The Future of Construction: Drone Mapping, an Interview with Thomas Bücheler, founder of Airteam Aerial Intelligence GmbH

Definition of Drone Mapping

What is Drone Mapping?
"At its core, drone mapping is the cornerstone of our work," says Thomas Bücheler. "We use drones to capture a large number of photos of buildings. These images are then processed using photogrammetry techniques to create detailed 3D models. In a further step, we use AI algorithms to convert these models into useful CAD and PV planning data."

Applications and Practical Benefits of Drone Mapping

What are the applications and practical uses of drone mapping?

Thomas Bücheler highlights the versatility and benefits of drone flights: "Our first customers came from the trades. Roofers, carpenters, and scaffolders were able to work faster, safer, and more accurately with our 3D building models." He also emphasizes: "Since 2020, photovoltaic installers have been using our technology to accelerate the planning of PV systems, resulting in significant time savings for them."

Advantages of Drone Mapping over Traditional Surveying Methods

What are the advantages of drone mapping over traditional surveying methods?

The efficiency of drone technology compared to traditional methods is particularly emphasized by Thomas Bücheler: "We can achieve time savings of up to 90% compared to traditional methods. Not only do we enable significant cost savings as a result, but there are also fewer reworkings due to the accuracy of the data." He also highlights improved occupational safety: "Statistics show around 35,000 ladder accidents in the German construction industry annually. Our approach can help reduce this number."

The Role of AI in Drone Technologies

What role does AI play in drone technologies?

"AI is crucial as it takes over time-consuming and monotonous tasks," emphasizes Thomas Bücheler. "This results in enormous time and cost advantages." Regarding the development of the technology, Thomas Bücheler remains optimistic: "We are only at the beginning of this novel technology. We have already been able to reduce the costs of drone mapping by 90%. Our goal is to further accelerate processes while reducing costs for our customers."

Thomas Bücheler makes it clear that drone mapping is much more than a futuristic idea. It is a significant advancement that has the potential to fundamentally change the way we build and plan sustainably. With companies like Airteam Aerial Intelligence, the construction industry will undoubtedly become more efficient, safer, and greener.

About Thomas Bücheler

• Bachelor of Business Administration at Lancaster University (2001-2003)
• Master of Business Administration at ESB Reutlingen (2003-2005)
• Intern Strategic Planning at Ogilvy & Mather (2006)
• Senior Manager at Coca Cola (2013-2017)
• Founder & CEO of Airteam Aerial Intelligence (2016)

• 10+ years experience working for The Coca-Cola company in various roles in marketing
• started his entrepreneurship career in 2015
• Thomas is a passionate kitesurfer and camper van enthusiast.


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