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APS INC.'s Logo


United States

11-50 Employees


Automated Production Systems is a Full-Service Turnkey Engineering firm that utilizes the latest / Risk Management processes to enhance the integrity of our Hardware, Software and Commissioning deliverables. Our strategic goals are twofold: first, to continually enhance and expand our diverse engineering competencies through ongoing training and development initiatives. Second, to leverage our engineering knowledge and experienced-based risk management skills to collaborate seamlessly with our clients and deliver effective, tailored solutions that meet or exceed all technical requirements while adhering to strict budget and timeline constraints. Through our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to maintain our position as a trusted partner in providing world-class engineering services.At the heart of our growth and success lies the unwavering commitment and exceptional strength of our engineering staff to consistently exceed beyond our customers expectations. With a proven track record of success, we have earned the reputation as a trusted systems integrator of choice for leading automotive manufacturers such as GM and Ford.


3D Bin Picking

... Optimized Workflow: Automation with 3D Bin Picking ...

BHS Robotics's Logo

BHS Robotics

Hanover Park, United States

11-50 Employees


We are experts in combining these components to create custom solutions for our customers. Still family owned, we are proud of our long heritage of quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. BHS Robotics is an authorized integration Partner with the leading global suppliers of automation components including Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Yaskawa, ABB, Motoman, Cognex, Omron, Keyence and Wonderware. Offering products, systems, and complete machine solutions for automation, BHS Robotics services include: design, engineering, panel assembly, programming, testing, mechanical fabrication, installation, startup, and field service. BHS Robotics featuring Chicago Electric technology, offers automation systems, products and complete machine solutions to improve productivity. Our experience with a broad range of control platforms, systems and products means we can provide the ideal automation solution that fits your application requirements. Our extensive experience with a broad range of innovative systems enables us to provide custom automation solutions for a wider range of industries including corrugated, ecommerce, retail, medical, automotive, and heavy-duty manufacturing. Founded in 1910 as Chicago Electric, BHS Robotics has always been a leader in drive and control technology for industry.


AutoStore 3D Vision-Guided Bin Picking System

... AutoStore 3D Vision-Guided Bin Picking System - BHS Robotics featuring ...

Visio Nerf's Logo

Visio Nerf

Vezins, France

11-50 Employees


The VisioNerf team supported me from the beginning of the project until the launch of our installation. The partnership with Visionerf initially allowed to validate the feasibility. Visionerf then helped us with the development of the location solution and its fine tuning. CIRRUS 3D by Visionerf is an all-in-one solution, easy to integrate and very powerful. Visionerf was present at every stage of the project, pre-sales, R&D, production and tuning. Visionerf is a member of three associations specialized in Vision : VDMA, A3 & AFS. In a nutshell, to make them enjoy a unique relationship with a manufacturer-partner. The professional expertise of the VISIO NERF teams ensures, in all circumstances, an innovative, productive response combining robotics, mechanics, automation, computer science and vision.


3D Bin Picking

... 3D Robotic Bin-Picking - Automated Bin Picking | Visio ...

Viztronics Smart Solutions's Logo

Viztronics Smart Solutions


1-10 Employees


Viztronics provide smart 3D solutions that allow businesses to simplify systems and enhance quality control. Viztronics is a young company but we’ve fit a lot into our short time! At Viztronics we continuously work to improve our 3D cameras and software to make the most effective & highest resolution 3D cameras available – anywhere! Viztronics provides smart 3D solutions both through direct collaborations with businesses and via a growing network of distributors. Viztronics are delighted to name JM VisTec Systems as a trusted distributor of Viztronics 3D vision solutions in the fast-moving Asia Pacific region. Viztronics are proud to have ClearView Imaging as a trusted distributor of Viztronics technology both in the UK and across continental Europe. Viztronics collaborate with a wide range of businesses on custom-made 3D vision solutions that transform processes and products. Want to know how Viztronics technology can help your company simplify systems & enhance quality control?


ZFlex 3D Camera for Bin Picking & Guidance - Viztronics

... ZFlex 3D Camera for Bin Picking & Guidance - ...

Mech-Mind Robotics's Logo

Mech-Mind Robotics

Beijing, China

501-1000 Employees


Mech-Mind is an industry-leading company focusing on industrial 3D cameras and AI-powered softwares for intelligent robotics. Mech-Mind has developed a full R&D and product portfolio, including Mech-Eye industrial 3D sensors, Mech-Vision machine vision software, Mech-DLK deep learning software, Mech-Viz robot programming software, etc. Founded in 2016, Mech-Mind has closed its Series C+ funding and raised a total of over $200 million. Most engineers of Mech-Mind are from world-top universities, such as Carnegie Mellon University, Technical University of Munich, California Institute of Technology, University of California, The University of Tokyo, etc. Mech-Mind works with global system integrators to bring the benefits of 3D vision and AI technologies to all corners of the world, with a good dose of passion, technical know-how, and knowledge of the sectors we work within. Mech-Mind is committed to helping system integrators boost productivity and lead competition — today and tomorrow. By combining 3D vision with AI technology, Mech-Mind brings automation to the next level and empowers partners and system integrators to manage the most challenging automation tasks, including bin picking, depalletizing & palletizing, picking & placing, assembly, and inspection. Backed by Intel and other global top investors, Mech-Mind has been one of the most funded AI+ robotics startups around the world.

Core business

3D Vision & AI for Robots and More | Mech-Mind Robotics

... Typical 3D vision applications include bin picking, depalletizing, ...

Jordan Prozesstechnik's Logo

Jordan Prozesstechnik

Cologne, Germany

11-50 Employees



3D Bin Picking Lösungen: Greifer & Cobot Integration

... KI-gesteuerte 3D Bin Picking Lösungen: Greifer & Roboter ...

Solprag GmbH's Logo

Solprag GmbH

Horw, Switzerland

1-10 Employees



3D Bin-Picking Bugano

... 3D Bin-Picking ...

Scape Technologies's Logo

Scape Technologies

Odense, Denmark

11-50 Employees


We develop and market standardized Industry 4.0 quality-solutions to ensure smooth and seamless customer adoption, consistent performance and high reliability. Scape Technologies, known as Scape – The Bin-Picking Company, is a Danish software automation company and the most experienced supplier in the challenging field of Bin-Picking. Scape is driven by a dedicated and innovative mindset throughout the entire organization and a will to solve a well-known challenge in production environments worldwide. Since 2011 more than 150 standardized SCAPE Bin-Picking solutions are implemented and in full production at several customers all over Europe. Scape established in China: Shenzhen Scape Technologies Ltd. Management Buy Out: MBO Continued product innovation projects. The first standardized SCAPE Bin-Picker is implemented in production at DFT-Presswork. The first two production systems are implemented at leading pump manufacturer Grundfos A/S, proving our vision in real life.


Komplettes Softwarepaket, welches programmierfreies 3D Bin-Picking von zufällig liegenden Teilen ermöglicht.

... programmierfreies 3D Bin-Picking von zufällig liegenden Teilen ...

ARMIN Robotics's Logo

ARMIN Robotics

Le Rœulx, Belgium

11-50 Employees


Change in demand or requests in emergency from your customers, robots offer you the necessary flexibility and reactivity .". In less than 15 minutes, we change production! To remain competitive, we must constantly optimize the manufacturing tool and costs.. This allowed us to build a production cell meeting our needs on the basis of their standard solution. The Technical & Production Manager : « In order to meet the requirements of our aircraft manufacturer customers, we had to increase our productivity and reduce our costs. The main drivers of this acquisition were competitiveness, the reduction of manufacturing cycles, the robustness of the process and the modernization of our plant ».


3D Vision / bin picking

... 3D Vision / bin picking ...

Automazioni Industriali Srl's Logo

Automazioni Industriali Srl

Nave, Italy

51-100 Employees



Soluzioni 3D Bin Picking | Automazioni Industriali

... Soluzioni 3D Bin Picking | Automazioni ...

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Things to know about 3D Bin Picking

What is 3D Bin Picking?

3D Bin Picking refers to the advanced technology employed in automated manufacturing and warehousing environments, where robots equipped with 3D vision systems are utilized to identify and pick objects from a bin. Unlike traditional picking methods that might rely on pre-programmed positions, 3D bin picking uses sophisticated algorithms and sensors to analyze the spatial arrangement and orientation of items in a bin in real-time. This allows robots to adapt their picking strategy for a wide variety of objects, regardless of their position or if they are buried under other items. The significance of this technology lies in its capacity to significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy in automated systems, reducing human error and increasing throughput in tasks such as order fulfillment, assembly, and packaging. Moreover, by automating labor-intensive processes, 3D bin picking contributes to safer work environments by minimizing the need for human workers to perform repetitive or physically demanding tasks. Its impact extends beyond productivity gains, as it also paves the way for greater flexibility in manufacturing processes, enabling companies to quickly adapt to changes in production demands or product designs. This technology exemplifies how automation and artificial intelligence can be harmoniously integrated into industrial operations, heralding a new era of efficiency and adaptability in the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Advantages of 3D Bin Picking

1. Increased Efficiency
3D bin picking technology significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of picking operations in manufacturing and distribution centers. Unlike manual or traditional automated systems, it can quickly identify and pick objects from a cluttered environment, reducing cycle times and increasing throughput.

2. Flexibility
This technology offers unparalleled flexibility, capable of handling a wide variety of items with different shapes, sizes, and materials. It adapts easily to new products without the need for extensive reprogramming, making it ideal for industries with frequently changing inventories.

3. Reduced Labor Costs
By automating the bin picking process, companies can significantly reduce their reliance on manual labor, leading to substantial savings in labor costs. This automation also minimizes the risk of injuries associated with repetitive or strenuous tasks, further reducing potential expenses related to workplace accidents.

4. Improved Accuracy
3D bin picking systems are equipped with advanced vision and artificial intelligence technologies that enable them to identify the correct items with high precision. This accuracy minimizes errors in the picking process, leading to higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns or complaints.

How to select right 3D Bin Picking supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Accuracy and Precision
Ensure the supplier's 3D bin picking technology can accurately identify and handle objects of various sizes and shapes, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

2. Speed and Throughput
Assess the system's ability to maintain high processing speeds without sacrificing accuracy, crucial for high-volume production environments.

3. Flexibility and Scalability
Verify that the solution can adapt to different product types and production demands, offering the ability to scale as your business grows.

4. Integration Capabilities
The system should seamlessly integrate with existing manufacturing and robotic systems, ensuring smooth operation and minimal disruption.

5. Software and AI Performance
Look for advanced software solutions and artificial intelligence algorithms that continually learn and improve picking strategies over time.

6. Support and Maintenance
Consider the level of technical support and maintenance services provided, ensuring that any issues can be quickly and effectively resolved.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for 3D Bin Picking?

In the manufacturing sector, 3D bin picking technology significantly streamlines the assembly line process. Robots equipped with this technology can identify and select specific parts from a bin, regardless of how randomly they are placed. This capability not only accelerates the assembly process but also reduces human error, leading to a more efficient production line with higher quality outputs. The automotive industry benefits from 3D bin picking in the automation of component sorting and assembly. Robots can precisely pick parts like screws, bolts, and other components from mixed bins, facilitating faster assembly of vehicles. This application not only optimizes the manufacturing workflow but also minimizes the risk of delays caused by manual sorting errors. In electronics manufacturing, where precision is paramount, 3D bin picking plays a crucial role in handling delicate components. Robots can identify and pick intricate parts such as circuit boards or microchips without causing damage. This precision reduces waste and improves the overall efficiency of the production process. The logistics and warehousing industry employs 3D bin picking to enhance order fulfillment processes. By accurately picking items from bins for shipping, robots can significantly speed up order processing times, leading to quicker delivery times and higher customer satisfaction. This application demonstrates the versatility of 3D bin picking technology in adapting to different item shapes and sizes, showcasing its broad utility across various B2B contexts.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of 3D Bin Picking

3D bin picking technology, a sophisticated method employed in automated manufacturing and logistics to identify and manipulate objects within a bin, has advanced to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7. This stage signifies that the technology has been demonstrated in an operational environment, showcasing its practical applicability beyond controlled or laboratory settings. The elevation to this TRL is underpinned by significant technical advancements in computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. Improved algorithms for object recognition and spatial orientation now enable systems to accurately identify and pick diverse items from cluttered environments, a task that previously posed considerable challenges. Additionally, the integration of machine learning techniques has enhanced the adaptability and efficiency of 3D bin picking solutions, allowing them to learn from and optimize their picking strategies over time. The development of more sophisticated and sensitive robotic grippers has also played a crucial role, providing the physical interface necessary to handle a wide array of objects with precision and minimal damage. These technical leaps have collectively propelled 3D bin picking technologies into real-world applicability, marking a pivotal step towards fully automated and highly efficient manufacturing and logistics operations.

What is the Technology Forecast of 3D Bin Picking?

In the Short-Term, advancements in 3D bin picking technology will likely focus on enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of object recognition and handling. This includes improvements in machine vision algorithms and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to better identify and manipulate a wider variety of objects in complex environments. Enhanced sensor technology will also play a crucial role, providing more detailed and accurate data to the picking systems. For the Mid-Term phase, the emphasis will shift towards the refinement of robotic manipulation capabilities. This will involve the development of more sophisticated gripper designs and control systems, enabling robots to handle objects of varying sizes, shapes, and fragilities with greater precision. Additionally, there will be a significant push towards the integration of 3D bin picking systems within larger automated processes, facilitating seamless communication and coordination between different robotic systems and components. Looking into the Long-Term, the future of 3D bin picking technology is poised to revolutionize with the advent of fully autonomous robotic systems. These systems will be capable of learning and adapting to new tasks through machine learning and neural networks, reducing the need for human intervention. Furthermore, advancements in materials science will lead to the creation of more durable and adaptable grippers, capable of handling an even broader range of objects in diverse conditions, thus broadening the applications of 3D bin picking across various industries.

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