"The platform offers us the opportunity to turn the tables for once".

Marcus Adler
Head of Human Resources & Accounting
SLAWINSKI has been known as a manufacturer of customised trays for apparatus, tank and plant engineering since 1914. From Siegen and thus from the centre of Germany, we supply all customers throughout Europe, from the smallest company to the global corporation, who value high-quality products.

1914 founded

130+ Employees

3 Subsidiaries

The time-consuming search for solutions

Years ago, we already used the support of external consulting services from time to time. This is the case for topics where we do not have an overview of the market or simply do not have the right contacts. We have always commissioned an engineering office or service provider to identify potential in general or to create market transparency for a specific task and to show us providers or solutions.

ensun as a new possibility

We came across ensun as an interesting alternative to this time-consuming search. Both the registration and the project placement seemed very performant to us. The platform offers us the opportunity to turn the tables - you post a project and the potential applicants approach you.

Our Match

Our expectations regarding a solution were completely fulfilled. After making initial contact with Top Matches, we ended up choosing a solution provider with whom we are still working on the implementation of the project. Due to the current situation, the cooperation is a bit more difficult, but it is still going great and we are very satisfied with our partner.

Our current conclusion

After updating the platform, we directly updated our company account with all the organisations. For us, this makes the whole use of ensun even more rounded and easier, as now every department is able to post and manage their projects.


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