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„Machine Learning“

Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. It uses algorithms to find patterns in existing data and then predict outcomes based on those patterns. Machine Learning can be used to solve complex problems and make decisions that would otherwise be too difficult or time consuming for humans.

Machine Learning Budapest - MLBP's Logo

Machine Learning Budapest - MLBP

Budapest, Hungary
1-10 Employees

Machine Learning Budapest

... Machine Learning Budapest - the biggest hub for Machine Learning experts in Hungary! ...'s Logo

Brisbane City, Australia
1-10 Employees | Machine Learning & Data Science Platform

... | Machine Learning & Data Science ...

DroneX's Logo


Bristol, United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

Dronex | Machine Learning Consulting | Bristol

... We can apply our expertise in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning to solve complex business problems. ...

Applied Crypto Aps's Logo

Applied Crypto Aps

Hellerup, Denmark
1-10 Employees

AI and Machine Learning | Applied Crypto Aps | Danmark

... Applied Crypto offer consultants within AI and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity and Java ...

Sapiema's Logo


Berlin, Germany
1-10 Employees

Sapiema | Plug-and-play Machine Learning

... Adam, an advanced AI assistant, uses Sapiema's framework to assist users in defining and managing machine learning projects, automating tasks, and providing expert remote assistance. ...

Sapiema | Plug-and-play Machine Learning
Algoact's Logo


London, United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

Machine Learning and AI Consultancy | London | ALGOACT

... With years of experience in designing large scale, low latency Machine Learning systems for personalised and contextualised advertising, content creation, search and recommendation, we can take your digital content to the next level and deliver elite performance auto-pilot ...

Machine Learning and AI Consultancy | London | ALGOACT
Convexity AI's Logo

Convexity AI

Seattle, United States
1-10 Employees

Convexity AI | Machine Learning Strategy and Engineering

... Let’s discuss how machine learning can accelerate your business. ...

Digiblocks's Logo


Johannesburg, South Africa
1-10 Employees

Machine Learning | Digiblocks

... Digiblocks is a team of industry experts solving problems through Machine Learning. We follow a design thinking process to first arrive at the problem and then the solution. ...

Machine Learning | Digiblocks

... Digiblocks are experts in Cloud Architecture, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and we believe most of the Customer problems for industry can be solved with a hybrid approach of Cloud technologies and Custom Machine Learning Models. ...

M[Labs] - NIT Calicut's Logo

M[Labs] - NIT Calicut

Kozhikode, India
1-10 Employees

M-Labs — Machine Learning Focused Accelerator Program

... Machine learning as a domain offers the right incentives for interested students, enthusiastic alumni-mentors and supportive faculty members to collaborate towards that objective. Indeed, MLabs stands for Machine Learning Labs. ...

Bittensor's Logo


Old Toronto, Canada
1-10 Employees

Bittensor, Internet-scale machine learning

... Due to its high-resolution, highly collaborative nature, this benchmark has the potential to be the gold standard in machine learning testing and evaluation. ...

Bittensor, Internet-scale machine learning

... These functions, together with losses and their proportion of stake, represent a stake-weighted machine learning objective∑inLi∗si \sum_{i}^{n} {\mathcal{L}}_{i} * s_{i} \:∑in​Li​∗si​ ...