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MakeTime's Logo


Lexington, United States

51-100 Employees


The Xometry Instant Quoting Engine® puts data science to work so you can easily choose your project’s optimal price and lead time. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100D certified. Teamspace provides a unified Xometry experience, giving your team members quick and easy access to quotes, order placement, part statuses, tracking information, and more. Xometry offers a range of solutions to help you develop practical prototypes and scale up to production parts. Xometry delivers high-quality, on-demand injection molding for prototypes and production parts. Xometry adds value through its massive global supply chain and secondary services like assembly or weldments. Xometry’s digital manufacturing marketplace is your one-stop solution for production. Xometry offers competitive pricing and lead times on plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, die casting, metal stamping, metal extrusion, plastic extrusion, sheet metal, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, laser tube cutting, and tube bending services.


Metal Stamping Services

... Ready to start your metal stamping project? ...

RICKOTEK Metal Products Co.Ltd.'s Logo

RICKOTEK Metal Products Co.Ltd.

Xiamen City, China

51-100 Employees


We are able to stamp a wide range of material including aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, irron, copper, and plastics.…. We provide an extensive selection of secondary machining services such as anodizing, deburring, heat treating, passivation, plating, etc. RICKOTEK Metal Products Limited is a leading custom metal stamping parts manufacturer in China, established in 2003 with more than 5000 SQM facilities, serving customers in Household appliances, Automotive, Motorcycle, architecture, Lighting, Medical, Energy and Power transmission, Furniture, Electronic industry, construction, and other consumer goods. As an ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949: 2016 certified company, we produce precision metal stamping parts, formed metal parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies. Besides our metal stamping services, we also offer numerous secondary and CNC machining services, working with many of our customers to provide custom tooling and fabricating services. Rickotek Metal Products Limited is a prefessional metal stamping manufactuer and rapid prototyping service provider, We not only provide a wide range of Metal Stamping services including deep drawn stamping, progresive die stamping, precision metal stamping and compound die stamping, but offer CNC machining services. Founded in 2003, we had provide custom metal stamping services for more than 15 years, rich experiences in progressive stamping, deep drawn stamping process. Customer satisfaction is our lifetime persure, we are striving for the satisfaction of every our customer.

Core business

Full-service provider of custom metal stamping

... metal stamping, precision metal stamping & deep drawn sevices. ...



Dilbeek, Belgium

1-10 Employees


For over 60 years Albest has manufactured Made in America products by union employees. Albest proudly makes Berry amendment compliant products in our Brooklyn NY Manufacturing Plant, and wishes to be your one stop manufacturing solution for your textile and industrial projects. By choosing Albest you are not just choosing America and American jobs but you are choosing an experienced Manufacturer Established in 1958. At Albest we have the in-house capabilities to manufacture to your specifications. At Albest we take the customers’ requirements, cares and concerns seriously and we can be relied on to produce the product as specified. Customer value is how Albest is able to maintain long term relationships with our customers. Our team consist of skilled and caring professionals that are committed to understand your needs and to exceed your expectations. We have quality control procedures in place not just for our own manufacturing processes but for the quality of the raw materials that go into our products.

Core business

Albest Metal Stamping Corp. – A leading manufacturer of metal and plastic components

... the best with Albest Metal Stamping Corp. Visit our premium ...

Performance Stamping's Logo

Performance Stamping

Carpentersville, United States

11-50 Employees


Performance Stamping has become a competitive leader in the industry by recognizing the importance of its metal stamping quality. We offer steel buying leverage along with comprehensive engineered metal stamping solutions that drive costs out of customers' components. Performance Stamping has long been a leader in the metal stamping industry by recognizing the importance of metal stamping quality in fit and function. Customer Care goes beyond the metal stamping process and delivery. Customer Care is provided through every phase of your project. Performance Stamping offers custom KanBan and JIT programs with deliveries to fit your production schedule. You'll always receive carefully packaged metal stampings to your specifications delivered on time, every time. Here is a list of the industries we serve.

Core business

Complete Metal Stamping Solutions

... . offers a wide range of metal stamping services. Visit our site to see ...

The Crosby Company's Logo

The Crosby Company

Buffalo, United States

11-50 Employees


Consult with Crosby engineers whenever you require advice on part design or material selection that will facilitate your production. Crosby customers benefit from direct contact with technical staff, resulting in project success from start to finish. Careful evaluation of your inquiries submitted for quotation, gives you the best possible part at the lowest price. Crosby is completely experienced in stamping all types of metals and alloys, and we only source our raw material from the highest quality suppliers. Deep Draw or Big Parts, size is no problem.


Metal Stamping

... quality precision metal stamping and deep drawn stamping ...

Atlantic Precision Spring Inc.'s Logo

Atlantic Precision Spring Inc.

Bristol, United States

11-50 Employees


We are a manufacturer of standard and custom metal stampings from a material thickness of 003″ (.076 mm) to .125″ (3.175 mm), and up to 12.00″ (304.8mm) wide. The metal stampings we manufacture are used as flat springs, battery contacts, electrical contacts , spring clips and clip fasteners . We are also an engineering assistance facility that helps to optimize your project concepts. We are ISO certified, boast an experienced and talented staff, and have a modern facility and the latest technology that we use to produce the highest quality metal parts. Atlantic Precision Spring is a United States precision metal stamping company that was founded in 1958. Employing a wide variety of manufacturing techniques to produce custom metal stampings, Atlantic Precision Spring sets ourselves apart from the competition. APS is able to offer top-quality components at competitive prices. Our ability to supply metal stampings from print to prototype to production is supported by the latest in CAD design software from SolidWorks, Wire EDM, CNC machines, and highly skilled toolmakers.


Metal Stampings

... can manufacture custom metal stampings from flat strips ranging from . ...

Burloak Tool's Logo

Burloak Tool

Burlington, Canada

51-100 Employees


BTD is known for superiority when producing complicated prototype parts for a large variety of industries. All tooling is designed in-house using (3-D) VISI software. We take pride in the fact that all the necessary tooling components including custom die shoes are machined in-house using our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. BTD designers have experience with machine design, automotive progressive dies, die transfer, and part development/prototypes. BTD is the “go to” organization for quality parts, quick turn around and on-time delivery.

Core business



Charles A. Richardson, Inc.'s Logo

Charles A. Richardson, Inc.

Mansfield, United States

11-50 Employees


They have excellent welding compatibility because they are manufactured from slit coil raw material, which is the same material as the tank skin.


Metal Stamping Products

... Metal Stampings | Weld Neck Flanges & Metal ...

All New Stamping's Logo

All New Stamping

El Monte, United States

101-250 Employees


Today, we are helping our customers manage through the financial uncertainty and challenging times to offer rock solid support and dependability to their production needs. We provide the personalized attention few companies care about any more. And we manufacture that into every metal stamped part we make. Since 1962 we’ve built a reputation for quality metal stamping. At All-New Stamping, we offer high-quality, custom precision metal stamping and progressive die stamping for parts and components in many industries including Aerospace, Electronics, and Medical. We believe that our levels of engineering, metal stamped part production and overall performance is an art form. We’ve learned how to provide a level of satisfaction that breeds dependability, confidence, and value that makes our customers feel powerful. Our expertise in custom precision & progressive die metal stamping services will ensure that your part will be manufactured to your exact specifications and to the highest quality standards.

Core business

Custom Metal Stamping Services

... Custom Precision Metal Stamping Services | All-New Stamping - ...

Westlake Tool & Die's Logo

Westlake Tool & Die

Avon, United States

- Employees


We are a high-quality metal parts manufacturer that partners with you to ensure your products get to market faster and at an optimal cost. We believe in working hard and building strong relationships through trust—it’s the basis behind everything we do. Each of our extensive service offerings is executed with the satisfaction of our business partners and customers in mind, which has allowed us to establish many decades-long relationships in our nearly 50 years as a company. This is why we have decades-long business relationships—our service-oriented point of view creates unique, fast and comprehensive solutions for each and every customer. When you choose Westlake Tool & Die as your metal parts manufacturer, your needs come first. We strive to always deliver total customer satisfaction through our quick processes and reliable products. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified, full-service metal stamping company, we offer a variety of capabilities and services. Additionally, we offer custom metal stamping solutions for any industry.


Successful Products Depend on Expert Metal Stamping

... Successful Products Depend on Expert Metal Stamping ...

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Things to know about Metal Stamping

What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is a cold-forming process that involves placing flat sheets of metal, either in coil or blank form, into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a desired shape. This process can include a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing operations, such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. It's an intricate process that allows for high precision and detailed shapes to be formed from metal sheets, making it a pivotal technique in the manufacturing sector. Metal stamping is widely utilized across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and home appliances, due to its efficiency in producing large quantities of complex parts with tight tolerances. The ability to quickly produce durable components makes metal stamping a cost-effective solution for mass production. Moreover, its versatility in working with different metals, coupled with advancements in stamping technology, such as automation and computer-controlled programming, enhances its role in manufacturing innovation. The impact of metal stamping within its field is profound, as it not only streamlines production processes but also drives advancements in design and engineering, enabling the creation of intricate and lightweight components that contribute to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of end products.

Advantages of Metal Stamping

1. Cost Efficiency
Metal stamping is notably more cost-effective compared to other forming processes, especially for high-volume production. The efficiency stems from the ability to produce large quantities of parts quickly, utilizing less labor and reducing the per-unit cost significantly.

2. Precision and Consistency
One of the standout advantages of metal stamping is the high level of precision and consistency it offers. Modern stamping presses can maintain tight tolerances, ensuring that each part is virtually identical. This is crucial for industries where component uniformity is essential for the product's performance.

3. Versatility
Metal stamping processes can work with a wide range of metals and alloys, making it a versatile option for different applications. From stainless steel to aluminum, the technique can be adapted to suit the specific properties required for the end product.

4. Speed
The speed at which metal stamping operations can be completed is unmatched. Once the dies are created and set up, parts can be produced at an incredibly fast rate. This rapid production capability is beneficial for meeting tight deadlines and handling large orders efficiently.

How to select right Metal Stamping supplier?

1. Quality Certifications
Ensure suppliers have relevant quality certifications like ISO 9001, which indicate they adhere to industry standards in metal stamping processes.

2. Material Capabilities
Verify the supplier's ability to work with the specific metals needed for your project, such as aluminum, steel, or brass.

3. Production Capacity
Assess whether the supplier can meet your volume needs within the required timeline, considering their machinery and workforce.

4. Technical Expertise
Look for suppliers with extensive experience and knowledge in metal stamping, including the latest technologies and techniques.

5. Cost-effectiveness
Compare pricing among suppliers to ensure you receive competitive rates without compromising on quality or delivery times.

6. Quality Control Measures
Check for a robust quality control system in place to minimize defects and ensure the final product meets your specifications.

7. After-sales Support
Consider the level of support offered post-delivery, including handling of defects, returns, or any necessary adjustments.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping plays a crucial role in the automotive industry, where precision and durability are paramount. Components like brackets, connectors, and engine parts are routinely manufactured through stamping processes. This method ensures high-volume production with consistent quality, meeting the automotive sector's stringent safety and performance standards. In the electronics industry, metal stamping is indispensable for creating small, complex components. Items such as connectors, terminals, and shields are produced with tight tolerances. This precision allows for the miniaturization of devices without compromising their functionality or reliability, aligning with the industry's trend towards sleeker, more compact products. The aerospace sector benefits from metal stamping in the fabrication of structural components, housings, and brackets. The ability to work with high-strength, lightweight metals is essential in this field, where every gram counts. Stamping processes provide the accuracy and efficiency needed to produce parts that withstand extreme conditions and stresses, contributing to safer and more efficient air travel. Lastly, in the construction industry, metal stamping finds application in producing fasteners, beams, and supports. These components must exhibit high durability and strength to ensure the integrity of buildings and structures. Through stamping, manufacturers can achieve the required specifications at a lower cost, supporting the construction of more robust and economical infrastructures.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping, a critical process in manufacturing that involves shaping metal sheets into specific forms through pressing tools and dies, stands at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 9. This categorization signifies that metal stamping technologies are fully mature, having been extensively validated and currently in active operation across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. The attainment of TRL 9 is attributed to several technical advancements and the extensive history of application and optimization. Over the years, innovations such as high-speed stamping, precision stamping, and the integration of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems have significantly enhanced the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of metal stamping processes. These technological enhancements have facilitated the production of complex parts with tight tolerances and high repeatability, ensuring the technique's adaptability to the demanding requirements of modern manufacturing. Furthermore, the development of materials science has played a crucial role, with the introduction of advanced metals and alloys that can withstand the rigors of stamping while maintaining desired properties. Consequently, metal stamping's designation at TRL 9 reflects its proven effectiveness, reliability, and widespread acceptance as a cornerstone manufacturing process, underpinned by continuous innovation and refinement.

What is the Technology Forecast of Metal Stamping?

In the Short-Term, the metal stamping industry is poised to embrace automation and digitalization technologies further. These advancements will streamline production processes, reducing manual labor and improving precision. With the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, real-time monitoring of equipment wear and process efficiency will become standard, enabling predictive maintenance and minimizing downtime. This phase marks a significant step towards more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing environments. Looking into the Mid-Term phase, advancements in material science and engineering are expected to bring about the development of new, lightweight yet durable alloys. These materials will enable the creation of more complex and intricate stamped parts, catering to the growing demands of industries such as automotive and aerospace for lighter, more fuel-efficient components. Additionally, the introduction of AI-driven design tools will optimize stamping processes, reduce waste, and enhance product quality by predicting potential defects before production begins. In the Long-Term, the advent of fully autonomous metal stamping factories represents a significant leap forward. These facilities will operate with minimal human intervention, governed by advanced AI systems capable of overseeing the entire production lifecycle, from design to shipping. Moreover, the integration of green technologies and recycling processes within these smart factories will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of metal stamping operations, aligning with global sustainability goals. This era will not only redefine manufacturing standards but also significantly impact the cost, efficiency, and environmental impact of metal production.

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