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Quantum Silicon's Logo

Quantum Silicon

Edmonton, Canada

1-10 Employees


At QSi we develop the world's first practical implementation of field controlled computing. We develop, manufacture, and license high-speed, all-silicon electronics to meet the semiconductor industry's need for products that are faster and dramatically more energy efficient. The result is a new generation of quantum accelerators that are tiny, fast, and cool. Now, over 30 years later, QSi is leading the world in developing and using atomically precise manufacturing to create electronics that use no transistors, are far faster than their transistor-based equivalent, and consume orders of magnitude less energy. As the development of atom scale devices transitions from novel, proof-of-concept demonstrations to state-of-the-art commercial applications, automated assembly of such devices must be implemented. By training the network to differentiate between common defects we are able to avoid charged defects as well as edges of the patterning terraces. We additionally incorporated this molecular repassivation technique as the primary rewriting mechanism in ultradense atomic data storage designs (0.88 petabits per in2). With nanoelectronics reaching the limit of atom-sized devices, it has become critical to examine how irregularities in the local environment can affect device functionality.

Core business

Quantum Accelerator Chips: Tiny, fast, and cool

... Quantum Accelerator Chips: Tiny, fast, and ...

Anyon Computing's Logo

Anyon Computing

Los Angeles, United States

1-10 Employees


Anyon Technologies delivers a comprehensive, vertically integrated solution with proprietary technologies, ranging from large-scale modular quantum processors to scalable real-time quantum control electronics, and a natively supported quantum application development toolkit, empowering developers and users in one seamless package. Powering leading industry quantum application discoveries and co-deploying with high-performance computing infrastructure. Proprietary quantum application environment, natively supported by the underlying integrated quantum control and quantum processor.


Technology | Anyon Technologies

... trailblazing technologies ranging from quantum chips to quantum control. ...

QDNL Participations's Logo

QDNL Participations

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1-10 Employees


It can be hard to know where to invest or how to provide the long term support needed to get a return for the benefit of humanity. The QDNL Participations €15M fund provides the bridge between the grant-giving phase of quantum research and the 'patient capital' phase of venture investment.‍We provide impactful business and commercial support to transform potentially great technical ideas into obviously great investable companies, helping brilliant technical minds organise leading talent to bring their ideas into the world for the benefit of humanity.We've invested in some of the world's most groundbreaking quantum businesses:. Dutch quantum-focused investor QDNL Participations is announcing the close of a €15m fund dedicated to helping university quantum spinouts scale.

Core business

Orange Quantum Systems raises €1.5M pre-seed to accelerate the Quantum industry with faster chip testing

... 1.5M pre-seed to accelerate the Quantum industry with faster chip ...

EYL's Logo


United States

1-10 Employees


Core business

Developed quantum convergence security solution Quantum Shieldz based on ultra-small quantum entropy chip technology

... Quantum Shieldz based on ultra-small quantum entropy chip ...

Quantum Inspire's Logo

Quantum Inspire

Delft, Netherlands

251-500 Employees


QuTech is the advanced research center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet, a collaboration founded in 2014 by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).


Use our Quantum Chips

... Use our Quantum Chips ...

Orange Quantum Systems's Logo

Orange Quantum Systems

Delft, Netherlands

11-50 Employees


Jan van Schoot brings his experience with the design and production of complex systems to Orange QS. We’re excited to have his advice on best practices and the stringent technical and operational requirements of the semiconductor industry. Jan holds over 35 patents and has experienced the growth of ASML from about 1000 employees in 1996 to over 30.000 employees. In 2018, ASML succeeded in making machines that use extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to produce the most advanced microchips (7nm, 5 nm and 3 nm nodes). Today ASML’s lithography technology is fundamental to mass producing semiconductor chips.

Core business

We deliver diagnostics systems to create better quantum chips.

... We deliver diagnostics systems to create better quantum chips. ...

Sparrow Quantum's Logo

Sparrow Quantum

Copenhagen, Denmark

1-10 Employees


We are Sparrow Quantum, a Danish quantum technology company committed to pushing the boundaries of light-matter interfaces for quantum technologies. Our company was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen by Prof. Peter Lodahl, and we are widely recognized as a leader in single-photon sources, achieving the world’s highest light-matter coupling efficiency. We are passionate about providing researchers and developers of quantum technology systems with unparalleled technology and essential building blocks for scaling up photonic quantum technology applications in information processing and communication. Our technology finds applications in areas such as secure quantum communication, photonic quantum computing, and quantum repeaters for the quantum internet.


Technology - Sparrow Quantum

... Our planar design for the quantum emitter chip is absolutely unique: we ...

ID Quantique's Logo

ID Quantique

Carouge, Switzerland

11-50 Employees


We are a global company with offices and engineering labs located around the world. Our products are used by governments, enterprises and academic research labs in more than 60 countries and on every continent. IDQ’s business focus on sustainable growth translates into a strong commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. At ID Quantique, we believe that the ability to trust networks and communicate securely is a fundamental human right. Delivering true Quantum randomness and unbreakable keys for greater trust. The XG Series provides the highest level of trust to enterprise, government, and telco production environments.

Core business

Implement our quantum chip anywhere. The Quantis QRNG chip

... Implement our quantum chip anywhere. The Quantis QRNG ...

SeeQC's Logo


Village of Elmsford, United States

1-10 Employees


The potential to complete specific algorithms at higher speeds and greater accuracy. Read the article published in Applied Physics Letters. SEEQC’s Matthew Hutchings and Joseph Rahamim spoke with The Quantum Insider about working in quantum computing. To Build Commercially Scalable Roadmap to Explore Applications of Quantum Computing in Homogeneous Catalysis. The first quantum machine in the country is born in Naples...

Core business

Digital Quantum Computing | Chip Foundry & Fabrication | SEEQC

... Digital Quantum Computing | Chip Foundry & Fabrication | ...

Qove Laboratory's Logo

Qove Laboratory


1-10 Employees


Welcome to Qove Laboratory! We are a research team located at the National University of Singapore and focused on designing and building Quantum Technologies with an emphasis on Quantum Networks. Our experimental platforms include superconducting circuits, rare-earth ions in solid-state and integrated photonics. Steven earned his PhD from Yale University from the group of Michel Devoret. He then did a post-doc at the National University of Singapore on quantum information processing with neutral Strontium atoms. Steven also worked as a consultant for quantum computing companies Alice&Bob and Xanadu.

Core business

Rethink quantum networks chips

... Rethink quantum networks chips ...

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Product: Ion-trap-based Quantum Computers, QAAS, Quantum Computing Solutions


Ion-trap-based Quantum Computers, QAAS, Quantum Computing Solutions

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Things to know about Quantum Chips

What is Quantum Chips?

Quantum chips, at their core, represent the foundational hardware of quantum computing, built upon the principles of quantum mechanics. These chips diverge significantly from traditional silicon-based semiconductors, as they operate using quantum bits, or qubits, which can exist in multiple states simultaneously, thanks to superposition. This characteristic allows quantum chips to perform complex calculations at speeds unattainable by classical computers, making them incredibly powerful tools for certain types of computations. Their potential applications range from drug discovery, through simulations of molecular structures that are too complex for traditional computers, to enhancing cybersecurity with theoretically unbreakable encryption. Furthermore, quantum chips are pivotal in the development of new algorithms for machine learning and optimization problems, offering solutions far more efficiently than current technologies allow. The impact of quantum chips extends beyond mere computational speed, as they promise to revolutionize industries by enabling advancements in material science, financial modeling, and beyond. However, the technology is still in its nascent stages, with challenges in qubit stability and error rates. Overcoming these hurdles is critical for the widespread adoption and full realization of quantum computing's potential.

Advantages of Quantum Chips

1. Increased Computational Power
Quantum chips leverage the principles of quantum mechanics to perform complex calculations at speeds unattainable by traditional semiconductor-based chips. This superior computational capability enables them to solve intricate problems in fields such as cryptography, drug discovery, and climate modeling more efficiently.

2. Energy Efficiency
Despite their powerful performance, quantum chips consume significantly less energy compared to their classical counterparts. This efficiency stems from their ability to perform multiple computations simultaneously, reducing the need for repetitive processing and, consequently, the amount of energy consumed.

3. Enhanced Security
Quantum chips introduce a new level of security through quantum encryption methods like Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). This technique utilizes the properties of quantum mechanics to create secure communication channels that are theoretically impossible to intercept without detection, offering a substantial upgrade over traditional encryption methods.

4. Parallel Processing Capabilities
The inherent nature of quantum computing allows for parallel processing on an unprecedented scale. Quantum chips can evaluate numerous possibilities at once, drastically cutting down on the time required to process complex datasets. This capability makes them particularly valuable in fields that require the analysis of large volumes of data in real time.

How to select right Quantum Chips supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Manufacturing Capabilities
Evaluate if the supplier has state-of-the-art facilities and the capability to produce quantum chips with the precision and scalability required for your specific application.

2. Quality Assurance Processes
Verify that the supplier implements rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production to ensure the highest reliability and performance of the quantum chips.

3. Technological Expertise
Assess the supplier's research and development team's expertise in quantum computing technology to ensure they can provide innovative solutions and advancements.

4. Supply Chain Robustness
Consider the robustness of the supplier’s supply chain to mitigate risks of delays or disruptions in delivering quantum chips.

5. Cost-effectiveness
Analyze the cost-effectiveness of the supplier’s offerings without compromising on quality and performance to ensure a good return on investment.

6. Customer Support and Service
Ensure the supplier offers comprehensive post-sale support and services to address any issues or needs that may arise during the use of their quantum chips.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Quantum Chips?

Quantum chips are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by expediting drug discovery and development. Through quantum computing's ability to simulate molecular interactions at an unprecedented scale, companies can drastically reduce the time and resources needed to identify promising compounds. This leap in efficiency holds the potential to bring new treatments to market faster, benefiting both businesses and patients. In the field of finance, quantum chips offer a transformative approach to risk analysis and portfolio optimization. Financial institutions leverage their computational power to analyze vast datasets, improving the accuracy of predictions regarding market trends and asset performance. This enhanced capability enables more informed decision-making, potentially yielding higher returns on investments. Cybersecurity is another critical area benefiting from the adoption of quantum chips. With the ability to crack complex encryption codes that are currently considered secure, these chips necessitate a reevaluation of data protection strategies. Businesses are thus prompted to develop quantum-resistant encryption methods, ensuring a higher level of security for sensitive information against potential quantum computing threats. Lastly, in the realm of logistics and supply chain management, quantum chips contribute to solving complex optimization problems, such as route planning and inventory management. The superior processing power of quantum computing allows for real-time adjustments and optimizations, leading to more efficient operations and significant cost savings for businesses.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Quantum Chips

Quantum chips, the cornerstone of quantum computing, are currently positioned at varying stages of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum, predominantly ranging from TRL 3 to TRL 4. This classification stems from their experimental proof of concept in a controlled environment (TRL 3) to components being validated in a laboratory setting (TRL 4). The primary technical reasons behind this categorization involve several inherent challenges. First, maintaining quantum coherence for practical durations is a significant hurdle, as quantum bits (qubits) are highly susceptible to external interference, leading to rapid loss of quantum information—a phenomenon known as decoherence. Additionally, error rates in quantum operations are currently higher than in classical computing, necessitating the development of robust error correction methods. The fabrication of quantum chips also poses technical difficulties due to the need for highly specialized materials and environments to house and operate them, such as cryogenic temperatures for superconducting qubits. Despite these challenges, ongoing research and development efforts are aimed at overcoming these barriers, with advancements in materials science, qubit design, and error correction algorithms driving progress. The current TRL reflects the nascent but rapidly evolving state of quantum chip technology, indicating its transition from theoretical models to preliminary real-world applications.

What is the Technology Forecast of Quantum Chips?

In the Short-Term, quantum chips are poised for significant enhancements in coherence times and error rates. Researchers are increasingly focusing on refining fabrication processes, leading to chips that can maintain their quantum states for longer periods. This advancement is crucial for executing more complex quantum algorithms, opening new avenues in cryptography and simulation tasks. Early adopters in industries like finance and pharmaceuticals are expected to benefit from these improvements by achieving more accurate and faster computational results. The Mid-Term development phase will likely witness the integration of quantum chips into conventional computing infrastructure, heralding the era of hybrid quantum-classical systems. These systems will leverage quantum chips for specific tasks that benefit from quantum computing, such as optimization and machine learning, while relying on classical processors for general-purpose computing. This period will also see the emergence of error correction techniques that significantly reduce the quantum error rates, making quantum computations more reliable and accurate. In the Long-Term, quantum chips are anticipated to achieve mainstream adoption, powered by breakthroughs in scalability and error correction. Quantum computing could become a standard component in data centers, offering unprecedented computational power for a wide range of applications, from drug discovery to climate modeling. The development of fault-tolerant quantum chips during this phase will mark a pivotal moment, enabling the execution of complex quantum algorithms without the need for constant error checks, thus unlocking the full potential of quantum computing.

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