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„Nano Imprint“

Nano Imprint is a nanofabrication technique that uses a mold to imprint a pattern onto a substrate. It is a cost-effective and low-temperature alternative to conventional lithography processes, allowing for the creation of patterns and structures with feature sizes ranging from tens of nanometers to hundreds of nanometers. Nano Imprint is used in a variety of industries, including optics, electronics, photonics, and data storage.

Inkron Limited's Logo

Inkron Limited

Hong Kong Island, China
11-50 Employees

augmentedreality Archives - Inkron

... The 20th International Virtual Conference on Nano-Imprint and Nano-print Technologies 2021 (NNT2021) will take ...

doe Archives - Inkron

... The 20th International Virtual Conference on Nano-Imprint and Nano-print Technologies 2021 (NNT2021) will take ...

Carpe Diem Tech's Logo

Carpe Diem Tech

United States
251-500 Employees

UV Nano Imprint Lithography through the Web | Carpe Diem Technologies

... The basic process of nano imprint lithography requires a fluid to flow into the features of a roll stamper or roll master. This requires a fluid of sufficiently low viscosity, pressure to force the fluid to flow, and corresponding time for the fluid to fill the features. Any two of these ...

Nano Imprint Lithography | Carpe Diem Technologies

... The Carpe Diem Nano Imprint Lithography system provides the capability to unwind and pretreat a flexible substrate or web, coat with photoresist, and then imprint nanometer or micron scale features from a PDMS, nickel or other master or stamper to a web and then rewind. This system can be ...

Vistec Semiconductor Systems, Inc's Logo

Vistec Semiconductor Systems, Inc

Jena, Germany
51-100 Employees

Nano Imprint: Vistec - We understand E-Beam.

... Optics Compound Semiconductor Mask writing Nano Imprint EBDW Nano ...

Addison Clear Wave Inc's Logo

Addison Clear Wave Inc

St. Charles, United States
11-50 Employees

Photo Nano-Imprint Lithography (P-NIL) – Addison Clear Wave

... Applications Active Alignment Adhesives Silicon Photonics Adhesives Camera Module Adhesives LiDAR Sensors Adhesives Wafer-Level Camera, High RI Optical Lens Resins Photo Nano-Imprint Lithography (P-NIL) Sealants for LCD and OLED Displays Hard Coats for Plastics or Glass, Laminating ...



Veldhoven, Netherlands
11-50 Employees

SCIL nano-imprint module | MI Partners

... A design-in of the SCIL® nano-imprint technology was developed for integration in the MA6 of SÜSS MicroTec. ...

SCIL nano-imprint module | MI Partners
WESER & Kollegen Patentanwälte PartmbB's Logo

WESER & Kollegen Patentanwälte PartmbB

Munich, Germany
11-50 Employees

Leistungen - WESER & Kollegen Patentanwälte

... Halbleiterverarbeitung (Lithographie, Nano-Imprint, Wafer Stepper) Halbleiterbauelemente (CMOS, integrierte Schaltungen, Photovoltaikmodule, Halbleiternanostrukturen) Sensoren und Messinstrumente (optische Sensoren, Szintillatoren, Positionsmessgeräte) Leiterplatten (Lötverfahren, gedruckte ...

Services - WESER & Kollegen Patent attorneys

... processing (lithography, nano-imprint, wafer stepper) semiconductor devices (CMOS, integrated circuits, photo-voltaic modules, semiconductor nanostructures) sensors and measurement instruments (optical sensors, scintillators, position encoders) circuit boards (soldering methods, ...

Holographix's Logo


Marlborough, United States
11-50 Employees

Nano-Imprint Templates | Replicated Imprint Template - Holographix LLC

... Holographix has the ability create nano imprint templates from almost any original media. A surface relief pattern is all that is required! ...

Taisei Kogyo Co. Ltd.'s Logo

Taisei Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Neyagawa, Japan
11-50 Employees

MIM2010 Fabrication of Micro-structured Parts by Nano-Imprint Lithography | 太盛工業株式会社

... Abstract:This study aims to develop the manufacturing method of micro-structured parts by the metal powder injection molding (MIM) inserted micro-sacrificial plastic molds which were prepared by nano-imprint lithography (NIL) technique. ...



Marseille, France
1-10 Employees

Our team – Solnil

... Ph.D 5 years' experience in Sol-Gel Chemistry and Nano-imprint of metal oxides. ...

Obducat AB's Logo

Obducat AB

Lund, Sweden
1-10 Employees

Obducat: Obducat receives an order for a NIL pilot manufacturing line from Kimberly-Clark - Obducat

... Based on the successful joint development efforts the parties have signed a Purchase Agreement concerning a NIL (Nano Imprint Lithography) pilot manufacturing line. ...

Obducat: Obducat receives an order for a NIL pilot manufacturing line from Kimberly-Clark - Obducat