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Recoshelf's Logo


Tallinn, Estonia

1-10 Employees


Recoshelf has won the govermental funding for participation in EXPO 2020 DUBAI from Ukrainian Startup Fund. Recoshelf has won a $50,000 grant from Ukrainian Startup Fund. Startus analysts have selected Recoshelf among other Retailtech startups to watch in 2021. Recoshelf has received an AWS award for practical use of AI in retail. Meet Recoshelf: Demium alumni currently shaking up the supermarket sector. Стартап Recoshelf отримав початкові інвестиції в розмірі 30 тисяч євро від іспанського інкубатора Demium. Recoshelf Helps to Digitalize Business Processes for Retailers. Recoshelf Wins A National Startup Fund Grant From USF.

Core business

We empower you to sell more using continuous shelf monitoring

... We empower you to sell more using continuous shelf monitoring ...

Unicsoft's Logo


City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

51-100 Employees


Since that time, Unicsoft has been steadily introducing a high level of standard for project and client management. At Unicsoft, we embody learning and caring culture, attracting the best talent, who stay with us and our customers for years. Unicsoft’s end-to-end approach to implementing AI solutions for businesses begins with consulting and outlining an MVP. Unicsoft helps startups and enterprises make custom product designs and develop intelligent computer vision systems with unique requirements. Unicsoft is a highly reliable & efficient development partner, providing excellent project management, timely communication & commitment to go the extra mile when needed. With Unicsoft's help, the client now has the needed capacity to accomplish their ongoing projects. Lifewatch worked with Unicsoft for 3.5 years, during this time the product was launched and supported for over a year. Unicsoft allocated a team of very professional developers who did a great job for us and we intend to work with Unicsoft more in the future.


Image Recognition App For Shelf Monitoring

... Image Recognition App For Shelf Monitoring - ...

Impact Analytics's Logo

Impact Analytics

Linthicum, United States

101-250 Employees


We are building the best-in-class retail AI solution, to unlock the power of artificial intelligence for our users, in easy-to-use workflows. We are a trusted SaaS solutions partner for top retailers across the globe and empower them to make smart data-based decisions, unlock process efficiencies, transform their businesses and achieve unparalleled business benefits. We are led by a team with deep industry and AI expertise . AI Retail Demand Forecasts: Cold Start Modeling for New Retail Products. Impact Analytics is a cutting-edge retail AI solution platform that combines the art and science of end-to-end merchandising and supply chain optimization. Our philosophy around products and decision making is that we can arrive at “Better decisions with AI” . We leverage this core belief to deliver products that empower our customers.


Retail shelf monitoring solution to win at the store shelf - RackSmart

... An AI-led retail shelf monitoring solution helps CPGs understand how ...



Hanover, Germany

51-100 Employees


Today, we are one of the leading companies in remote video surveillance. In SECONTEC, you have found the best one! Innovative security technology by SECONTEC for seamless remote video surveillance of buildings and outdoor areas is always where you need it. SECONTEC stands for professional 360-degree security that goes far beyond just remote monitoring. For active parking management, people counting or traffic monitoring – with SECONTEC, you get the absolute maximum out of the footage! It all starts with personal consulting by our security experts. As a company for security technology, we develop a customized concept that is perfectly tailored to your individual requirements. Because: Our primary goal is the comprehensive protection of our customers’ assets.


Self-service checkout and shelf level monitoring

... Self-service checkout and shelf level monitoring ...

ParallelDots's Logo


Gurugram District, India

51-100 Employees


We are one of the world's best retail artificial intelligence research groups. ParallelDots is headquartered in the US with a major development center in India. AI startup ParallelDots raises $2 million from Times Internet & MultipointCapital. ParallelDots launches ShelfWatch Image Recognition and onboard India's largest tobacco manufacturer. ParallelDots Wins Invest India - SoftBank’s Tech4Future Challenge. ParallelDots emerges as a winner in NASSCOM Emerge50 2020 awards in Retail Tech category. ParallelDots raises $4.5 mn in Series A round led by Btomorrow Ventures. ParallelDots has partnered with Intel Corporation to massively increase ourIR engine's scaling capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Core business

ShelfWatch Customers Win at Retail Shelf Monitoring

... ShelfWatch Customers Win at Retail Shelf Monitoring ...

Captana's Logo


Ettenheim, Germany

11-50 Employees


Captana is a computer-vision-based solution designed to help physical retailers and brands to better monitor shelves, in real-time. With Captana, plug our mini wireless cameras (GDPR compliant) on your shelves, play with the insights! Captana is part of the VusionGroup, the leading Retail Technologies and solutions provider for substainable, human-centered commerce. Thanks to shelf-edge mini wireless cameras (GDPR compliant), Captana helps you visualize in real-time what your customers see in store, in the Cloud and at all times, without monitoring individuals. Watch the video and discover how Captana helps E center Warnow Park to increase its on-shelf availability by 3%, improve its labor efficiency and elevate its customer experience significantly.

Core business

The most advanced, scalable and agile shelf monitoring solution

... The most advanced, scalable and agile shelf monitoring ...

mmi's Logo


London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


Optimise online retail conversions, influencer marketing and media strategy with granular product-level beauty data.


shelfVIEW | solutions | mmi Analytics

... . shelfVIEW is a digital shelf monitoring platform that measures SKU ...

Data Impact's Logo

Data Impact

Paris, France

11-50 Employees


DataImpact is likely to collect personal data about you for the purposes necessary for its activity, whether in terms of recruitment, responding to your requests for information, execution and monitoring of service contracts. Types of data collected: DataImpact only collects data that is strictly necessary for the purposes of its activity. To date, DataImpact does not transfer, nor envisage any transfer of your personal data to a non-European Union member state. DataImpact ensures that its employees and service providers, subcontractors or hosts, also respect the absolute confidentiality of the information provided to them. DataImpact takes all appropriate measures in order to facilitate the exercise of the rights of its clients regarding their personal data (right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, portability, to define the fate of its data after death). DataImpact declines all responsibility for the content of these sites. Our work is a balance between drive, intelligence and well-being. Our people provide a wealth of perspectives which gives us agility and depth.


Benefit from the most accurate digital shelf monitoring available

... Benefit from the most accurate digital shelf monitoring ...

SES-imagotag's Logo


Nanterre, France

501-1000 Employees


Vusion technology digitalizes your store from floor to ceiling to create a sustainable, hybrid model that’s driven by data. Today at NRF 2024, VusionGroup announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to digitalize physical commerce, launching generative AI-powered solutions to boost in-store staff efficiency, accelerate retail media opportunities, and deliver seamless, engaging. Provide a better commerce experience — for consumers and associates —while enhancing profitability. Identify the right store and product availability in real-time, for every online order to delivery time & reduced carbon emissions. Thanks to these deployments, we can offer to our customers and employees a better in-store experience while also, standout our products through an additional spectrum of colors for an enhanced journey.". A new identity highlighting the broader portfolio of innovative solutions developed by the Group to solve the major challenges of physical commerce SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822), the global leader in digital solutions.


Automatic Shelf Monitoring  and Merchandising Compliance

... Automatic Shelf Monitoring  and Merchandising ...



Madrid, Spain

11-50 Employees


Samon has a wide product range for detection of various gases and related control solutions. Samon combines high and specific skills with professional service and training. Samon combines high and specific skills about applications with professional service and training. We are working hard to create value together with our customers, our partners and within our own organisation. SAMONs mission is to avoid harm on people, the environment and equipment by gas leaks. SAMONs mission is to reduce the negative impact of gas leakeges from harmfull gases in order to increase Good health and wellbeeing, Clean water and Sanitation, build sustainable cities and communiteis as well as provide Climate actions. We aim to offer reliable and cost effective solutions for applications where gas detection is essential. Our corporate values guides us in how we operate with our customers and partners, but also between ourselfs.


Battery shelf - Products - Samon: Safe monitoring

... Battery shelf - Products - Samon: Safe monitoring ...

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Things to know about Shelf Monitoring

What is Shelf Monitoring?

Shelf monitoring refers to the systematic process of tracking and analyzing the availability, visibility, and condition of products displayed on retail shelves. This practice is integral to retail operations and supply chain management, leveraging advanced technologies like RFID tags, IoT devices, and AI-powered image recognition to gather real-time data on stock levels, product placements, and consumer purchasing patterns. Through this data-driven approach, retailers can optimize shelf arrangements, ensure timely restocking, and minimize stockouts, thereby enhancing the shopping experience for consumers. Furthermore, shelf monitoring provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and product performance, enabling retailers and suppliers to fine-tune their marketing strategies and product offerings. The impact of efficient shelf monitoring extends beyond operational improvements, significantly influencing sales performance and customer satisfaction. By ensuring products are readily available and attractively presented, retailers can increase impulse purchases and foster brand loyalty. In essence, shelf monitoring acts as a critical tool for retailers to maintain competitive advantage, adapt to market demands, and drive business growth in the fast-paced retail environment.

Advantages of Shelf Monitoring

1. Accuracy in Inventory Management
Shelf monitoring systems utilize real-time data collection, significantly enhancing the accuracy of inventory management. This precision reduces the likelihood of stockouts and overstocking, ensuring that products are available when customers need them while minimizing excess inventory costs.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction
By maintaining optimal stock levels and ensuring product availability, shelf monitoring contributes to improved customer satisfaction. Shoppers are less likely to encounter empty shelves, leading to a more positive shopping experience and increased loyalty.

3. Efficiency in Restocking Processes
Automated shelf monitoring streamlines the restocking process. It alerts staff immediately when items are running low, allowing for quicker replenishment. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces the labor costs associated with manual shelf checks.

4. Enhanced Sales Data Analysis
Shelf monitoring provides valuable insights into sales trends and consumer preferences. Retailers can analyze this data to adjust product placements, promotions, and pricing strategies, ultimately driving sales and improving profit margins.

How to select right Shelf Monitoring supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Accuracy and Reliability
Ensure the technology accurately monitors inventory levels, recognizes product types, and updates in real-time to prevent stockouts and overstock situations.

2. Integration Capabilities
The system should seamlessly integrate with existing retail management and ERP systems for a unified operation.

3. Scalability
Choose a solution that can easily scale with your business growth, accommodating more products and expanding store sizes without significant upgrades.

4. Analytics and Reporting
Opt for suppliers that offer comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling actionable insights into inventory trends, shelf space optimization, and customer purchasing behavior.

5. Technical Support and Maintenance
Evaluate the supplier's support structure, including their responsiveness, availability of technical support, and maintenance services to ensure minimal downtime.

6. Cost-Effectiveness
Consider the total cost of ownership, including initial setup, subscription fees, and any additional costs for updates or maintenance, ensuring it aligns with your budget constraints.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Shelf Monitoring?

Shelf monitoring plays a crucial role in the retail industry, where it assists in maintaining optimal stock levels. By leveraging this technology, businesses can ensure that their shelves are never empty, thus avoiding potential sales losses. This application of shelf monitoring is particularly vital during peak shopping seasons when demand can fluctuate unpredictably. In the manufacturing sector, shelf monitoring extends its utility to the management of raw materials. Manufacturers utilize this technology to keep a real-time check on inventory levels, enabling timely replenishment of materials essential for uninterrupted production processes. This precision in inventory management contributes significantly to reducing operational downtimes and enhancing overall efficiency. The pharmaceutical industry benefits from shelf monitoring through its ability to uphold regulatory compliance. By maintaining a detailed log of drug storage conditions and shelf lives, businesses can guarantee that all products meet health and safety standards. This meticulous monitoring is key to preventing the distribution of expired or compromised medical products, ensuring patient safety. In the e-commerce domain, shelf monitoring technologies empower businesses with data analytics for consumer behavior insights. Through analysis of which products are frequently picked up or examined, companies can tailor their marketing strategies and stock management to better align with consumer preferences. This targeted approach helps in optimizing both the product range and inventory levels, driving sales growth.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Shelf Monitoring

Shelf monitoring technology currently sits at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7, indicating that its prototype demonstration in an operational environment has been achieved. This high TRL is primarily due to significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and sensor technology. These technical innovations allow for real-time, accurate tracking of inventory levels, product placements, and customer interactions with products on shelves. AI enables the analysis of vast amounts of data quickly, identifying patterns and predicting stock needs, while machine learning algorithms improve accuracy over time by learning from past data. Moreover, the integration of advanced sensors, including RFID tags and IoT devices, facilitates the automatic detection of product movements and quantities, reducing manual stocktaking errors and labor costs. These technical capabilities have been rigorously tested in retail environments, showcasing their reliability and efficiency in monitoring shelf inventory and consumer behavior. Consequently, the maturity of these underlying technologies supports the current TRL by providing a robust framework for shelf monitoring systems, demonstrating their operational viability and effectiveness in real-world settings.

What is the Technology Forecast of Shelf Monitoring?

In the Short-Term, advancements in shelf monitoring technology are set to leverage improved image recognition and IoT connectivity. Retailers can anticipate more sophisticated cameras and sensors that accurately track inventory levels in real-time, reducing stockouts and overstock situations. These devices will seamlessly integrate with existing retail management systems, offering instant alerts and analytics for better decision-making. Looking into the Mid-Term, AI and machine learning algorithms will dominate shelf monitoring solutions, providing predictive analytics for inventory management. These technologies will analyze historical sales data alongside real-time shelf status, predicting future stock needs with greater accuracy. This period will also witness the integration of augmented reality (AR) for in-store navigation, helping customers locate products more efficiently and improving overall shopping experiences. In the Long-Term, shelf monitoring is expected to evolve with the adoption of autonomous robotic systems. These robots will not only monitor inventory levels but also restock shelves autonomously, further reducing human intervention. Coupled with blockchain technology, shelf monitoring will ensure greater supply chain transparency and product authenticity, safeguarding against counterfeits and ensuring consumer trust. This era will redefine the retail landscape, making it more efficient, accurate, and customer-centric.

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