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TEIMMERS Cooling Solutions's Logo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1-10 Employees


At Teimmers, we are committed to delivering e immersion cooling systems that enable crypto mining and energy storage data centers to operate efficiently and sustainably. Our goal is to create a better world by minimizing our environmental impact and promoting responsible business practices. At Teimmers, our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and effective immersion cooling solutions for your projects, installations, infrastructure, and organization. We believe that the future of data centers lies in innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, minimize environmental impact, and enhance performance. We offer innovative solutions and adaptations of existing technologies that promote sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and increase efficiency. These core principles guide our work, as we strive to deliver exceptional products and services while minimizing our environmental impact and fostering strong relationships with our clients. At our company, sustainability is a top priority for all of our products and solutions. We believe that providing excellent service and value is critical to the success of your business.


Immersion cooling specialists

... We are experts in the designing, engineering, and manufacturing immersion cooling systems. Teimmers provide liquid immersion cooling specialists. ...

CES Corporation's Logo

Acheson, Canada

1001-5000 Employees


We manufacture products and build with electrical components so the installation goes smoothly and runs productively. We are focused on the well-being of both our team and our clients. We provide our clients with solutions that are innovative, economical and easy to maintain/operate. This will contain deliverables as well as the details to fabricate and program your panels and build the infrastructure to meet the solutions your project requires. You can trust us to create a power and control system to increase productivity and quality work in your operation. CES is an Alberta-based business that is 100% Canadian owned and operated. President, CEO, and founder Chuck L’Ecuyer is a third-generation electrician with more than 20 years of experience. CES now employs more than 50 highly-skilled people who hold expertise in a wide variety of industries.

Core business

The world’s most powerful immersion cooling solution

... The world’s most powerful immersion cooling ...

DongGuan Orient Electronics & Metal Co.,Ltd's Logo

Dongguan Orient Electronics &Metal Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009.we are a professional PDU manufacturer , power distribution peripheral equipment and sheet metal processing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, trade and service with 13 years of production experience.


Oit 200A PDU Intelligent ON/OFF 3phase 3xC13 30XC19 415V Smart PDU Power Distribution Unit Immersion Cooling

... /Oit 200A PDU Intelligent ON/OFF 3phase 3xC13 30XC19 415V Smart PDU Power Distribution Unit Immersion Cooling ...

Engineered Fluids. Inc.'s Logo


11-50 Employees


We are a privately held company based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Not a problem, we are happy to work on special formulations of our standard products, or undertake the development of custom and unique fluids. We are dedicated to working with you on energy efficient, environmentally sound solutions and to driving down operating and capital costs. To develop, manufacture, and supply the highest quality, safest, and most cost effective dielectric thermal management fluids and cooling solutions engineered for Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling. Our management team has over 60 years of experience in the development of new technologies and over 30 years of experience delivering safe, effective coolants and industrial functional fluids. We believe that we can reduce the energy demands and increase the performance of any electrical device that generates waste heat (which is all of them!). In addition SLIC is the by far the most effective means of containing and transporting waste heat for reuse in 100’s of uses from pre-heating boiler water, heating buildings / greenhouses / fish ponds, and preventing ice formation of roads, sidewalks and roofs. Learn more about the impact our products make across the different industries we service.


Explore Our Immersion Cooling Products

... Sustainable Immersion Cooling Products | Engineered ...


Tokyo, Japan

11-50 Employees


The silicon photonics technology provided by AIO Core is paving the way for a new era in the convergence of computing and optical technologies. Optical transceivers, IOCore®, that can operate for long periods of time over an industrial temperature range with extremely high reliability. IOCore®, enable NRZ signal transmission from 1 Gbps to 25 Gbps and 32 Gbps per channel operable in an industrial temperature range from -40°C to 100°C. AIO Core, NTT DATA and NTT Com Achieved Stable optical transmission between immersion equipment in Data Centers. A new quantum dot laser operates at higher temperature of 105℃.


Immersion Cooling

... Industry-leading “Immersion-cooling” optical package solution contributes heat managements for next generation HPC, AI/ML. ...

XING Mobility's Logo

Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 Employees


Delivering the coolest, safest, and most energy-efficient mobility and energy storage solution with industry-leading immersion cooling technology.


Introduction of Immersion Cooling Technology

... XING Mobility’s patented immersion-cooling technology offers superior thermal management with industry-standard li-ion batteries, to offer versatile battery systems with ultra-fast charging capability and unprecedented safety. ...

GREENTECH Technologies AG's Logo

Zug, Switzerland

11-50 Employees


Core business

GREENTECH - Immersion Cooling & Heat Recovery Solutions

... GREENTECH - Immersion Cooling & Heat Recovery ...

Integra Mission Critical's Logo

Dallas, United States

51-100 Employees


We leverage our innovative designs and integrated approach, which have been honed over the past decade, and combine them with our relentless passion to mitigate risk, compress the schedule, reduce costs, and close the gap between capex and revenue generation. And we do it all for you as if we are building our own data center. Integra Mission Critical has developed multiple designs for building to the specific needs of data centers. We Design & Build Modular MEP with our in-house manufacturing. A critical Integra strategy is the utilization of modular infrastructure. As the walls of the building are constructed, cooling units and power modules are built in a manufacturing environment to be integrated into the building. These units reside outside the shell to optimize available white space, allow for just-in-time manufacturing, reduce construction expenses, and enable service and maintenance to occur without requiring access to the data center floor. Integra is passionate about the environment and the ecological impact of the digital infrastructure we build.


AI-Ready, HPC, High Density, Immersion Cooling

... AI-Ready, HPC, High Density, Immersion Cooling - Integra Mission ...

Iceotope's Logo

Rotherham, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


Iceotope is reimaging liquid cooling to accelerate a sustainable, digital world. We are not content with the status quo. The latest Iceotope news and events brought to you as it happens. Everyone at Iceotope shares one quality: endless curiosity. We believe in practical solutions that solve real problems and make our customers' business better. Meet the investors driving the reduction of carbon emissions from data centers and contributing to the achievement of net-zero emissions for the sector. Reduces energy use by up to 40%, carbon emissions by up to 40%, and water consumption by up to 96%.


Chassis-level precision immersion cooling for Exascale

... Chassis-level precision immersion cooling for Exascale | ...

Edge Data Solutions Inc.'s Logo

Atlanta, United States

1-10 Employees


EDGE Data Solutions is an industry-leading data center, crypto mining and cloud infrastructure provider delivering long-awaited results in a challenging environment. Together with its partners, EDGE provides customers with high-quality service and results. Tata served as Secretary of Transportation for the state of North Carolina and as the COO of Washington DC Public Schools. EDGE Data Solutions is a pioneering industry leader in data center, crypto mining, and cloud infrastructure services. EDGE’s technology-agnostic immersion solutions integrate seamlessly with existing IT hardware, provide a feasible pathway to a sustainable future. Innovative solutions are needed immediately to sustain the paradigm shift in the financial sector. As an industry-leading edge data center, crypto mining and cloud infrastructure provider, EDGE provides a turnkey, end-to-end approach, including design and engineering services, and sustainable immersion cooling solutions which enable companies to become cleantech leaders. Edge is a cleantech leader giving companies worldwide access to a significant competitive advantage by minimizing their carbon footprints while maximizing performance and profitability.

Core business

THE EDGE - Innovative Immersion Cooling Technology

... Your Partner for Innovative Immersion Cooling and Clean ...

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Oldest suiting company2005
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Things to know about Immersion Cooling

What is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling refers to a technique used in managing heat generated by electronic devices and systems, such as data centers, by submerging them directly in a non-conductive liquid. This liquid has superior cooling properties compared to air and can more efficiently absorb and dissipate heat. The method is distinguished by its two primary forms: single-phase, where the cooling liquid remains in the same state, and two-phase, involving the liquid boiling and then being condensed back to its liquid form. Immersion cooling is essential in fields that demand high computational power and energy efficiency, such as cloud computing, cryptocurrency mining, and high-performance computing. It significantly reduces the energy consumption attributed to cooling, which is a major operational cost in such industries. Moreover, this cooling technique allows for more compact system designs by eliminating the need for traditional cooling components, such as fans or air conditioning systems. This not only reduces noise pollution but also contributes to longer hardware lifespans by protecting sensitive components from dust and other particulate matter. The adoption of immersion cooling can lead to substantial advancements in sustainability and operational efficiency, marking a pivotal shift in how thermal management is approached in technologically intensive environments.

Advantages of Immersion Cooling

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Immersion cooling systems offer superior energy efficiency compared to traditional air-cooled systems. By submerging electronic components in a non-conductive liquid, heat is directly and efficiently transferred from the components to the cooling medium. This process significantly reduces the need for energy-intensive fans or air conditioning units, leading to substantial energy savings and lower operating costs.

2. Increased Hardware Lifespan
The direct contact between the cooling liquid and components ensures a more uniform heat distribution, eliminating hotspots that can degrade the performance and lifespan of the hardware. Furthermore, the protective nature of the cooling liquid helps shield the components from dust, oxidation, and other environmental factors that can cause premature failure.

3. Noise Reduction
By eliminating the need for traditional cooling methods such as fans, immersion cooling systems operate virtually silently. This reduction in noise not only creates a more pleasant working environment but also opens up new possibilities for data center locations, including urban areas where noise pollution is a concern.

4. Space Optimization
Immersion cooling technology allows for a more compact and efficient use of space. Since the cooling system requires less physical infrastructure than air cooling, data centers can allocate more space to computing hardware, potentially increasing capacity and operational efficiency.

How to select right Immersion Cooling supplier?

1. Technology Compatibility
Ensure the supplier's immersion cooling technology is compatible with your existing hardware and infrastructure. Compatibility is crucial for seamless integration and optimal performance.

2. Coolant Type and Safety
Check the type of coolant used. It should be non-conductive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly to ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

3. Energy Efficiency
Evaluate the energy efficiency of the system. A highly efficient cooling system can significantly reduce operational costs and contribute to sustainability goals.

4. Scalability
Consider the scalability of the solution. The supplier should offer flexible options that can grow with your business needs without requiring complete system overhauls.

5. Maintenance and Support
Inquire about the maintenance requirements and the support services provided. Reliable customer service and easy maintenance are essential for minimizing downtime.

6. Cost Effectiveness
Assess the total cost of ownership, including installation, operation, and maintenance costs. An optimal supplier offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling, a revolutionary method for managing heat in electronics, has found its footing across numerous industries due to its efficiency and sustainability. In the data center sector, this technology is increasingly adopted to enhance server cooling while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. By submerging servers in a non-conductive liquid, heat is more efficiently dissipated compared to traditional air cooling, leading to improved performance and longevity of the hardware. In the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry, immersion cooling plays a pivotal role in maintaining the optimal performance of mining rigs. These setups generate substantial heat due to the intensive computational processes involved. Immersion cooling not only ensures that the hardware operates within safe temperature ranges but also allows for closer component packing, thus optimizing space and reducing noise levels substantially. The manufacturing sector benefits from immersion cooling through its application in high-performance computing (HPC) systems used for design and simulation tasks. These compute-intensive processes require robust cooling solutions to maintain system stability and reliability. Immersion cooling offers a viable solution by enabling these systems to operate more efficiently, thus accelerating design cycles and improving product development timelines. Each of these use cases demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of immersion cooling in addressing the critical cooling needs of various high-demand computing environments, underscoring its growing importance in the B2B landscape.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Immersion Cooling

Immersion cooling, a method where electronic components are submerged in a thermally conductive but electrically insulating liquid for heat dissipation, has reached a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of approximately 7 to 8. This TRL indicates that the technology has been demonstrated in operational environments, showcasing its efficacy in cooling high-performance computing systems, data centers, and cryptocurrency mining operations. The progression to such a high TRL has been underpinned by significant advancements in the development of dielectric cooling fluids that are not only effective in transferring heat but also safe for prolonged contact with electronic components. Furthermore, the technology's evolution has been marked by the design of specialized immersion cooling tanks and enclosures that maximize heat dissipation while minimizing fluid evaporation and leakage risks. Another technical milestone contributing to its current TRL is the integration of immersion cooling systems with existing infrastructure, demonstrating scalability and adaptability in diverse operational settings. Despite its high TRL, ongoing research and development efforts focus on optimizing fluid properties and system designs to further enhance cooling efficiency and reduce operational costs, reflecting a continuous pursuit of technological refinement and efficiency.

What is the Technology Forecast of Immersion Cooling?

In the Short-Term, immersion cooling technology is expected to see significant advancements in efficiency and cost reduction. Developments in coolant materials, which are biodegradable and have lower boiling points, will allow for better heat absorption from high-performance computing systems. This phase will also witness the integration of AI-based monitoring systems to optimize cooling distribution and predict maintenance needs, leading to reduced operational costs and increased system reliability. The Mid-Term phase will be marked by the widespread adoption of immersion cooling in data centers and beyond, driven by its proven energy-saving benefits and sustainability credentials. Innovations will include modular and scalable cooling solutions that can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Additionally, we'll see the emergence of hybrid systems that combine immersion with other cooling techniques to cater to a broader range of hardware, further improving energy efficiency and performance. In the Long-Term, immersion cooling is poised to revolutionize not just data centers but also edge computing, IoT devices, and even space exploration equipment. The focus will be on developing superfluids that can operate in extreme conditions, offering unparalleled cooling capabilities. These advancements will enable the deployment of ultra-high density servers and support the computational demands of future technologies such as quantum computing, making immersion cooling a cornerstone of next-generation computing infrastructure.

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