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Central Scanning's Logo

Central Scanning

Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Mon – Thur 8:30AM – 5:30PM Fri 8:30AM – 4:30PM. OUR MAIN SECTORS : Aerospace | Automotive | Creative | Education | Energy | Medical | Plastic Parts | Rail | Toolmaking. Since 2006, Central Scanning have been a market leader in the 3D Scanning & 3D Printing industry in the UK.From very small objects to complete cars, trains, planes and more, we provide a comprehensive service for 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Inspection and 3D Printing.Work is carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers in our temperature-controlled workshop or on site at your facility. Utilizing market leading equipment from Artec 3D and Zeiss/GOM combined with our experienced engineers, means we can provide you with the highest level of service. Our printers are from Stratatsys, MarkForged, Prusa and Ultimaker.We resell 3D scanning equipment from Artec 3D, Zeiss, GOM and are Artec Gold Certified Ambassadors and part of the GOM #HandsonMetrology network. We are also proud members of Made in the Midlands and GTMA.


A Mobile Measuring Room For Intuitive 3D Data Capturing

... A Mobile Measuring Room For Intuitive 3D Data Capturing ...

3DGBIRE's Logo


Chorley, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


At 3DGBIRE we aim to provide a 360 degree service, we don’t just supply the most innovative 3DGBIRE certified Additive Manufacturing equipment we offer personalised consultations, training, technical support and even a print bureau service, to enable you and your business to get the most from these groundbreaking technologies. We believe that the key to the successful adoption of 3D printing is dependent on the integration of machines, materials, software, workforce training, technical support and in depth consultation to harness the knowledge of our many industry experts to develop the correct solution for your business. You can always count on our team to help in any way possible and constantly have a big smile on our face! We are committed to our ‘Customer First’ strategy as we always strive to find solutions even when they’re difficult to attain or require out of the box thinking to implement. Everyone who works here at 3DGBIRE has an essential role to our company, our customers expect to have a safe and reliable product.


Autoscan DS-EX Pro Dental Scanner | 3DGBIRE Ltd

... manufactured by SHINING 3D, specializing in data capturing for ...

Kontur's Logo


Trondheim, Norway

11-50 Employees


At Kontur, we have a mission to develop technology that unveils the subsurface for the world to understand. Kontur is developing and manufacturing products based on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. Kontur is by far the best system on the market. The Kontur system opened up new markets for us virtually overnight and was very much worth the investment. Kontur is a fast and reliable system for aviation. This has led us to develop and manufacture innovative Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, pioneering the industry. By developing products that capture, process and visualize data that is easier for our end-users to understand. Mk6 product series is not available in the USA.



... efficient high-density 3D data capturing. Get the unique combination ...

LOGXON GmbH & Co. KG's Logo


Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany

1-10 Employees


LOGXON bietet fortschrittlichste 3D Datenerfassung, Auswertung sowie Video- und Bildmaterial aus der Luft mittels modernster UAVs, Sensoren und professionellen Piloten. Unser Service Angebot umfasst mehr als nur die reine Datenerfassung, denn zu unseren Serviceleistungen gehört auch die Auswertung und Modellierung von 3D Rohdaten basierend auf Punktwolken, aufgenommen durch unsere UAVs oder terrestrischen Laserscanner. Seit 2009 sind die Gründer von LOGXON führende Drohnen Service Anbieter im Bereich 3D Datenerfassung sowie der Kreation medialer Inhalte aus der Luft für eine Vielzahl von Industrie- und Wirtschaftsbereiche. Unsere hauseigene, breit aufgestellte Drohnen Flotte befindet sich jederzeit auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik und wird mit modernsten Kameras zur Photogrammetrie oder Sensoren wie beispielsweise LiDAR Laserscanner bestückt. Projektmanagement ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg, wenn es um Drohnen Service geht, daher ist das LOGXON Projektmanagement schlank, direkt und kundenorientiert. Im industriellen Bereich liefern wir visuelle Dokumentationen und thermografische Auswertungen anhand hochauflösender Bilder, Videos und Thermalbildern. Zur medialen und visuellen Nutzung erschaffen wir lebendige 3D Renderings, Fotomontagen oder liefern hochwertig gestitchte 360° VR Aufnahmen. Mit standardisierten Prozessen und zahlreichen Partnerunternehmen ergibt LOGXON für Kunden aus verschiedenen Wirtschafts- und Industriezweigen ein bedeutender Mehrwert hinsichtlich Wirtschaftlichkeit in der Datenerfassung sowie Vermessung und Sammlung visueller Inhalte.


UAV laser scanning (LiDAR Scanning) with scanning drones by LOGXON

... Our service: 3D Data capturing and 3D data evaluation. ...

NMS Imaging's Logo

NMS Imaging

Silver Spring, United States

51-100 Employees


We are the Federal Government representatives for industry leaders, nextScan & ST Imaging for microfilm scanning solutions. For this requirement, we provide the knowledge and experience in deploying the best tools and software from Ephesoft Software for data extraction. Founded in 1971, NMS Imaging is an SBA Certified Small Business and a GSA Contractor for Groups 36 and 70. NMS Imaging is the US Distributor for ATIZ and Metis large format scanners. With over fifty years of continuous operation, we specialize in the super high-resolution digitization process from all types of documents including large-format archival documents, as well as high speed digitization of all types of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Using these products, we create solutions that manage both high volume and on demand scanning for automated capture and digital image storage. We also provide the expertise in the sale, installation, training and long-term support for clients to use best practices for client inhouse conversion of microfilm to digital images. Document information solutions provide benefits in the form of risk aversion, administrative consolidation and cost reduction.


Integrates cutting-edge METIS technologies such as natural color and appearance capturing, 3D data calculation, perfect geometrical accuracy and more.

... color and appearance capturing, 3D data calculation, perfect ...



Hangzhou City, China

251-500 Employees


Our products are widely used in industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, engineering machinery, transportation, 3C electronics, and green energy, as well as in digital application industries including education and research, 3D printing, art and museum, medical and health, public security and justice, virtual world, etc. We are dedicated to providing high-precision, portable, and intelligent 3D scanners to customers and striving to become a globally leading brand of 3D visual measurement. We provide comprehensive support, training, and resources to ensure your success in integrating our technology into your solutions. We provide reverse engineering solutions with our 3D scanners to transform physical items into digital models for improvement or replication. We specialize in R&D, production, and sales of 3D scanners and 3D systems and boast a long history of developing hardware and software. We offer two main product categories: industrial high-precision 3D scanners and professional cost-effective 3D scanners, including portable 3D scanners, tracking 3D scanners, industrial automated 3D systems, and professional color 3D scanners. By combining intelligent 3D measurement, metaverse, digital twins, and intelligent manufacturing, we are working to build a boundless territory of 3D digitization. With increasing in-house and patented 3D technologies, Scantech is confident in offering more advanced 3D scanners and 3D solutions for customers.


iReal 2S Color 3D Scanner | Invisible Light 3D Scanning

... face scan, especially capturing 3D data of human eyes without ...

Waldeck Associates's Logo

Waldeck Associates

North Kesteven, United Kingdom

101-250 Employees


Collaborating with clients and partners to successfully deliver sustainable and innovative solutions, Waldeck are the consultant of choice for many organisations across the built environment and major infrastructure industries. Collaborating and innovating across our unique teams of experts, to deliver a winning blend of single and multi-disciplined solutions. Our experienced team deliver fit-for-purpose, informed solutions for projects across a broad range of sectors. Waldeck were commissioned to help Hyatt go big with green credentials at their new East London hotel. Waldeck were commissioned by home furnishings giant IKEA, to go big with green credentials at their new flagship eco-store in Greenwich. The store was designed and built with sustainability at its core, reflecting IKEA’s people and planet positive ambition. Waldeck were appointed by Buckingham Group to provide a multi-disciplinary design solution for the construction of a new three-storey office building and storage building at Network Rail’s existing Maintenance Delivery Unit in Doncaster. Waldeck were appointed by Jaguar Land Rover to provide the Civil and Structural Engineering design for their new vehicle operations facility at one of their existing sites.


Scan to BIM | 3D Model Creation | Waldeck Consulting

... models from surveyed 3D laser scan data by capturing large sites & ...

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Things to know about 3D Data Capturing

What is 3D Data Capturing?

3D Data Capturing refers to the process of collecting precise measurements and information about physical objects and environments to create digital three-dimensional models. This technique employs various technologies, including lasers (LiDAR), structured light, and photogrammetry, to gather depth information and surface details. The resulting data is then used to construct detailed 3D representations that accurately reflect the size, shape, and texture of the subject matter. Within its respective fields, 3D data capturing is transformative, enabling advancements in numerous industries such as manufacturing, where it supports quality control and product design; architecture and construction, for creating accurate building models and aiding in the visualization of future projects; and cultural heritage preservation, where it allows for the digitization and restoration of historical sites. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, providing the foundational elements for creating immersive environments. The precision and efficiency of 3D data capturing technologies have significantly improved over time, making them indispensable tools for professionals aiming to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. This innovation not only enhances the accuracy of digital representations but also opens up new possibilities for analysis, design, and interaction within a multitude of disciplines.

Advantages of 3D Data Capturing

1. Increased Accuracy
3D data capturing technologies offer a significant increase in accuracy compared to traditional 2D methods. They precisely measure and document the dimensions and spatial relationships of objects, reducing the likelihood of errors in data interpretation and analysis.

2. Time Efficiency
Capturing data in three dimensions is considerably faster than conventional methods. This speed is due to the technology's ability to collect comprehensive data in a single pass, thereby streamlining workflows and saving valuable time in projects requiring detailed environmental or object analysis.

3. Enhanced Visualization
3D data capturing allows for the creation of detailed and immersive models of environments or objects. These models provide a more intuitive understanding by enabling interactive exploration, which is particularly beneficial for industries such as architecture, engineering, and heritage preservation.

4. Cost Reduction
By improving efficiency and accuracy, 3D data capturing can significantly reduce the costs associated with data collection and analysis. Fewer resources are needed for fieldwork, and the potential for costly errors is minimized, making it a cost-effective solution for many applications.

How to select right 3D Data Capturing supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Accuracy and Resolution
Ensure the supplier's technology can deliver the high-resolution and accurate 3D data essential for your specific application needs.

2. Speed of Data Capture
Assess the speed of data acquisition to ensure it aligns with your project timelines and efficiency requirements.

3. Compatibility
Confirm that the captured 3D data is compatible with your existing software and hardware systems to avoid additional investments.

4. Scalability
Evaluate whether the supplier's solutions can scale with your project's size and complexity, allowing for future growth.

5. Cost-effectiveness
Consider the overall cost, including purchase, operation, and maintenance, ensuring it fits within your budget while delivering the required value.

6. Support and Training
Check the availability of customer support and training resources to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing usage.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for 3D Data Capturing?

In the construction and architecture industry, 3D data capturing revolutionizes project planning and execution. By creating detailed three-dimensional models of construction sites or buildings, companies can enhance accuracy in planning, facilitate virtual walkthroughs for stakeholders, and significantly reduce costly on-site errors. Manufacturing sectors leverage 3D data capturing for quality control and product design. This technology allows for precise measurements and the creation of digital twins of products, enabling engineers to identify defects, test product designs virtually, and streamline the production process, ultimately speeding up time-to-market and reducing manufacturing costs. In healthcare, 3D data capturing is transforming patient care through advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. Clinicians use 3D models of patient anatomy for more accurate diagnosis, surgical planning, and for creating custom prosthetics or implants, enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction. Retail and eCommerce industries are utilizing 3D data capturing to create immersive shopping experiences. By offering virtual try-ons and 3D product visualizations, businesses can significantly reduce return rates, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales by providing a more interactive and informative online shopping experience. Lastly, in heritage preservation, 3D data capturing plays a crucial role in documenting and preserving historical sites. Detailed 3D models created from this data help in the restoration of monuments, allowing for a digital archive that ensures the longevity of cultural heritage, accessible to future generations.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of 3D Data Capturing

3D data capturing technology, encompassing methods such as LiDAR, photogrammetry, and structured light scanning, currently operates at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of approximately 8 to 9. This advanced TRL signifies that the technology has been fully tested and validated in operational environments. The progression to these levels is primarily due to significant advancements in sensor accuracy, computing power, and algorithm efficiency. Modern sensors now offer higher resolution and faster data acquisition, enabling the capture of complex shapes and textures with remarkable fidelity. Enhanced computing capabilities allow for the processing of large datasets in real-time or near-real-time, making 3D data capturing more accessible and practical for a wide range of applications, from industrial design and manufacturing to cultural heritage preservation. Furthermore, improvements in algorithms, particularly in machine learning and artificial intelligence, have significantly reduced the time required for data processing and increased the accuracy of 3D models. These technical achievements have propelled 3D data capturing technologies to their current state, where they are widely implemented and trusted for critical applications in diverse sectors.

What is the Technology Forecast of 3D Data Capturing?

In the Short-Term, advancements in 3D data capturing technologies are expected to focus on enhancing resolution and accuracy. Improvements in sensor technologies and software algorithms will allow for more detailed and precise 3D models, catering to industries such as manufacturing and architecture. The integration of AI for real-time data processing will significantly reduce the time required for capturing and modeling, making 3D data capturing more efficient and accessible. Looking at the Mid-Term horizon, we anticipate the widespread adoption of 3D data capturing technologies across various sectors, including healthcare, real estate, and urban planning. This period will see the emergence of portable and more affordable 3D capturing devices, enabling professionals to deploy these tools in the field readily. Advancements in VR and AR technologies will further enhance the utility of 3D models, allowing for immersive experiences and interactions with the captured data, facilitating better planning, design, and decision-making processes. In the Long-Term, the focus will shift towards the integration of 3D data capturing with the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart city initiatives. This integration will enable the continuous and automated capturing of 3D data across urban environments, providing up-to-date models of cities that support efficient management and development. Additionally, advancements in quantum computing could revolutionize data processing capabilities, allowing for the handling of vast amounts of 3D data with unprecedented speed and accuracy, fostering innovations in simulation and predictive analytics.

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