold forging. Furthermore, the process significantly minimizes the occurrence of strain hardening. Hot forging is pivotal in producing strong, durable components with high resistance to fatigue and excellent structural integrity, making it indispensable in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery. The controlled deformation under high temperatures ensures the elimination of any pre-existing microscopic flaws in the metal, thereby optimizing the mechanical properties and performance of the final product. This method's ability to create complex shapes with precise dimensional accuracy highlights its critical role in modern manufacturing, facilitating advancements in technology and engineering by providing components that meet stringent requirements for strength, durability, and reliability.

Advantages of Hot Forging

1. Enhanced Ductility
Hot forging is renowned for significantly improving the ductility of metals, making them easier to shape into complex designs. This process involves heating metals to high temperatures, where their plasticity increases, allowing for more intricate work without the risk of cracking or other defects that could compromise the integrity of the final product.

2. Reduced Energy Consumption
The process of hot forging typically requires less force and energy compared to cold forging and other methods. Since the materials are heated to such a degree that they become more malleable, the energy required to deform them is considerably lower. This not only makes the process more efficient but also contributes to lower production costs and a reduced environmental impact.

3. Improved Mechanical Properties
Hot forging is pivotal in enhancing the mechanical properties of metals, including their strength, toughness, and resistance to wear and fatigue. The heating process allows for the elimination of internal voids and decreases the porosity of the metal, resulting in a denser, more robust final product. This makes hot-forged components ideal for demanding applications where durability and performance are critical.

How to select right Hot Forging supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Quality Certifications
Ensure the supplier has recognized quality certifications like ISO 9001, which indicate adherence to industry standards in manufacturing and quality control.

2. Material Capabilities
Verify the supplier's ability to work with the specific materials required for your hot forging needs, ensuring they can provide the desired strength and durability.

3. Production Capacity
Assess the supplier's production capabilities to ensure they can meet your volume requirements within the desired timelines.

4. Tool and Die Making
Check if the supplier has in-house tool and die making facilities, which can significantly reduce production times and costs.

5. Experience and Reputation
Consider the supplier's experience in the industry and their reputation with existing clients to gauge reliability and quality of service.

6. Cost Competitiveness
While not the only factor, evaluate the supplier's pricing to ensure it aligns with your budget without compromising on quality.

7. Technical Support and Service
Ensure the supplier offers robust technical support and customer service to address any issues promptly during and after the manufacturing process.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Hot Forging?

Hot forging is a pivotal manufacturing process widely utilized in the automotive industry to produce strong, durable components such as gears, shafts, and bearings. This technique's ability to enhance the mechanical properties of metals makes it ideal for creating parts that can withstand extreme stress and fatigue, critical for vehicles' reliability and performance. In the aerospace sector, hot forging is employed to manufacture critical structural components, including landing gear parts, engine mounts, and fasteners. The process's precision and capability to work with high-performance materials like titanium and aluminum alloys are essential for meeting the stringent safety and performance standards in aviation. The construction equipment industry also benefits significantly from hot forging. It is used to create heavy-duty machinery parts, such as levers, joints, and bolts, that require high strength and resistance to wear and tear. These components are fundamental to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of construction machinery, even under harsh working conditions. Additionally, the agricultural sector relies on hot forging for making robust tools and equipment parts, including plowshares, tines, and cultivator blades. This process ensures these components can endure the rigorous demands of farming activities, contributing to more efficient and reliable agricultural operations.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Hot Forging

Hot forging, a process critical in shaping metals at high temperatures to enhance their ductility and reduce the required force for deformation, currently sits at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 9. This classification signifies that hot forging is a fully mature and deployed technology, extensively integrated into manufacturing operations across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction. The technical rationale for this high TRL is rooted in the extensive historical development and refinement of hot forging techniques, alongside its proven reliability, efficiency, and capability to produce parts with superior mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, and resistance to fatigue. The process benefits from advanced metallurgical understanding and control, enabling precise manipulation of metal grain structure for optimized performance of the forged parts. Additionally, technological advancements in heating methods, press machinery, and die materials have further solidified hot forging's status by improving process efficiency, product quality, and the ability to forge increasingly complex shapes. This culmination of technical evolution, widespread adoption, and integration into critical manufacturing workflows underscores why hot forging is considered at the pinnacle of its technology readiness, demonstrating its essential role in modern manufacturing practices.

What is the Technology Forecast of Hot Forging?

In the Short-Term, advancements in hot forging technology are expected to focus on enhancing efficiency and reducing waste. Manufacturers are likely to adopt more sophisticated software for predictive maintenance and process optimization, minimizing downtime and material usage. The integration of IoT devices will further streamline operations, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustments during the forging process. The Mid-Term outlook sees the adoption of additive manufacturing techniques in conjunction with traditional hot forging processes. This hybrid approach will allow for the creation of more complex geometries and the use of novel materials, offering significant improvements in strength and durability. Furthermore, advancements in automation and robotics are set to play a crucial role, increasing precision and reducing the reliance on manual labor, thereby elevating productivity and safety standards within the industry. In the Long-Term, the focus will shift towards sustainability and energy efficiency. Breakthroughs in material science are anticipated to lead to the development of eco-friendly alloys that are both stronger and lighter, reducing the environmental impact of the hot forging process. Additionally, the adoption of renewable energy sources in forging operations is expected to become widespread, further minimizing the carbon footprint of the sector. These long-term innovations will not only address environmental concerns but also open up new applications and markets for hot forging technology.

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