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Watermeade's Logo


Cambridge, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Watermeade provides technical management services to high tech companies involved in Semiconductor, Software and Hardware Systems development in markets such as Communications, Consumer and Industrial Electronics. Watermeade has 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry managing the development and manufacture of leading edge devices. Watermeade can point you in the right direction to ensure your project or program gets off to the right start. Ian is a highly experienced management professional with a career spanning roles in semiconductors, software and hardware in the Communications, Multimedia, PC and Consumer Electronics industries. We have deep knowledge and first-hand expertise in managing projects through from concept to end of life as well as introducing the processes required to ensure business success.


Watermeade provides technical management services to high tech companies involved in Semiconductor, Software and Hardware Systems development in markets such as Communications and Consumer Electronics

... companies involved in Semiconductor, Software and Hardware Systems ...

Luminescent's Logo


Palo Alto, United States

101-250 Employees


KLA Corporate Headquarters Three Technology DriveMilpitas, California 95035. KLA-Tencor Software India Private LtdRMZ Ecoworld Infrastructure Private LtdRMBP2 – Campus 4B No.143,RMZ Millenia Business ParkDR. KLA-Tencor Software India Private LtdAI & Advanced Computing LabsIIT Madras Research Park32, Kanagam Road, Kanagam,Tharamani,Chennai – 600113Tamilnadu. KLA (SPTS division)Ringland Way, Newport NP18 2TAUnited KingdomPhone: +44 1633 414000. KLA is a place for curiosity, intellectual challenges and industry transformation. We develop and manufacture process-control and process-enabling solutions that accelerate tomorrow’s electronic devices. At KLA, our global team of innovators brings forth new ideas, solutions and insights every day—strategies for how to help bring tomorrow’s technologies to life, shape the future and advance humanity. You've selected to view this site translated by Google Translate.KLA China has the same content with improved translations.


Semiconductor Software Solutions

... Semiconductor Software Solutions | ...

ORYX's Logo


San Jose, United States

1-10 Employees


Our mission is to create relationships, not transactions. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe in making your dreams and goals a reality and our experts know just how to do that. We believe in a collaborative approach to recruiting, where we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions together.

Core business

ORYXSearch - Sourcing Consultant, software, Robotics, Semiconductor

... ORYXSearch - Sourcing Consultant, software, Robotics, Semiconductor ...

Celera's Logo


San Jose, United States

11-50 Employees


Core business


... with deep experience in semiconductors, software, systems, and ...

Hexius Semiconductor's Logo

Hexius Semiconductor

Tempe, United States

1-10 Employees



Software – Hexius Semiconductor

... Software – Hexius Semiconductor ...

Eyelit's Logo


Mississauga, Canada

11-50 Employees


Eyelit software provides agile, lean, and easy-to-use manufacturing solutions for optimizing manufacturing execution, supply chain coordination, asset utilization, and quality management. Hover over the icons below to learn how Eyelit can help you. Eyelit is the leader in Manufacturing Execution, Quality Management (MES platform and QMS), and Automation solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for semiconductors, battery technology, aerospace & defense, electronics, life sciences, medical device, and solar industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions to our clients. These functionalities include Asset Management, Dispatching, Factory and Equipment Integration (Automation/IoT), Manufacturing Execution (MES software /MOM), Recipe Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management (CAPA/OCAP/SPC/APC/RMA), and Business Process Management.


Eyelit semiconductor software services and solutions

... Eyelit semiconductor software services and ...



Rushmoor, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


L2Tek are a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for over 20+ suppliers globally in the broadcast, professional video, IPTV, surveillance and industrial imaging markets. Our products range includes emSFPs from Embrionix and SDI components from Semtech. With extensive product expertise in semiconductors, image processing, high-speed interface and interconnect design for both baseband and IP transport, L2Tek is the perfect partner for any video design. Delivering a precise product combination from key industry suppliers, to fulfil any need along with relevant technical knowledge and support.

Core business

Electronics hardware, software and semiconductor IP

... Electronics hardware, software and semiconductor ...

yieldHUB's Logo


Limerick, Ireland

11-50 Employees


There are thousands of yieldHUB users around the world. As volume grows, yieldHUB users can analyze and stack hundreds and even thousands of wafers at the same time using our cloud product on a web browser. With yieldHUB, users can communicate across time-zones and locations more easily. At yieldHUB we believe your success is our success. Speed up the data analysis process with yieldHUB. One of our mantras is to simplify the process for product and test engineers. Your engineers will be able to monitor production from any device no matter where they are. Another benefit is the simple and speedy process of getting set up with our platform.


Semiconductor software for the Defence & Space Industries

... Semiconductor software for the Defence & Space ...

Oasis Sales, Inc.'s Logo

Oasis Sales, Inc.

Tempe, United States

11-50 Employees


With our team, we provide you with guidance for solutions and implementations that create a high level of efficiency and will streamline operations. Oasis Sales is the first and only Smart Partner in Electrical Systems and Wire Harness Design & Manufacturing in the Americas. We offer flexible and scalable applications for new ways of working. With insights and data, we can predict and adapt products to future needs, allowing you the ability to meet rapidly changing preferences. Teamcenter® software is a modern, adaptable product lifecycle management (PLM) system that connects people and processes, across functional silos, with a digital thread for innovation. Our portfolio of products for Mechanical Design provides an integrated suite of applications for developing 3D digital twins in a flexible and efficient product design environment. Rapidly build precise product models for visualizing, sharing and validating product designs. In our Simcenter 3D CAE products, you can import geometry from any CAD source and prepare analysis models in a unified environment for a wide range of CAE methods including finite element, boundary element, computational fluid dynamics, and multi-body dynamics.


Years selling EDA Semiconductors & Software

... Years selling EDA Semiconductors & Software ...

Entuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd.'s Logo

Entuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bengaluru, India

51-100 Employees


Ltd., No 211, (Ground and First Floor), Outer Ring Road, East of NGEF Layout, Kasturinagar, Bengaluru - 560043.


Ansys Semiconductor Design & Simulation Software

... Ansys Semiconductor Design & Simulation Software ...

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Things to know about Semiconductor Software

What is Semiconductor Software?

Semiconductor software encompasses a wide range of specialized tools and applications designed for the development, simulation, and testing of semiconductor devices, including integrated circuits (ICs) and microelectronic components. These comprehensive software suites serve critical functions throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process, from initial design and layout to verification and fabrication. By enabling precise modeling of semiconductor behaviors under various conditions, this software significantly reduces the time and cost associated with bringing new electronic devices to market. It supports engineers in identifying potential design flaws or performance bottlenecks early in the development cycle, thereby enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the final products. Furthermore, semiconductor software plays a pivotal role in advancing innovations within the field by facilitating the exploration of new materials and circuit designs. Its impact extends beyond the semiconductor industry, influencing the performance and capabilities of a broad spectrum of consumer electronics, automotive systems, and other technology-driven sectors. As such, semiconductor software is not only fundamental to the production of high-quality semiconductor components but also to the progression of modern technology and electronic advancements.

Advantages of Semiconductor Software

1. Enhanced Precision
Semiconductor software allows for highly accurate design and simulation of semiconductor devices. This precision is crucial in minimizing errors and enhancing the performance of electronic components, ensuring they meet the exact specifications required for advanced technological applications.

2. Cost Efficiency
By utilizing semiconductor software, companies can significantly reduce the costs associated with the design and testing phases. The ability to simulate various scenarios digitally before actual production eliminates the need for costly physical prototypes, leading to substantial savings in both time and resources.

3. Speed of Innovation
The use of semiconductor software accelerates the development process, enabling faster innovation cycles. Designers can quickly iterate on designs, test a wide range of materials and structures, and adapt to new technologies or market demands with greater agility.

4. Scalability
Semiconductor software offers scalable solutions that can grow with a company's needs. Whether working on small-scale projects or large, complex systems, the software can adapt, providing tools and functionalities that support a broad spectrum of design and production challenges.

How to select right Semiconductor Software supplier?

1. Compatibility and Integration
Ensure the software is compatible with existing systems and can be easily integrated into your current workflow, reducing the need for extensive modifications or system overhauls.

2. Scalability
The software should be scalable to accommodate future growth and technological advancements, allowing for easy updates and expansions without significant disruptions.

3. Support and Training
Look for suppliers offering comprehensive support and training services to ensure your team can effectively utilize the software and maximize its benefits.

4. Customization Capabilities
The ability to customize the software according to specific needs and preferences is crucial for optimizing performance and efficiency.

5. Security Features
Given the sensitive nature of semiconductor design and production data, robust security features are essential to protect against data breaches and cyber threats.

6. Cost-Effectiveness
While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it is important to consider the software's cost relative to its features, benefits, and the value it adds to your operations.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Semiconductor Software?

Semiconductor software plays a crucial role in the electronics industry by streamlining the design and manufacturing process of microchips. This software enables companies to simulate and test circuits before they are physically produced, reducing the cost and time associated with prototype development. The precision it offers ensures higher quality and more reliable electronic products, making it indispensable for businesses focused on innovation and efficiency. In the automotive sector, semiconductor software is vital for developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and electric vehicle components. By leveraging sophisticated design and simulation tools, automotive companies can create more efficient and safer vehicles. This software aids in the integration of complex systems like battery management and sensor networks, which are foundational to the next generation of automotive technology. The telecommunications industry benefits from semiconductor software through the design of components for high-speed internet infrastructure and mobile devices. With the global push towards 5G and beyond, this software enables the rapid development of semiconductor components that support increased data transmission rates and improved connectivity. By facilitating faster time-to-market for these critical components, businesses can stay competitive in the fast-evolving telecommunications landscape. In aerospace and defense, semiconductor software is essential for creating components that meet the rigorous standards of reliability and performance. These applications often require custom semiconductors that can operate in extreme conditions, from high radiation environments to vast temperature ranges. The software's ability to simulate these conditions ensures that the final products are both robust and compliant with strict industry regulations, thus safeguarding critical missions and operations.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Semiconductor Software

Semiconductor software today predominantly operates at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), often situated between TRL 8 and TRL 9. This advanced positioning is primarily due to the extensive validation and demonstration of these software tools in real operational environments, a hallmark of TRL 8, and their successful and sustained use in actual production or mission applications, indicative of TRL 9. The technical underpinnings for this mature status stem from years of iterative development, rigorous testing, and optimization processes that semiconductor software has undergone. These tools have proven indispensable in the design, simulation, and fabrication of semiconductor devices, showcasing not only high reliability but also the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing and emerging semiconductor manufacturing technologies. The capacity of semiconductor software to adapt to the rapidly evolving demands of semiconductor fabrication—such as scaling down device sizes to nanometer dimensions while maintaining or improving performance and yield—further cements its position at this elevated TRL. Continuous improvements in algorithms, user interfaces, and integration capabilities with hardware systems underscore the technical advancements that keep semiconductor software at the cutting edge of technology readiness, enabling it to meet the stringent requirements of modern semiconductor production.

What is the Technology Forecast of Semiconductor Software?

In the Short-Term, semiconductor software is expected to evolve with a focus on enhancing integration capabilities with AI and machine learning algorithms. This phase will see software becoming more adept at predictive analysis, improving chip design efficiency, and reducing time-to-market for new semiconductor products. Enhanced simulation tools will also allow for more accurate modeling of semiconductor behavior under various conditions, leading to better performance and yield. The Mid-Term development phase is likely to witness significant advancements in semiconductor software related to quantum computing. As the industry inches closer to making quantum computing commercially viable, semiconductor software will adapt to support the design and simulation of quantum chips. This period will also see the rise of software solutions that are capable of managing the complexity of 3D chip designs, further pushing the envelope of semiconductor performance and efficiency. Looking into the Long-Term, the focus will shift towards fully autonomous design systems powered by AI. These systems will revolutionize semiconductor software by enabling the self-designing of chips based on specified parameters, drastically reducing human intervention in the design process. Additionally, the integration of blockchain technology for enhanced security in the semiconductor supply chain is anticipated, ensuring greater transparency and trust in the production and distribution of semiconductor products.

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