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Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation that uses a low-pressure tube to move passengers and freight at nearly supersonic speeds. The system employs electric propulsion to accelerate a capsule carrying passengers or cargo through a tube with low air pressure. This eliminates air resistance, allowing the vehicle to travel at speeds up to 670 mph (1,080 km/h). The idea is that Hyperloop capsules can transport people and goods quickly, safely, and sustainably.

Delft Hyperloop's Logo

Delft Hyperloop

Delft, Netherlands
11-50 Employees

EXPERIENCE | Delft Hyperloop

... Get in contact about the Delft Hyperloop experience! ...



Milan, Italy
1-10 Employees

Questions and Answers - Hyperloop Italia

... COS’ È HYPERLOOP® Hyperloop® rappresenta una svolta nel settore dei trasporti, la risposta intelligente ai problemi della mobilità del XXI Secolo. È un innovativo sistema in grado di spostare persone e merci ad alta velocità. Hyperloop® è uno straordinario mezzo di trasporto ...

Hyperloop Italia

... Hyperloop è molto di piùdi un treno veloce, è unacceleratore di possibilità. ...

Hyperloop Italia
TUM Hyperloop's Logo

TUM Hyperloop

Garching bei München, Germany
51-100 Employees

TUM Hyperloop | Engineering A World Without The Limits Of Distance And Time

... Developing Europe’s first passenger-sized hyperloop demonstrator to test all integrated technology systems. ...

TUM Hyperloop | Engineering A World Without The Limits Of Distance And Time

Hyperloop Prototypes | TUM Hyperloop

... For 4 years we pushed the boundaries of Hyperloop technology, breaking records on a global stage. Our team developed the winning pods for all SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competitions and holds the world record with an impressive top-speed of 482 km/h. ...

Hyperloop Prototypes | TUM Hyperloop
Hyperloop's Logo


Pretoria, South Africa
1-10 Employees

Business Optimisation | Hyperloop

... Whether you're just starting out and need entrepreneur coaching, or if you've already got a fully formed concept and just need help to implement, or even if you've already started and need some business optimisation, Hyperloop is here to help. ...

A.I. | Hyperloop

... At Hyperloop, we are committed to helping our clients leverage the power of generative AI to gain a competitive advantage and drive growth. ...

Zeleros's Logo


Valencia, Spain
11-50 Employees

Zeleros - The European Hyperloop Development Center

... in Spain (European Hyperloop Development Center) since its inception in 2016. Zeleros is working with a network of key industry leaders to make the project a reality and is building its first hyperloop vehicle to test at the European Hyperloop development center at high speeds. ...

Zeleros - The European Hyperloop Development Center
Hyperloop Solutions's Logo

Hyperloop Solutions

London, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

Tailored Services For Every Client - Hyperloop Solutions

... Hyperloop is an agile service provider who customizes bespoke solutions to every client, in response to the ever-growing challenges that businesses face. [...]Read More ...

Tailored Services For Every Client - Hyperloop Solutions
mu-zero HYPERLOOP's Logo


Karlsruhe, Germany
51-100 Employees

Technology – mu-zero HYPERLOOP

... Just like conventional trains, a Hyperloop pod also needs a rail to be guided on. However, in the Hyperloop concept, the pod is surrounded by the track to create a tube-like structure with interfaces for the magnets to attract to. ...

Hyperloop Recruitment's Logo

Hyperloop Recruitment

Liverpool, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

News | Hyperloop Recruitment

... Hyperloop Recruitment is transforming the tech industry's hiring landscape by leveraging its expertise in Software, ML/MLOps, AI, Product, and Project ...

TransPod's Logo


Old Toronto, Canada
11-50 Employees

Hyperloop companies join forces to launch Hyperloop Association

... Technologies, Nevomo, TransPod, Swisspod Technologies, and Zeleros have joined forces to form The Hyperloop Association, the first global association within the hyperloop industry. The constitutive act of the association was signed on 14 December 2022 by the seven initiating ...

Hyperloop companies join forces to launch Hyperloop Association
Modular Components and Automation's Logo

Modular Components and Automation

Melbourne, Australia
11-50 Employees

Hyperloop Research | Modular Components & Automation

... Hyperloop Research | Modular Components & ...