New Battery Technologies

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Lithium-ion batteries 

In 2014, lithium-ion batteries were an innovation. They have a higher energy density, a higher voltage duration and are usable longer than their predecessors, which work with lead acid. Lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan while they can store more energy. A new alloy using sol-gel technology features a nanoporous structure, improving electrical conductivity and thus now shortening charging time.  

However, the supply chain of lithium for the batteries remains problematic, states the American company Quantum Battery Metals itself. In addition, the price of the material is rising due to increasing scarcity. But they are of great use and until alternatives are ready, companies keep producing lithium-ion batteries. In addition, they are working on a way to improve the problem areas of the lithium-ion battery. 

Sodium-ion batteries 

Sodium-ion batteries are currently regarded as the successor to lithium-ion batteries. Several companies, including the Swedish company Altris, have announced a production start for 2023. One advantage for the companies is that the batteries can be produced with the same tools and in the same facilities as the lithium-ion batteries, so existing production processes remain usable. In addition, sodium is less expensive than lithium and more environmentally friendly to extract. Sodium-ion batteries also show higher performance in the area of charging and discharging, which is of interest for smaller vehicles, for example. A charge from zero to 99 percent is said to be feasible in eight minutes.  

A jungle from above. In the middle, a battery is drawn in white on the trees.
Climate-friendly battery technology plays a critical role in achieving a sustainable energy future by enabling the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources. Innovations such as solid-state batteries, flow batteries, and sodium-ion batteries offer promising solutions with lower environmental impact and improved efficiency.

Lithium-air batteries 

The lithium-air battery could also significantly increase the range of electric vehicles. In addition to its higher energy density, it offers almost nothing but advantages: it is safer and lighter than lithium-ion batteries, it is quite environmentally friendly in comparison, and apparently offers potential for long shelf life as well as a high number of cycles. Thus, it could provide the e-mobility industry with a range of up to 800 km. However, there is still one catch: the charging process still requires much time and energy. The innovative lithium battery will not be ready for the market for several years, but here are companies developing them right now.  

Redox Flow Batteries 

A redox flow battery (RFB) is an electrochemical energy storage device that uses two liquid electrolytes to store energy in chemical form. The electrolytes flow through porous electrodes and react in an electrochemical cell to produce or consume electrical energy. The key advantage of RFBs is their scalability, as they can be easily sized to meet a wide range of power and energy requirements. RFBs have the potential to be used in a variety of applications, including grid-scale energy storage, renewable energy integration, and electric vehicle charging. However, RFBs still face some challenges such as low energy density, high capital costs, and limited cycle life. Ongoing research is focused on improving RFB performance and reducing costs to make them a more viable option for large-scale energy storage. 

To conclude 

As you can see, research into new technology for car batteries is going ahead at full speed. The batteries are becoming more sustainable, cheaper and capable of more. So, they are becoming interesting for a wider range of electronic cars. Soon we can look forward to several innovations. There are companies that manufacture batteries and advise on this topic and will help you out. 


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