"The results obtained are now generating real added value for our customers in follow-up projects."

Prof. Dr. Bernd Buxbaum
ifm group
Managing Director & Managing Director pmd
Since the company was founded in 1969, ifm has been developing, producing and selling sensors, controllers, software and systems for industrial automation worldwide. As one of the pioneers in the field of Industry 4.0, they develop and implement holistic solutions for the digitalisation of the entire value chain "from the sensor to the ERP".

14 Inserted projects

14 Successfully completed projects

26 Employees registered on the platform

The challenge

When developing innovative solutions for automation technology and Industry 4.0, it is not enough to be an expert in your own field. The workflows and processes of customers from numerous industries and fields must also be understood and taken into account. This often requires in-depth expert knowledge of the specifics of production in the respective industry. This knowledge cannot always be mapped in-house and requires external advice. Especially in the area of material selection and processing for the further development of the current product portfolio, the first pilot projects have been set up on the ensun platform.

"Industry 4.0 thrives on the digital networking of different systems that already work very efficiently on their own. But it is only through the interaction of these systems that real added value and competitive advantages are created for industrial production. It is precisely this networking that takes place on the ensun platform. Systems, in this case companies, gain access to expert knowledge via an interface, the platform, in order to complete projects more efficiently and successfully. Ultimately, this can lead to new cooperations, business relationships and innovations." (Prof. Dr Bernd Buxbaum, Group Managing Director ifm group & Managing Director pmd)

The result

Thanks to the steadily growing network of solution providers on the ensun platform, experts were quickly identified who could provide concrete solutions for the projects. "With the help of the ensun platform's technology scouting, we gained access to experts who were able to support us quickly and efficiently in our project with sound chemical expertise. The results obtained are now generating real added value for our customers in follow-up projects." ( Robin Skade, Head of Department Product Management Analysis Sensors, ifm group)

Even after the discontinued projects have been completed, the cooperation with the experts will continue. "Through a project enquiry on the ensun platform, we were able to establish contact with a young company whose solution is now being tested internally as a possible approach for our project. I assume that the joint project will result in closer cooperation with the company in the future." (Stefan Kreis, Head of Department Technical Management Level Sensors, ifm group)


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