„Very good results with very little effort“

Bernhard Hagemann
Head of Innovation Management & New Markets
FUCHS Lubricants Germany GmbH
We don't just develop lubricants. We develop intelligent solutions for highly complex challenges. To this end, we have pooled our expertise and experience from a wide range of application areas: In FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY.

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The challenge

The research process is a time-consuming process in many companies. This was also the case at FUCHS Lubricants Germany GmbH: "Before we started working with ensun, the largest part of the search process was carried out using common search engines. Relevant directories such as lists of participants at congresses or LinkedIn entries were searched and patent analyses were carried out. Narrowing down the search hits and refining the search ring has always been a big challenge." Bernhard Hagemann, Head of Innovation Management & New Markets, reports. One of the biggest challenges in the search process has been narrowing down the results: "If you have general or broadly valid search topics and are not able to narrow down the search by using special terms, it becomes difficult for the further search process.

To simplify the research process, FUCHS Lubricants Germany GmbH set out to find the right provider. "We were looking for a way to simplify the research process through external providers. This provider should support us (partly also actively) in identifying suitable and right companies for our industry, as the range of companies in this industry is very wide. So we had to find out who can do what. It quickly became clear that all providers have strengths and weaknesses. Here ensun convinced us with its well-structured and well-presented hits and especially with their price-performance ratio. What ensun does, others do for significantly more money."

The result

The cooperation between Fuchs Lubricants Germany GmbH and ensun GmbH greatly simplified the research process. "By specifying the topic in longer texts, it is only plausible that ensun's algorithm can achieve better results".

Bernhard Hagemann sees strengths in ensun GmbH's close customer support: "The absolute strength: you are very good at customer support, there is no chatbot or anything else. The fact that you can get in touch directly with the managing directors and invite them to the company, that only exists at ensun. A special strength."

The conclusion

"ensun is very plausible, simple and accessible. You sit down in front of it, make your inputs and get a solution you can work with. The access to a result is very efficient with ensun. There are very good results with very little effort," says Bernhard Hagemann. "We have had the feeling that we get starting points with which we can continue to work. ensun is a good intermediate solution between search engines and consultants. They offer a good and usable tool, which we will continue to use! It was like talking to an experienced person who shows the way. You have the feeling that someone is thinking along with you. A simple efficient and effective tool that still has people in the background supporting you."


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