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Herbert Andert
Geschäftsfeldleiter Automation & Industrial Digitalization
The core business of VTU includes the planning and optimisation of process plants for the life sciences, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, metallurgy, oil and gas industry. The product portfolio ranges from traditional engineering services to complex digitalisation and digitalisation and sustainable production solutions, with a focus on efficient and resource-saving plant design.

1.100+ Employees

130+ Mio. Revenue

The challenge

"As a process technology company, we naturally always have to keep up with the times and offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions," explains Herbert Andert, Business Unit Manager Automation & Industrial Digitalisation at VTU Engineering. The requirements , to find innovative technologies for the implementation of orders, is very high for every new, complex project. "We regularly work with partner companies that support the project work with resources or know-how," says Mr Andert. Up to a certain point, the company's own network is sufficient to quickly establish contacts and find a suitable partner company. But what happens when the company grows, the orders become more and more, bigger or more complex? That's right - most of the time, new research has to be done outside the network. However, since time is a decisive competitive factor, the question was whether ensun could speed up the research process and possibly even improve its quality.

The requirements

The requirements for the ensun platform were as simple as they were challenging: to establish contact with potential new partner companies with innovative technologies as quickly as possible. This way, there should be no delays for the customer project and the best results should be achieved through specialisation.

The conclusion

"Better than any search engine!", Mr Andert counters. "For us, ensun is a database that handles keywords very precisely. In contrast to conventional search engines, ensun filters very precisely and offers concrete suggestions. These can be used directly as a result without having to do any additional research of our own..." praises Mr Andert.

In short:

With very efficient means, ensun finds the right partner companies. "You have created something that structures and filters this mass of technological knowledge around the world. It becomes easy to find your way through the jungle of possibilities. Even the project's advertising is very intuitive and easy to handle. If questions do arise, support is offered by a competent and very friendly team." (Herbert Andert, Business Unit Manager Automation & Industrial Digitalisation).


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